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  1. I don't worry about spot price. I just buy a little each month regardless. As a general rule you will pay over spot when you buy and get less than spot when you sell.
  2. My first choice would be the best slabbed and graded Shieldback Sovs circa 1840's I could get. My second choice would be a slabbed and graded Gothic Crown or Florin. I would be looking at keeping for at least 10 years. Like @h103efa I see PM's as protection rather than investing.
  3. My brother had Lasik on his eyes and he experiences glare at night from headlights and reflections off wet roads. He says it's still worth it though and tells me to get mine done too. I have a friend who says it was the best thing he ever had done. Personally I would never let anyone burn the surface of my eyeball with a laser. Try the Bates Method of natural vision correction...you can get books on it. Also google Joseph Lieberman and Martin Brofman...they have books on natural vision correction. Brofman et al maintain it is stress and tension in the eye muscles that distort the eyeball and that it can be released. I use MSM and silver eye drops which soften up the eye tissues and I do the Bates eye exercises....I also wear pin hole glasses at home. Look at your diet and hydration levels as this has a huge impact. I would use reading glasses if needed but just be aware over time, like all glasses, they will make your vision worse.
  4. "My missus now wants me to cash in our gold..."? Time to cash in the Missus!!! 😁
  5. I'll be there...you can identify me by my feet 😄
  6. Maybe consider saving a bit longer and get one of these: https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/Austria-4-Ducat Just under half an ounce and got to be the best looking gold coin ever.
  7. I would say cash is always an incentive for a better deal. Yes, you can haggle on price. Some dealers are more flexible with price than others. Prices tend to be more expensive than online. I have found some have card machines and some do not. Andreas Afeldt at The Coin Cabinet allowed me to take the coin I was after and pay by bank transfer when I got home as he didn't have a card machine and I didn't have enough cash. I would offer the $5 dollar face value and go from there!!! 😄
  8. Norskgeld

    A L I E N

    Bet NGC struggle to get that sucker in a slab!!!🤓
  9. Norskgeld

    A L I E N

    My God it's dreadful!!! 😫 In The Silver Forum no one can hear you scream!!!💀
  10. Hi Guys, Got the following for sale. 1921-P Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63- £40 2013-P American Silver Eagle NGC MS70 - £15 (selling as bullion...slight blemish on reverse)- SOLD 2010-P American Silver Eagle - £15 (Small dents) 2017 Mexican Libertad - £15 (Brown staining)- SOLD 2017 2oz Queen's Beast Red Dragon - £35 (Milk spots) 2016 1oz "Brexit" Britannia with coloured shield - £50 (Certi- Locked by Scottsdale Mint) Please add postage. Bank Transfer Only Please. Thanks for looking.
  11. Of course it will. It dips and rises all the time.
  12. Looks like a good solid buy to me. Agreed it's a BV coin. Nice condition. Well done and welcome to the madhouse...there is no escape!!! 😁
  13. I'm no expert but they don't look like silver to me.