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  1. mrgristle

    Stolen goods - please read

    The safe was somewhat hidden, but wouldn't have taken too long to find if someone was searching for it. The bedrooms were ransacked which must have been before they got to the safe because they wouldn't have risked looking elsewhere afterwards. Also, the way they searched through the bedrooms indicated that they weren't looking for a safe.
  2. mrgristle

    Stolen goods - please read

    No, I believe it was opportunistic. I've since found out that there have been several other burglaries in the area recently.
  3. mrgristle

    Stolen goods - please read

    Sure. I had one of these bolted down to the floor and the thieves managed to break it open in situ probably using a screwdriver to open up the gap between the door and the box, and then moving on to a crowbar. The dog bolts gave way and the door was completely ripped off. Judging from how it looks, it probably only took them a few minutes and no power tools were needed. I've examined the construction of the door and it was made out of 1mm thick mild steel, but folded over at the edges to make it look like the front plate is about 5mm thick. This is obviously woefully inadequate. The rest of the safe seemed pretty solid, but this is no use if the door is so weak. I'd advise you all check the construction of your safes and replace if necessary.
  4. mrgristle

    Stolen goods - please read

    Unfortunately not.
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first post on here and I wish it was under happier circumstances. At some point between 21st and 26th November, our home in Morden, Surrey, UK was burgled and the items listed below were stolen from our safe. 36 x 10 Oz silver Koalas (2015/16)50 x 1 Oz silver Brittanias (2017) in 2 tubes 60 x 1 Oz silver Eagles (2004) in 3 tubes 3 x gold sovereigns (one George V) 1 x silver Eagle 1 x silver Maple 1 x silver penny 1 x 1 Oz gold lunar year of the monkey coin (2016)1 x 1 Oz silver lunar year of the monkey coin (2016)1 x Pompadour platinum engagement ring with 0.8 ct diamond1 x Antique Chinese pearl necklace and bracelet If you come across someone trying to sell some or all of these items, please send me a private message ASAP.