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  1. Also seems they put the coins info/mintage numbers etc on the queue page.Guess they don't want thousands of hate mail,after people queue for hours to find out it's bad
  2. I totally forgot about this hehe,40 mins in their fake queue after trying to check the site etc..Not that i'm going to bother with that mintage
  3. Yeah cuz they no they can get away with anything
  4. People where i work go on about the poorly run company,Hours of moaning and putting down the problems to some elaborate plan on their half And i'm always like it really is how you see it,their just cheap and incompetent 😂
  5. Wasn't that plain as day from like day one 😂
  6. The main thing that gets me is,All the random release times and having to sit in a fake queue for an hour.Only to see everything is sold out when you get in And a bad website that crashes when it has only 10k traffic,which is most likely done on purpose too 🤣 I can see why people get mad,when best part are sold to shops and the release time is 7am.
  7. Makes sense,I one i miss and don't like is doing well hehe 😂 and a low mintage.
  8. That laptop always got me and the voice thing,always seemed abit to high tech back in 1980 etc etc..I would agree on maybe someone else speaking for him,and all that fancy setup was just a speaker as such. Or using him to make money or whatever,or the replacement hehe 😂 but selling afew books and just giving out theories here and there,would that be worth it etc. And if he did die in 1985,all the new ideas and theories came from the clone right? which would make the replacement just as smart as him and thus making the scam pointless 🤔
  9. LOL 😂 Why would anyone go through all the trouble of replacing him for what reason and if he died in 1985. Who the hell did they make sit in his chair for 20 years
  10. That's terrible looks lazy as **** too
  11. is it really a scam,As i can't see the word proof anywhere and it is stated the coa is not royal mint. It just says 2017 blah blah in a nice box cost of coin plus £20/£30 for the box or whatever comes kinda close to the selling price. I do understand what everyone else is saying however.
  12. We won't reduce anything,we will give away everything and give billions away without any fight.While getting ZERO of anything in return lol, wouldn't put it past them to pay out and give in on everything.Just so they can say look see,it failed 😂
  13. Don't bother me it's just a coin I collect military stuff mainly bladed stuff etc,alot of the higher end naval daggers or ss stuff were destroyed or had the swastika removed. So only pushed the price far far up on the original non damaged stuff
  14. I think the 25k/30k mintage was to high,and they will either stay at these prices or drop even lower.Having said that,it's still a nice coin and maybe only being allowed to buy two will end up being a good thing hehe 🙂