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  1. blackadder

    Today I Received.....

    where did you get the capsule for it?
  2. blackadder

    I FINALLY own an oz of gold!

    technically 1oz more then i own 😂🤣
  3. blackadder

    An unboxing gallery

    All mine have spotted up and there kept sealed in capsules with anti tarnish tabs and silicone packets etc etc.Only round the edges mind you 🤣
  4. blackadder

    Brexit status ...

    Yeah ban everything until you become just like the nazi's already a police state,where the police enforce speech laws and all sorts over real crime. When people do start speaking the banned words or wrong think etc.you just arrest them,make them lose their jobs or even take them to court and so on.like is already happening atm Plus if this makes the useless fool cry why is she even an mp
  5. blackadder

    Brexit status ...

    What ever made you think we'd ever be allowed to leave the mps will do whatever make the mps money they all gain far to much from the eu.
  6. Wouldn't that be more expensive,could pickup afew coins here for not much more plus most offer free shipping etc. If you didn't want that long delay,it wouldn't be a great idea to join If you compare say ten queens beasts from a uk main dealer and this group order the savings are much higher. Or someplace like silvertogo ordering direct its like £20,or if you order yourself from goldsilver.be etc then it don't matter to you I think overall people use the group order as the order process on european mint puts them off,They find it much easier to just order through the group order regardless of the savings.
  7. blackadder

    Fake Chards Review

    wouldn't they leave a 1 star review if planning to mess with you or whatever?
  8. Put them up in your bum 😄
  9. blackadder

    Britannia Bars

    you pay vat on the coins too 🤔 or do you mean something else? One thing bars have going for them over coins in my book is,It don't matter so much about milk spots or stuff on bars. It depends how/what you wanna collect/stack really.
  10. blackadder

    Today I Received.....

    2oz dragon & phoenix coin
  11. blackadder

    big brother parking

    A local town near me increased the parking fees,made everything some kinda one way hell hole.Plus removed all the parking in the centre around the war memorial. Now there's only like 4 shops left and the place is dead But it's all amazons fault
  12. blackadder

    Today I Received.....

    A 2002 half sovereign
  13. blackadder

    Brexit status ...

    I've thought about this and however great it sounds,What's to stop ripoff britain from getting said cheaper items.then doing what this country does best,Just adding tons of taxes to the cheaper goods.They won't let you have cheap things lol
  14. blackadder

    Today I Received.....

    50p card from @GrahamDiamond thanks m8