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  1. For sale pf69 silver snowman £80 plus postage payment by Bf or pp ff
  2. Merry Christmas to all the great people here ⛄😀
  3. I did that too 😂 goodluck with the sale.
  4. One coin is not a sovereign so that space don't count
  5. Won't sell on ebay either,might need to list it worldwide and change the category too thanks anyway
  6. I stole it from google 🤣 😂 but thank you,it is super hard being this lazy 😂
  7. I'll join now,took me awhile to find something 😋 1oz trade dollar.
  8. id just stick them up for sale on here,as there's things you have that will sell for above the £16/17 mark,where as you'd most likely get £13 a coin no matter the coin from a dealer maybe your bars would have most likely done better here too,it's worth a try might end up with abit more £££.
  9. Just this rat coin It's a pretty nice coin compared to the others in the series.
  10. Spent your evening looking up butt plugs etc then,in the market for something new? which one did you buy in the end 😂🤣
  11. Ten Queens beasts from @SilverStan Normally a great seller,But i feel not enough stamps were used to post the item 🤣😂