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  1. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    Those two coins are only humble in terms of cost, They are of fantastic design and nice a weighty in hand.
  2. richatthecroft

    A proper silver bar

    I agree that better to own the real deal in terms of shipwreck gold/silver or historic Pirate/ Roman treasures. But still it’s quite a bit of fun owning even a recast piece of history. Although I have just sold it here on the Forum, that little 10oz SS Gairsoppa Bar when it arrived in the post, facilitated a good 2 hours of conversation with my youngest lad of 17. So much more fulfilling than the occasional grunt I know and love!
  3. richatthecroft

    Hi, I'm new...

  4. richatthecroft

    A proper silver bar

    I would say they would ship it for the asking price they wouldn’t turn that sale down...like @mr-dead says though, I can picture the HMRC man waiting at the port with his clipboard and holding out his hand for the import duty. The crowdfund is an interesting proposition.
  5. richatthecroft

    A proper silver bar

    Around £606 per kilo reasonable for a piece of history.... ...this would make for a marvellous focal point in a large home/office. I would say it’s a bargain for someone
  6. richatthecroft

    Libertad Silver Proof and BU mintages out 2018 (?)

    Wow. It would be quite a coup for someone to get their mitts on that set, but there again, owning any set of any year would provide a warm glow.
  7. richatthecroft

    Libertad Silver Proof and BU mintages out 2018 (?)

    I’m sure this is a popular resource of Libertad, but here it is in any case: http://donbailey-mexico.com/libertad_mintages.shtml
  8. richatthecroft

    completed 1993 britannia proof 1/10

    Nice deal, beautiful coins those little Britannia and such low mintage.
  9. richatthecroft

    for sale Premium & Proof Silver

    I have for sale some Premium and Proof Silver. Please feel free to make offers. If you require more photos/ information, give me a shout via PM. Prices plus postage. Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal f&f. Falkland Islands 2017 ‘Britannia Rules The Waves (Error) Coin £50 2015 Britannia £50 Coin in RM Packaging £40 2013 Libertad Proof Set 1oz-1/2oz-1/4oz £90 WWII Shipwreck Silver from SS Gairsoppa 10oz Bar all in nice condition in Box with COA and booklet telling the story, also the original receipt £325. SOLD 2018 Proof Coca Cola Coin £30
  10. richatthecroft

    Starting out.

    Unfortunately this phenomenon does happen on fine gold but not as prevalent as 22k. Here’s an article that discusses red spot: https://taxfreegold.co.uk/redspotsongoldcoins.html
  11. richatthecroft

    for sale Premium & Proof Silver

    Prices reduced
  12. richatthecroft

    Hi I’m stephen

    Hi Stephen. Welcome. Britannia coins are a good starting point.
  13. richatthecroft

    July 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Nice one @Auricsstash
  14. I have for sale Silver Bars, a Silver Round and a Silver Square: If you require further photo’s or information give me a shout via PM. Payment by either Bank Transfer or PayPal f&f. Prices plus postage of buyers choice. 2oz SilverStan .999 Silver Bar Numbered 36. £35 5.5oz Backyard Bullion ‘Giant Ripple Bar’ Hallmarked and with COA = £90 11oz Backyard Bullion ‘Giant Ripple Round’ Hallmarked and with COA = £175 1.24oz Backyard Bullion ‘Baby Ripple Round’ Hallmarked with COA= £23 1kg Perth Mint Bar £455
  15. richatthecroft


    Those 10oz coins are absolutely fantastic in hand, good choice.
  16. richatthecroft


    Nice. Keep up the good work, a series of 10 takes a fair bit of tenacity and resources.
  17. richatthecroft

    New to The Siver Forum

    Hi and welcome to the Forum
  18. More items added and price changes
  19. richatthecroft

    for sale Premium & Proof Silver

    SS Gairsoppa Bar Sold- Thank you
  20. richatthecroft

    Hello folks!

    Hi And welcome to the Forum
  21. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    All 10 of the Griffin’s. I would love to take the pair of 1oz Gold Lion’s he has listed currently 😉
  22. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    Just got in from work to another 20oz of the shiny stuff, again courtesy of @kneehow2018.
  23. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    All hail the latest release in the Provident Egyptian God series- Khnum. With thanks Thanks to Lee at: https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/product-page/khnum-2-oz-ultra-high-relief-silver-round-egyptian-gods
  24. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    20oz of the shiny stuff. Thanks @kneehow2018
  25. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    ...Your doomed, doomed, I tell you...