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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gold and Silver coins for future wealth protection.

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  1. Norskgeld

    for sale Pre-1964 American Silver

    You need to put up some photos and a price if you want any interest buddy.
  2. Norskgeld

    silver RED SPOTING !

    Exactly why I don't buy any more modern .999 bullion silver coins...one spot and all your profit goes out the window potentially. I got a couple of silver queen's beasts almost a year ago and they are milk spotted to f@@k!! Never seemed to happen with .925 Crowns or .900 Morgan Dollars....maybe because they were actually made for circulation and had to be robust. Do modern silver bars have the same issue?
  3. Norskgeld

    Stack volume shrunk ready for the safety deposit box

    Absolute quality Mr Dead.Thanks for inspiring us.
  4. Norskgeld


    Just got back from there. Agree with Terakris about the prices...Ouch!!! Met Numistacker and Platinum Skies. Bought a 1917 Danish 20 Kroner gold coin from Andreas at the Coin Cabinet. All in all a good day out.
  5. Norskgeld


    "Take what you want" is most likely after one look at him...and that's without the bat!!!
  6. Norskgeld


    Take your NASA T-shirt just in case...you might not leave with the D&G one!!!
  7. Norskgeld


    Phew that's a relief...just texting Scotty to tell him he can leave the baseball bat at home!!😂
  8. Norskgeld


    just make sure Scotty doesn't catch you in about 20yds and you'll be safe...he doesn't do long distances!!😄
  9. Norskgeld


    Ha Ha Ha...be easier to take a baby cub from a mama grizzly bear!!!
  10. Norskgeld


    Yo dude, I'm going on Saturday and Scotty is joining me again and he's bringing oodles of CASH!!! 😎
  11. At least once a year I have a "stuff" detox where I just give away things I have accumulated but don't really use. Material possessions actually draw from your life force energy and unless you are deriving benefit from them they can actually drain you. I always feel much lighter energetically after a "stuff" detox. Try it.
  12. Norskgeld

    Advice for a newbie on strategy

    I started stacking almost a year ago and my plan was to spend approx £150 per month on bullion to supplement my pension when I retire in about 9 yrs. I started with a few silver 1oz coins, because bars never floated me boat, and, because of the high premiums and VAT on silver, within a few weeks decided gold was a better option. I buy 1/2 sovs and the equivalent coins from various European countries. Just recently I have started appreciating slabbed numismatic silver coins so may dip my toe in the water at Coinex at the weekend. I set a budget and stick to it. I ignore the fluctuating gold price and buy my £150 worth each month. That way in ten years I will have amassed a tidy stack and the price I paid will have averaged out nicely through the ups and downs of the market. When I sell I will do so the same way, selling bit by bit over a few years. This strategy works for me and my personality. My mate Scotty is the complete opposite and splurge buys on emotion. We have been stacking the same length of time and as he keeps telling me "I have considerably more gold than you"!!!...said in the brummie accent of Harry Enfield's famous sketch character.
  13. Norskgeld

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    She's probably gender fluid too!!!😀
  14. Norskgeld

    What Should I do About This?

    Put it in a glass of vinegar and see what toning effects you get...can't hurt!!! 😀
  15. Norskgeld

    A .999 fine hallo

    Hej, Velkommen til forummet. Vikingerne er her!!