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  1. Who?? and never even noticed really 😂😂😂 Welcome back hehe
  2. Does he not still win with £600 then As the two after were lower then his.
  3. My Albert Celebration Sovereign came this morning too Pretty sweet looking coin.
  4. Go on you want that gold one 😂 Lovely coins
  5. The online side could be seen as a problem,as they don't see topping up their account as spending money.As you ain't dealing with money in your hand etc,If that makes sense Its the same as these online games on pc or xbox,where said game has an item shop or loot boxes.People have spent thousands just on cosmetic bad in a game. I don't think you'll ever stop these sorts of people,you'll only ban something that will affect the non addicts Same as taxing all spirits to death to stop alcoholics,only people that will suffer is people who enjoy a class of whatever once in awhile. the other side will drink paint thinner if it can't afford anything else
  6. Okay i guess you can't win then 😀
  7. Well mine is showing in my orders etc,so guess i got one lol 😂 I bet a ton went to all these online shops etc,Hence why it sells so fast Maybe they should push the time back to 6am,might give more people a chance i don't no.
  8. I think i ordered the right thing in the rush hehe 😂
  9. Shouldn't matter as it's just a link to the site etc.
  10. Guess im being super late for work today hehe 😂
  11. ofc🙂 people who aren't listen to or allowed to debate issues,and have every platform taken away from them will find other means to have their voice heard.
  12. that's kinda scary really,The states says x and you can't disagree if you do we will silence you.vibes of nazi germany right there
  13. Both parties will do whatever makes that said mp money,Corbyn would have been better sticking with his leave the Eu view.But to change from an ardent brexiteer to hardcore remain seems odd. Most likely got some good $$$$ from the eu😂 can people who change their views on a drop of a hat be trusted. Wasn't may giving all the security contracts to g4s,as her husband was a ceo or whatever,and david camerons wife sat on the board of a wind farm company. So they used his position to push through planning and contracts etc etc.Or blairs wife selling flats and items from 10 downing street Point being,Most of them are cunts and will say and do whatever will make them the most £££
  14. Most british now are soft snowflakes,so most likely couldn't tell the difference between that and a real bullet brain dead retards. Or they just used that as a reason to steal your item.