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    Gold and Silver coins for future wealth protection.

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  1. "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy"... this was supposedly a comment by Henry Kissinger and it seems to sum up the view of those politicians who send "our boys" into harms way. The military is not used to defend us, it is used to impose the will of our government on people in foreign countries and to protect big business interests. I feel for the lads and lasses who join up in the mistaken belief they are protecting us. The biggest threat to us is our own government.
  2. https://www.wessexcoins.co.uk/?product_cat=roman
  3. Andreas from Coin Cabinet has some good info.
  4. Brilliant offer and just shows the quality of people we have on TSF.
  5. Buying rare coins as a hedge against inflation has just taken on a new meaning!!! 😎
  6. @augur you always have interesting coins. 👍
  7. Red Flag city...Run away!!!!!🏃‍♂️
  8. I have a budget of approx. £150/month and just buy whatever I can afford. I prefer going to Coin Fairs and buying direct from dealers. I have bought some nice coins from members of TSF. Have bought from online dealers but I find it a bit impersonal. Don't over analyse it, just do what feels right to you. As a newbie it can all feel a bit overwhelming but eventually you will settle into a buying style that suits your temperament. There isn't a magic way to buy gold and silver. Everybody on this forum will have their own preferences based on personal situation, why they buy PM's and how much risk they are happy to take. Trying to guess what the spot price is going to do can be, so you can buy at the right time, can be exciting, but I think it only has real value if you are buying and selling over the short term to make quick profits. I am looking to hold my gold for about 10 years.
  9. Methinks tis a dastardly plot to install HD spyware on your devices so they can see where you hide your PM stash!! 😎 I'm surprised anybody trusts Apple, Microsoft etc cos they work with the security agencies to track our every move, and gather as much data about us as possible, so clearly they don't trust us!!! Anybody watch the Edward Snowden interview with Joe Rogan yet?
  10. I buy a bit each month regardless of spot price.