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  1. Yeah buying votes I know afew like this,everything is paid for from tax to insurance and only the best £200 tyres each go on the car The cash benefits is spending money,Yet still never stop moaning about needing more free terrible and money and how hard done by they are.
  2. Made sure to check this out this morning,Was in stock but didn't really have time to make my mind up. Was already late for work so had to leave it
  3. I would lol,Not easy to find something like that if you only want to display five of whatever etc. I got more already,but thought it would be nice to display the 1989,2002,etc in one box together as a nice little set kinda rather then in cheapo boxes with random bullion stuff.
  4. Stole your pics lol 😂 Didn't you buy it for like £20 i don't need the capsules.Just can't find anything to put my 5 halfs in etc. There's one on ebay but it's the plain wooden one.
  5. Wanted royal mint 5 coin sovereign box like the one shown in the pictures
  6. Most likely half the planet knew about his stuff from fb,Then from posts and pictures etc etc it was easy to work out where he lived. Gotta be super careful in this day and age,hope he gets his stuff back and they catch them.
  7. £55 for the last gruffalo
  8. There's millions of people here that have it far worse of by a long way,if the nhs is that bad like working in a diamond mine in the congo why not leave? And nhs staff are always going on about others,why do footballers get paid x and me only x,why does the ceo of amazon get billions and me x. I want billions too nothing stopping Nhs staff from selling overpriced 10ps etc to.
  9. Is there a peasant scum tier,for us lowly people
  10. gotta pay for all the bad they waste money on and the massive welfare state somehow same as small high street shops business rates,set to extreme levels so more and more close down.So you increase the rates on the remaining ones until you have a town centre with only tesco left etc. Should see the parking fees down here,their mindset for everything is the more we charge the more we will make.
  11. And be gone at 00:01 😂 or half already sold to dealers etc.
  12. Cuz they don't want to nor care 🤨 and it's not the first time.