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  1. https://initiativeq.com/invite/HS2xlnxpQ thats my link, all 5 spots free
  2. I see, hadn’t made that connection, do apologise. but yes i think we do agree
  3. @ludo correct me if I am wrong but @Seasider I think you missed the point of the original post. I don’t think this is about actually putting your gold in to a pension, but, as is the case with myself, saving in gold too to add to my savings portfolio come retirement. My plan personally is to save as much as I reasonably can with my pension, I am lucky that my employer will match up to 12% so it is a no brainier really. As well as this save with an ISA, keep a pot of cash in case of emergencies in a generic savings account and also vary the portfolio with a sovereign every month or so, the reason being is that it is a very liquid asset and over time I hope (and believe) it will hold its value better than cash in a standard account. The gold for me isn’t an investment as such and it certainly isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it is a rainy day fund that one day might help to buy cars, fridge freezers, a carpet etc.
  4. Being a fair noob to the world of proof sovereigns myself too, i had wondered the same thing. Why would anybody buy direct from the royal mint when seemingly any individual coin can be picked up for much less from bullionbypost etc? There must be people who do but i wonder if these are people that perhaps dont know any better? Out of interest i am looking to pick up a birth year proof sovereign for my daughter and son (2015 & 2018), where, leaning on the experience of the forum would be the best place to buy?
  5. Sorry to be a buzzkill but i come to this forum to learn about coins, lean on much more experienced members for advice and possibly pick up some gold bargains. I dont come to listen to nonsensical flat earth arguments. Right rant over, please can we get back on topic now.
  6. I saw the adverts for this and it seemed a bit pricey, i have to say though, i quite like it. I’ll be interested to see if it maintains its premium. Any thoughts from the other silver forum members on this?
  7. And me, @Numistackerhas a lot to answer for!!!
  8. Wow!! Congrats on a great pickup, can only afford bullion sovereigns at the mo but maybe one day
  9. Thank you for this, it will at the very least help other people avoid this company.
  10. Adds a bit of excitement so i am game!! ?
  11. Thanks for that, i will most probably go down that route for my next sovereigns
  12. Bringing it back to the sovereigns, does anybody have experience with buying the mixed date sovereigns from Atkinsons? Seems like they are closest to spot
  13. Thanks for that, i wonder how it works with transactions on this forum? I would even go as far as saying that lots of people wouldnt even necessarily know that they had to pay CGT on those transactions.