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  1. I'm keeping mine for the next 10 years so not worried yet!!
  2. Postage costs to Narnia must be a killer.😄
  3. I've bought Gold and Silver Coins from Bullion By Post and never had an issue with them. I have also never heard anything bad about them either.
  4. Yup, it's a Shilling.
  5. This is one of the deliberate, intended effects of the internet. Slowly destroy the ability for people to meet in person by moving them to online groups and social media where you can get 100's or 1000's of "friends", none of whom give a damn about you. Meeting face to face and shaking somebody's hand creates an energetic bond that connects people, and to the psychopathic control system, that is dangerous and must be eliminated...but not so obviously that people start to notice. Meeting Uncle Numistacker at the London Coin Fair and Coinex and seeing the coins he just bought is so much better than listening to him on You Tube.
  6. I remember a quote that broke down stacking into 4 basic laws: 1. You like it. 2. You don't like it. 3. It makes money. 4. It loses money. If you like what you stack it makes it more enjoyable but the downside can be you become attached to it which can make selling it emotionally problematic. My mate Scotty is in this dilemma right now...he needs to sell some gold but can't bring himself to part with it. I think it is better to try put your likes / dislikes aside when designing a stacking strategy purely for investment purposes rather than collecting. I would recommend getting used to the idea of holding PM's for at least 5 years to expect an upside as inflation eats away at the value of "money". Silver is notoriously slow to move in any direction so maybe Gold would be a better choice? I know the US is a different scene than the UK as you can still find circulating coins containing silver.
  7. Guess this is one reason why "Mort gage" means "Death Grip" 💀
  8. Stacking strategies, just like opinions, often change as you're world view changes and also once you see how the coin world works. Bullion Sovs are great in the UK as they are easily available and easily sold and as a base for a stack are almost unequalled. I started stacking with the intention of buying silver but quickly changed my mind thanks to discovering the silver price doesn't move very much and the 20%VAT. Now I buy bullion gold coins...mostly half sovs but also other European countries. Any silver I buy will be numismatic slabbed and graded. When I have a decent gold stack I will buy a few numismatic gold, slabbed and graded coins to top it off...but I might change my mind tomorrow!!!😃
  9. When gold was confiscated in the US rare or collectable coins were exempt. This is why my guru Andy Gause (RIP Andy) recommended slabbed and graded numismatic coins rather than bullion.
  10. Looks like you've had an "Ifing sex change"!!😄
  11. As Arnold would say: Do it! Do it NOW! Pull da triggahhh... 😎
  12. Blimey, for a 27 year old you have certainly got your act together. You are light years ahead of where I was at that age. I think others should come to you for advice!!! Well done.
  13. 1901 Swedish / Norwegian 10 Kronor gold piece. Bought at London Coin Fair today from M.Veissid & Co.
  14. Pesky political shenanigans driving up pesky spot price!!! Doesn't look promising for me getting a cracking deal on some gold at London Coin Fair this weekend. 😢