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  1. Think you'll find alot of places in England feel the same or feel all they care about is london etc. Should have seen some of the sick comments about the locals here,when they stopped them running of to their second homes due to this virus. Alot from london really do view others from different places here as sheep shagging inbreds 🤤 so not just scotland 😂
  2. 2018 Snowman Silver Proof 50p for sale,Does have small mark above queens eye.Comes with booklets/COA etc etc £50 plus whichever postage you desire....payment paypal f&f Or offers welcome
  3. Nice post,It's best not to remove right of access etc as this gives them more ammo in the long run.Makes it look like you are hiding something,to which they will and can turn up with a court order and force their way in. Then once inside they can start falsifying evidence with backup from the police.
  4. Was the same with the snowman etc,mad hype for weeks then just died price wise.
  5. I had this the other week in a farming/gardening place 😂He just sat there looking at me
  6. I was wrong about the sotd,but overall i see it going down after all the hype..Just couldn't risk being stuck with a £800 coin atm.
  7. Sure everything will work out fine,wouldn't worry to much and just go through ebay and get another.
  8. Na be fine m8 will look good as new 😂 How much did you pay? is it worth sending it back etc.
  9. But the 2017 is a better design by a mile.
  10. I said this last night,At these prices it will put people off or just be outright out of the reach of alot of people. If ofc these all start being £800 etc etc.
  11. Na,can't see it myself not at that price.
  12. I'm only interested to see how many they sold so far 😂 honest 🤤
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