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    Gold and Silver coins for future wealth protection.

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  1. Norskgeld

    Bought my first Sovereign

    Well done that man...you've just opened Pandora's Box!! Won't be long before you swap that silver rubbish for a brace of Sovs!! Ha Ha Ha Ha....
  2. Norskgeld

    Error Message

    Must be the Russians!!!
  3. Norskgeld

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    @Blackcab Your contract is with GoldSilver.BE and not the manufacturer so they do in fact have a duty to rectify any issues....but don't hold your breath.
  4. Norskgeld

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    I've used them with no problems. Me and a mate pooled our cash and bought some cheap silver as no VAT to pay. Not much good if you want single coins as delivery is about £15 if I remember but good if you want a bulk order. Good choice of coins but some people have had bad service from them.
  5. Norskgeld

    1887 Double Florin...worth grading?

    Hi Guys, My mate Scotty just got this 1887 Double Florin for £55 at a local antique shop. He would like the Forum's view on whether to send it in for grading. All views appreciated.
  6. Ha Ha Ha...sometimes dressing like an extra from Planet Of The Apes has it's benefits!! 😁
  7. Norskgeld

    Today I Received

    1900 Danish 10 Kroner from The Coin Cabinet
  8. I wanted to buy a Danish 10 Kroner gold coin from Andreas Afeldt at The Coin Cabinet today at the London Coin Fair. I had no cash and Andreas didn't take credit cards so amazingly he gave me the coin and asked me to transfer the money to his bank account when I got home. Andreas had never met me before and showed me first hand the trust and friendship that runs through the truly genuine members of the coin collecting community. I was blown away by his actions and I will certainly be buying from him in the future. Thank you Andreas.
  9. Norskgeld

    London coin fair June 2nd

    Yup I'll be going again. Been saving me pennies so might actually buy something this time. Did find it all a bit geeky last time but hope to bump into some forum members...trouble is nobody knows their real identities!!!😎
  10. Norskgeld

    Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Blimey. Thort they went out in 1970...guess you learn summat every day.
  11. Norskgeld

    Precious Metal Themed Songs

    A 2017 Sixpence?!!!....Be worth a small fortune I wager!!
  12. Norskgeld

    Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Oooops, better make that Half a pre - 1946 Sixpence!!
  13. Norskgeld

    Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Half a Sixpence- Tommy Steele
  14. Norskgeld

    Free Postage on Gold Special Offers

    Great Scott, Marty, there's a rip in the space time continuum!!!
  15. Norskgeld

    Silver bar or rounds? 🤔