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  1. If he was in California and not Michigan he might well get away with it too...ffs!!!
  2. https://www.coincraft.com/ http://www.coinheritage.co.uk/ https://www.goldcoinexchange.co.uk/
  3. Afraid not...never come across that in the PM world yet.
  4. Bet you reverse the charges!!! 🤣
  5. Try Martin Roberts at AMR Coins. https://www.amrcoins.com/about-us/ He's based just north of Leeds. I've bought bullion gold from him at London Coin Fair. You could probably pick them up personally and save postage!!!
  6. Bye 'eck tha's a reet Tyke alreet. Tha's bothered 'baht payin' fur't' premium membership at same time as tha's on abaht spending 10k on coins?!!! Get tha hand in tha pocket lad!! 🤣
  7. But it's got an "exclusive Rose Gold Coral Design Privy Mark"!! 🤣
  8. Don't think I could handle them big angry fonts in Greek!! 🤣
  9. Blimey, The 5hugmeister's fluent in foreign!!
  10. Silver is the gateway drug to GOLD!!!! Cue mad cackling laugh.....Mwwwaaaahhhhhaaaaahaaaahaaa...🤪 Cue @5huggy posting a mad, cackling minion pic.
  11. He should be made Mayor but he'll probably get life in prison in a cell next to the guy who got 16 years for burning an LGBTQ flag.
  12. A guy in Iowa recently got 16 years in prison for burning an LGBTQ flag.
  13. But keep it away from your bank cards!!!🤣