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  1. That's disgraceful...doesn't look anything like Stephen Hawking!
  2. Ha Ha Ha...based on that I have been a serious threat to society for years. I should be incarcerated at Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's pleasure and fed fluoridated water and GM food until I stop with the "wrong think". Osama did 9/11...honest M'lud I'm cured!!!
  3. My PM's are safe at my gaff and Michael Caine don't know where I live!! 😄
  4. Nein, leider nicht. Es sieht aber ganz toll aus. 😄
  5. Only way I found to avoid milk spots is to buy gold Sovs!!! 😄
  6. Yup. Take physical possession of the physical gold or silver and you remove this kind of 3rd party risk.
  7. Swap the lot for 8 Sovs and keep in a matchbox!! Simples.😄
  8. Good point well presented...does seem a bit odd. If you can get a refund if it all goes a bit pete tong it might be worth a punt if you really want them, but you could play safe and buy a Sov...or two!! 😄
  9. https://www.thesilvermountain.nl/en/gold-coin-holland-bolwerk-der-vrijheid-1959 Try here dude.
  10. Austrian 1912 10 Corona Restrike from Saltford Coins at London Coin Fair today.
  11. They get a bog standard coin and a third party does the gilding. I have a Brexit Silver Britannia coin that has an enamelled colourised Union Jack on the shield....same thing. They are real coins that have been "added to" with small "mintages" and a princely premium...my Brexit Brit cost £50 for a £20 coin!! 😄
  12. That Princess Of Wales £5 looks more like Clare Balding!!!
  13. I can vouch for Andreas. Top guy. Platinum Skies works with him. They will be at Coin Fair.
  14. Maybe it will drive more people to The Silver Forum. Buy a Sov and discover nobody died at Sandy Hook at the same time!! 😄