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  1. silverbeaker

    Silver Forum Bars 100g (2018) - Support the forum and buy some silver!

    @BackyardBullion I had ordered #053 a while ago but it is still listed as available on the website, any issues?
  2. silverbeaker

    Gold Proof Sovereigns

    Being a fair noob to the world of proof sovereigns myself too, i had wondered the same thing. Why would anybody buy direct from the royal mint when seemingly any individual coin can be picked up for much less from bullionbypost etc? There must be people who do but i wonder if these are people that perhaps dont know any better? Out of interest i am looking to pick up a birth year proof sovereign for my daughter and son (2015 & 2018), where, leaning on the experience of the forum would be the best place to buy?
  3. silverbeaker

    Buying gold in the UK

    Sorry to be a buzzkill but i come to this forum to learn about coins, lean on much more experienced members for advice and possibly pick up some gold bargains. I dont come to listen to nonsensical flat earth arguments. Right rant over, please can we get back on topic now.
  4. silverbeaker

    Queens sapphire jubilee gold coin

    I saw the adverts for this and it seemed a bit pricey, i have to say though, i quite like it. I’ll be interested to see if it maintains its premium. Any thoughts from the other silver forum members on this?
  5. silverbeaker

    Something Old something New something Gold

    And me, @Numistackerhas a lot to answer for!!!
  6. silverbeaker

    Something Old something New something Gold

    Wow!! Congrats on a great pickup, can only afford bullion sovereigns at the mo but maybe one day
  7. silverbeaker

    BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Thank you for this, it will at the very least help other people avoid this company.
  8. silverbeaker

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    Adds a bit of excitement so i am game!! ?
  9. silverbeaker

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    Thanks for that, i will most probably go down that route for my next sovereigns
  10. silverbeaker

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    Bringing it back to the sovereigns, does anybody have experience with buying the mixed date sovereigns from Atkinsons? Seems like they are closest to spot
  11. silverbeaker

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    Thanks for that, i wonder how it works with transactions on this forum? I would even go as far as saying that lots of people wouldnt even necessarily know that they had to pay CGT on those transactions.
  12. silverbeaker

    Sovereigns or other gold.....

    CGT question here. When selling your coins, as established already, any profit over and above £11,300 is taxable. Now, my question is how do they know how much you purchased the coins for? And secondly if all your coins were bought over a number of years and essentially “off the books” how would they know to even look in to taxing you? Or are we supposed to declare it, taking in to account the purchase prices of coins potentially bought over a decade say at many different spot prices? Am i missing something?
  13. silverbeaker

    Gold Price & Opinions on this forum

    My plan, for what it is worth is to purely use my gold as a store of wealth. For that reason i am not paying a vast amount of attention to the gold price other than trying to buy low and close to spot. I find it far too easy to spend money that is sitting in the bank, gold for me is there to be looked at for its beauty and to help me and my loved ones along in years to come.
  14. silverbeaker

    2018 Piedfort Sovereign Design

    Question for you as a gold noob trying to gain knowledge.... Is the quite considerable premium for the Piedfort worth it going forward?
  15. silverbeaker

    New to buying gold

    @sovereignsteve cheers for that, but dont put yourself down. I am 100% certain you know more about the subject than me!! Haha. Not planning on being much of a stacker myself unless my financial situation improves drastically, just looking to diversify my assets a bit and buy some beautiful coins along the way. Its a win-win in my book ?