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  1. I think the investment plans are £1000 min,Couldn't find what the min was for the normal bit.Where did you see the £250?
  2. Would they not just steal the whole lot,plus everything else in your house lol
  3. 2016 1oz silver Britannia coins bullion condition x15 available in bullion condition with light milking £16 a coin + postage of your choice Payment via pp f&f
  4. Can't afford the real deal most likely,so go with a fake one Wonder why these brands don't do something about it seeing as he has a shop an all. Depends how much these fakes are,Id rather get one of the better seiko watches or something over a fake with the same price.
  5. Indeed i've not seen any of the new 10p coins ever or that many different £2 coins either.All taken out of circulation way before you ever get to see em.
  6. I have them all,for you id do £20 a coin 😎 why not try getting x amount of £2 from the bank.Be abit of fun sorting through them all too.
  7. I've had nothing but trouble with these clowns,missing money,sending stuff to the wrong address even after being told twenty million times enrolling me with two accounts then taking 6 months do sort it out. and far more,goodluck getting your money from them whatever you put it in lol.Or opting out if you're new etc,as i'm sure they'd **** that up too.
  8. You with talk talk then? that was your first mistake right there 😂
  9. If it was for your collection then sure,But if you plan on selling it later id say no.For starters it's expensive and would only really appeal to fans of arma etc. Making it harder to sell and get your money back. Plus limited edition of what,500,100,1 million
  10. My post office would most likely class stool samples as very important,So she'd charge you max postage for that 😂
  11. This is true and my local lot ask if its batteries or whatever,however there's one lady down there that is upselling 100% as she just insists on higher postage. you'll need £7 postage on a £16 item then and just starts putting it through,then argues with you trying to strong arm people into the higher postage costs on low priced goods. She's a bitch really 😂
  12. Yeah buying votes I know afew like this,everything is paid for from tax to insurance and only the best £200 tyres each go on the car The cash benefits is spending money,Yet still never stop moaning about needing more free terrible and money and how hard done by they are.
  13. Made sure to check this out this morning,Was in stock but didn't really have time to make my mind up. Was already late for work so had to leave it
  14. I would lol,Not easy to find something like that if you only want to display five of whatever etc. I got more already,but thought it would be nice to display the 1989,2002,etc in one box together as a nice little set kinda rather then in cheapo boxes with random bullion stuff.