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  1. Stdith

    completed 1oz Silver coins bullion condition

    2x Brit & 2x Bit coin. Please
  2. Stdith

    wanted 2013 Luna Snake silver

    Wanted! 2013 Luna snake silver coins. Any size considered but would ideally like a 10oz and 1kg. If you have any you'd like to sell please get in touch.
  3. Stdith

    £250 a month...

    When i say emergency fund I mean it would be the last resort, not my back up funds incase of lack of work, illness etc. I'm drawn towards the Sovs because it gives me something to look forward to and could be liquidated if needs be. Just having funds drop into saving by DD isn't all that exciting.
  4. Stdith

    £250 a month...

    £3,000 per year. Max of £250 per month
  5. Stdith

    £250 a month...

    Hold. It's an emergency fund.
  6. Stdith

    £250 a month...

    £250 a month. What would you do with it? 1, Put in an 5% interest savings account. 2, Buy 1 "Best value" Gold sovereign. 3, Buy Silver at the best deal you can find per month. Interested to know your thoughts.
  7. Stdith

    Today I Received

    5x 2oz 2016 Turtles. Very pleased with the feel of the 2oz coin.
  8. Stdith

    Today I bought.....

    Bought my first sovereigns today. 2018 and a 1930
  9. Stdith

    Kookaburra photo thread...

    1kg, 10oz and 1oz