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  1. I don’t agree. Look at the Nazis taking from the Jews, United States taking from the Indians, England taking from Africa, India, Asia... basically everyone! Was any of that morally justified? What’s important is the rule of law. Moral and ethical laws written for all time. One might even call that religion? Moral and ethical law and culture are key to having a stable civilization, out of that should come sound money. This is actually the key question of humanity and brings up old arguments that have been long forgotten such as usury as defined by the charge of ANY interest on money lent.
  2. Democracy doesn’t work, it’s just mob rule. A lynch mob is democracy in action, if the mob wants your what you have they can take it. Fair Laws and a fair legal system to support them is what works, something that no country currently has.
  3. The only “backing” money will have in the near term is carbon credits. That’s the next scam being set up right now by those in power
  4. I’m sure everyone has forgotten about this but I finally received my new coin! It took about 6 months!!! At first I was very angry at the mint because they shipped me the coin in the case bare, as in it wasn’t in a box! The case showed up covered in dirt and has a few deep scratches on it. I called them and asked why they thought it would be a good idea to save a couple dollars on a cardboard box for a $10k coin! They said that they ship the coins in the bare cases all the time even though none of the previous two coins I’ve received came bare. I cleaned off the case and held my breath when opening it, fully expecting the worst. I though for sure I had waited 6 months for them to mail me back the same flawed coin but in a case that was now scratched. Happily I was incorrect! I now have a beautiful flawless coin and it’s also the only one in the world that’s coated so it will never tarnish! I’m very excited and quite happy with the Canadian mint.....even though it took them six months and me probably over 10 hours of work for them to get it right!
  5. Well I finally heard back from the Canadian Mint. Well, they had been in contact but the person in charge of my return hadn’t responded to my account manager. They came to a decision to give me two options, one is they could try and clean my coin and give it back to me. The other is they will make me a new one and use this new process they have where they do a coating of lacquer on the coin to forever prevent milk spots and other blemishes from forming in the coin but I won’t get my coin till the end of March. I jumped at the chance to have the only coin of that year with this special process!!!! If all goes through as they say they’ll have a customer for life because I’m amazed that they’re going through the trouble to make a coin special just for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think they need to stand behind their products especially at the price point this coin is at but I’m amazed to find a company that has integrity and honesty today. I couldn’t be happier for now.....now let’s hope they follow through
  6. No I didn’t, I recently got this new account manager because my other one was so bad so I’m trying to give him a chance to fix it. His supervisor supposedly was going to actually go and look at the coin that they were going to send me before they sent it to make sure it was good but I guess that didn’t happen?? This time they told me that the quality control guy will be doing my exchange personally so I would assume they will send a coin in good condition. Like I said I’ll let you guys know
  7. Just heard back from the mint that they want to do another exchange, I’ll keep you guys posted
  8. Well not so great news. I finally received my replacement coin after having it held up in customs for over a week and......... it has the same problems in the same areas! Not as bad as my previous coin but this is how my coin started and then got worse very quickly. Just sent my contact at the mint an email, I have no idea what they can do now. this is the new coin:
  9. Ryland

    Canadian buyer

    That depends on your budget and what you intend to do with your metal. If you’re trying to save your wealth in something outside of your currency then i’d just buy some maple leafs or bars of both gold and silver, something with a low premium if it’s generic. I personally buy bullion and numismatic coins, but the numismatics I buy are never with the intention to sell, only for pleasure and long term savings that will be passed to my children. Kitco sells some bars made by the RCM that say kitco on the back for small premiums and are very liquid
  10. Ryland

    Canadian buyer

    If I lived in Canada I’d just buy from kitco
  11. So here’s an update, the mint said that it’s some sort of polishing compound left over from polishing the dye. They sent me a prepaid shipping label and I mailed the coin to the mint. They’re going to give me a new one and melt mine down. They said that even though there’s only 100 of them they make a few more for things like this and then after a few years melt them down so there is only 100 in existence. They’re simply going to pull my COA and this new coin will become that number. I’ll let you guys know how the exchange goes.
  12. Also the strange thing is it’s in a capsule that’s in a box that’s in an airtight plastic case! The plastic case has only been opened maybe 4-5 times and the wooden box has been taken out of the box twice. The coin obviously has never been removed from the capsule so I don’t know how this has happened.
  13. Alright guys I’m reviving this thread from almost a year ago because I don’t know what to do. I’m starting to get red spots on my coin!! They’re forming in the deep grooves. I contacted my account manager at the Royal Canadian Mint and he’s going to show them to some production people for advice but what should I do?