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  1. Agreed. The only real choice we have is between being punched in the face or kicked in the head. Voting is a waste of time. The only vote that really counts is where you spend your money and where you put your attention. Both money and attention are energy and that energy fuels whatever they are directed at. At the moment 99.9% of people are fuelling Covid 19 with their attention. Avoid the TV, Newspapers and all MSM.
  2. Hahahahahaha...I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...🤣
  3. @zhoutonged has.....Just check out his avatar!! 🤣
  4. Norskgeld

    Capital gains

    The personal CGT exemption in Ireland is 1,270 Euros per year. As long as your profit is under this in any one year you will be ok.
  5. Hast du versucht die Muenze zurueck zu schicken?
  6. I would buy bullion first...Britannias will probably be your cheapest option as Eagles, Maples and Libertads tend to have a higher premium attached to them. The reason I say this is that if you decide gold and silver is not for you then you can easily sell them. Bars tend to be more pricey than coins although you can find some bargains on the forum. Next I would watch Numistackers videos on YouTube where you can learn more about collector coins. A plan many follow is to build up a nice base of bullion and top it off with some collector coins.
  8. One of the side effects of this Corona virus is that people may start looking at their health more closely. The pitfalls are that the 'tinterweb is chokka with nonsense and misinformation about health and fitness so the advice is tread carefully.
  9. Wouldn't put it past them illoooominarty types to use this virus nonsense to push the cashless society agenda even more strongly...."to stop it spreading".
  10. Do the individual switches pull out of the unit? I am thinking maybe one has blown if it is a fuse type thingy.
  11. got more chance of BoJo giving you a BloJo!! 🤣
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