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  1. blackadder

    Today I Received

    My few bits from the group order,many thanks again @BackyardBullion
  2. blackadder

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Got mine this morning too 🤗🤤
  3. blackadder

    Hello from Oregon, USA

    Hello and welcome
  4. blackadder

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    not representative enough of the UK,and the same thing over and over I will buy one of each however.
  5. blackadder


    Whisky,old bottles,bonsai,Antique walking sticks and sword canes,japanese katanas etc,Can pets be a collection 😂 I did this too,think i put mine in the loft as not really worth alot now.
  6. blackadder

    unknown silver object

    Could be but looks alittle small for that,or maybe just a sugar bowl etc.The handle looks like a replacement too.
  7. blackadder

    unknown silver object

    Kinda looks like a brandy warmer to me,or more then likely 90% sure one part of a tea infuser.
  8. blackadder

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    So it's another coin that's going crazy now,then will be worth £4 next month
  9. blackadder

    Nazi Silver

  10. blackadder

    Nazi Silver

    ofc they are,Deactivated firearms more or less takes all the value outta said guns anyway.It's a nice collection all the same Also i don't think anyone is dumb enough to post illegal firearms they own on a forum.All would be obsolete calibres,deactivated or legal to own and everything is illegal in the uk 😂
  11. blackadder

    Coin Rings

    Don't you just need to buy the right equipment 😂
  12. blackadder

    Metal Detecting

    Could that have been the detector? Or not setup right etc etc. The minelab equinox 800 seems to be getting good reviews,Try to find one that's good on sand and fields etc.
  13. blackadder

    How can this be legal?

    What you all trying to say,I bought two of them 🤣 Two people liked it
  14. blackadder

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    He takes other forms of payment 👌👈 😉
  15. I wonder how much just gets stolen at these tills also it's annoying having to find a member of staff to okay alcohol, or paracetamol,flu pills etc etc.