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  1. id just stick them up for sale on here,as there's things you have that will sell for above the £16/17 mark,where as you'd most likely get £13 a coin no matter the coin from a dealer maybe your bars would have most likely done better here too,it's worth a try might end up with abit more £££.
  2. Just this rat coin It's a pretty nice coin compared to the others in the series.
  3. Spent your evening looking up butt plugs etc then,in the market for something new? which one did you buy in the end 😂🤣
  4. Ten Queens beasts from @SilverStan Normally a great seller,But i feel not enough stamps were used to post the item 🤣😂
  5. 2019 2oz Silver Tuvalu DRAGON AND PHOENIX coins reduced!! Extremely limited worldwide mintage of 888 coins worldwide accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.I have two of these Perth Mint coins available and both are mint £200 £180 each or offers welcome plus whichever p&p you desire. Payment by paypal f&f or bank transfer
  6. 2x 2016 1oz silver Britannias only two to sell,Light milk spots but overall great condition. £15.80 per coin plus whichever p&p you desire Paypal f@f
  7. Who?? and never even noticed really 😂😂😂 Welcome back hehe
  8. Does he not still win with £600 then As the two after were lower then his.
  9. My Albert Celebration Sovereign came this morning too Pretty sweet looking coin.
  10. Go on you want that gold one 😂 Lovely coins
  11. The online side could be seen as a problem,as they don't see topping up their account as spending money.As you ain't dealing with money in your hand etc,If that makes sense Its the same as these online games on pc or xbox,where said game has an item shop or loot boxes.People have spent thousands just on cosmetic bad in a game. I don't think you'll ever stop these sorts of people,you'll only ban something that will affect the non addicts Same as taxing all spirits to death to stop alcoholics,only people that will suffer is people who enjoy a class of whatever once in awhile. the other side will drink paint thinner if it can't afford anything else
  12. Okay i guess you can't win then 😀