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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gold and Silver coins for future wealth protection.

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  1. Norskgeld

    Hi! I'm Kenyon!

    Welcome dude.
  2. Norskgeld

    Michael Maloney

    I have Maloney's Guide To Investing In Gold and Silver and I learned a lot from it. Got it in a charity shop for 50p...worth every penny!! It is a good insight into what is real money versus the fiat paper currency. Plenty of info about how banks work etc As Junkbond states there is an underlying message of "the next depression is just around the corner so stock up on PM's now" but otherwise a good read. Maloney is strictly a bullion guy and he doesn't recommend numismatics in this book.
  3. Norskgeld

    Insurance for my stack

    Nationwide confirmed today that gold and silver coins are included under valuables.😎
  4. Norskgeld

    Insurance for my stack

    I got contents insurance from Nationwide £132.37 per year. Includes Valuables which is jewellery and items containing gold or silver. Total limit £31,000 Single item limit £4000 I will contact them directly to clarify if coins are included.
  5. Norskgeld

    London coin fair

    Coin Cabinet is Andreas Afeldt. Top bloke...I can personally vouch for him. I think he is Swedish also. Agreed the Bloomsbury Fair is as Ansel describes...you are unlikely to find any pandas there!! The London Coin Fair is on November 3rd and is a much bigger affair and would defo be worth visiting. You would also be more likely to meet with Silver Forum members there as many of us attend. http://www.coinfairs.co.uk/london-coin-fair.aspx
  6. Norskgeld

    London coin fair

    Yup, December 1st in Bloomsbury. http://www.bloomsburycoinfair.com/future-show-dates.php
  7. Norskgeld

    Any interest in seeing my Matterhorn collection?

    'kin' 'ell. 😎 Like to see how NGC grade that!!!
  8. Norskgeld

    Any interest in seeing my Matterhorn collection?

    Is that actually a piece of the Matterhorn in the Das Matterhorn coin?
  9. Norskgeld

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    I think CGT only applies after about £11k which will probably not be an issue for us mere mortals. 😉
  10. Norskgeld

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    I buy full sovs and half sovs but, as Mr Dead points out, it can get a bit boring, so I have started buying gold coins from other European countries as they all have their version of a sov. I have Swiss, Danish, French and Austrian gold coins so far. Dutch Guilders will probably be my next buy. Makes it a bit more interesting and I suspect they will be almost as liquid as a sov to sell. I much prefer a circulated coin than a new, shiny collectors piece like a Britannia or Queen's Beast.
  11. Norskgeld

    New quarter sov

    Wouldn't trust anything on TV.
  12. Norskgeld

    Today I Received

    1858 Napoleon III wreath 20 Franc from Atkinson's.
  13. Norskgeld

    Greetings from Texas

    Welcome y'all.😃
  14. Norskgeld

    Loosing the belly

    Get the book How To Eat. Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek. That'll change your life.
  15. Norskgeld

    Loosing the belly

    When I travel I take the following: Organic Beef Jerky from Planet Organic Bag of organic Figs or Golden Berries for less sugar Jar of Organic Raw Gherkins Organic Raw Pistachios or Organic Raw Activated (soaked and sprouted) Pumpkin seeds Just takes a bit of planning and I know if I don't do it then I am at the mercy of all the packaged, dead cr#p that passes for food these days. If you're staying away then you just have to make the best decisions you can.