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  1. blackadder

    wanted 2 oz falcon

    Anyone willing and able to sell me one 2oz queens beast falcon,Need just the one for my display box At a super price please 😂 Many thanks
  2. blackadder

    Brexit status ...

    I couldn't agree more too 🤤 Most of them are all talk,and would he step up or rather keep his easy money job like the rest.
  3. blackadder

    You know what grinds my gears?

    wtf was that people pay to watch that 🤔
  4. blackadder

    Today I Received.....

    No i'ts okay,The wooden card is a nice touch 😂
  5. blackadder

    Today I Received.....

    My winning item from the poppy appeal hand poured round and it's lovely many thanks @jonrms
  6. blackadder

    Lets talk Whiskey

    I don't have a Aldi anywhere near me lol
  7. blackadder

    Lets talk Whiskey

    came today @Madstacks super fast postage
  8. blackadder


    I thought you were all joking the other day when others said this was the new coin Plus i was like,what's a gruffalo 😂
  9. blackadder

    wanted 2001 1oz silver Britannia

    he had 2015 ones i think
  10. blackadder

    Lets talk watches!

    You never know when you might need a 1989 nokia screen 😂
  11. blackadder

    Lets talk watches!

    Yeah why are you keeping two old phones 😂
  12. blackadder

    Lets talk watches!

    I'll give you £4,joking aside why not just keep it?
  13. blackadder

    Queens Beast griffin with damage - any value over melt?

    id send it back