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  1. http://www.extremehealthradio.com/ep-223-how-ken-presner-overcame-multiple-sclerosis-crohns-disease-through-detoxifying-mercury-heavy-metals-parasites-3-27-2014/
  2. You can always rely on Quincy to have the answer. 😎
  3. I got some silver from them 2 years ago because it was VAT free. Shipping cost was about £17 if I remember so you need to buy a fair bit to make it worthwhile, They are legit.
  4. Yup, chap said it was "for their records". Thought it was a bit odd but I really wanted the coin.
  5. I bought half a sov from them at London Coin Fair a while back and they asked for ID.
  6. Personally I always prefer a good old coin with character that has actually been in circulation rather than a sparkly new one that is straight from the mint. I am no expert and look for eye appeal, reasonable price, trusted seller and the likelihood it will appreciate over time. Anything dated 1899 and earlier always gets my attention.
  7. For Sale. 1918 Full Sov Melbourne Mint. £299 inc SD Delivery. Bank Transfer please. Thanks for looking.
  8. @Mark10110 Ha Ha Ha...nothing tin foil hattish about that Mark....to qualify to break out the foil you should have mentioned smart meters being used to irradiate people, mind control, transhumanism and our consciousness being uploaded to the internet of things. I have a large supply of tin foil if anyone wants some. 😎
  9. Yup. I got same letter from my supplier and my electric bill is going up £8 / month. This is 2nd rise in just a few months. The inflation figure is massaged to hide the true level. I'm not sure anyone knows the true figure as it will probably vary depending on each persons circumstances. I would think if you treble the official figure you will be nearer the truth.
  10. I just buy gold. I will continue to buy each month until I retire in about 9 years. I look at the spot price but it doesn't influence my buying strategy. I still reckon PM's will preserve my wealth against inflation.
  11. Iceland is never mentioned because it shows what can happen when the government actually seem to have the people's interests at heart.
  12. Wow, what are the chances that skull and Bones round slid under that fly just as you snapped it?!!!
  13. Some guy called Charlie's selling one on E-Bay...
  14. Ah, Ye Olde Guy Fawkes £2 coin...not in bad nick for something over 400 years old 😄