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  1. Libertad Mintages: http://donbailey-mexico.com/libertad_mintages.shtml
  2. Libertads, both Gold and Silver can have some pretty crazy low mintage figures. The year previous to your little beauty, the 2017 Bullion 1/4oz Gold had a mintage of just 500 and the 1/10 Bullion just 300.
  3. Hi All, Before starting a wider search, I am seeking an example of each of the following Half Sovereigns either raw or graded- if graded, PCGS preferably. The grade of the Half, raw or otherwise not too important, neither is where it was minted, just a nice example of each. Victoria First Portrait 1838 onward Victoria Type 2 Portrait 1871 onward Victoria Jubilee Head 1887 onward Victoria Old Head 1893 onward Thank you.
  4. If you still have it, I would like this half please
  5. Another duo of pocket money priced eBay Silver Proof £1 pickups. And thank you @Marc for the efforts you put in to ship all the way from Japan, the accompanying original box of the 1966 Rhodesian Ten Shillings coin- very much appreciated.
  6. 50% OFF Nations of the Crown £1 Silver Proof at The Royal Mint USING THIS CODE: The Sherlock Holmes Silver Proof 50p was back in stock, so following my dithering yesterday of the 50p I just bought the pair- £92.50 as an aggregate buy for the pair isn’t bad at all!!
  7. I agree with this statement...I see you have 'bought some' and I wish you luck with the investments you have made. This Sherlock coin might well go on to do well- who knows, but time will tell. Like all investments there is the potential risk of losing a lot of cash, or perhaps making a bit, it's a gamble. I remember reading an article, I think on the Chards 'old' website but unfortunately, I can't provide a link to it, despite my best efforts to search for it, but it related to the release in 1989 of the Sovereign. The article cited that at the time, this now highly sought after Sovereign was not initially popular and the Royal Mint found it very difficult to sell them and were only eventually sold out after being discounted by them and the dealers. There has been much criticism of these 50p releases and there's many, many differing viewpoints- particularly if there is high demand for them, this then prompts page upon page of commentary here on the Forum. One aspect of the commentary which always makes me smile is the debate surrounding 'flippers' of the recent 'popular' Royal Mint releases. I have refrained from putting forward my viewpoint before, as 'flipping' one of these 50p's is often a tetchy and emotive subject, but given this Sherlock 50p is a somewhat low key release and given there appears to be no hype, even here on the Forum which is a captive audience of people with plenty of experience and exposure to investing in PM's- I feel comfortable making this point in the form of two questions: Are we not all eventual flippers (all of us, bar none. We can't take these coins with us upon our demise!)? And does it matter if someone only holds on to an investment for a minimal amount of time and then quickly flipping for profit? My view is that its absolutely fine to flip soon after purchase, or similarly keep for infinitum, each to their own- people who flip (or to reframe this, people who liquidate their investment) have gambled with their hard earned cash and being exposed to the risk associated with the gamble they have made- best of luck to them. Statements like 'it's a flop' simply because they have not sold out within an hour or so might well prove to be inaccurate, as per the 1989 Sovereign scenario cited above. Anyone else have a view?
  8. Pretty standard- it covers them and the mint can cancel your order as per their t&c’s.
  9. I’m not too keen of this design, probably why I couldn’t make my mind up on the Gold, despite its very low 400 mintage- so I left it- by 0615 ish it went from ‘In Stock’ to ‘Awaiting Stock’. I would urge people to buy this one- I haven’t so it’s bound to do extremely well both short and long term 😂 Because of the cryptic launch, I don’t think the Silver and Silver Piedfort will sell out too quickly despite reasonably low mintages of 6000 & 2500 respectively.
  10. Here’s the source- refers to individual coins https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces14388.html https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces14389.html
  11. Mintage for Sovereign 10,535 and 2 Sovereign 2,000.
  12. Yes, same coins as the 5 coin set. I guess they would do very well if graded- but I’m not sure I would grade Silver Libs unless a key year date. The bullion Kilo is limited to 200 mintage, the Kilo Proof- like 500.
  13. I waited with all the impatience of an expectant father for these fantastic Libertads to arrive from Belgium- and only had to wait a short while! Thanks to@PolarPanda for sending them safely and securely. I now have knocking on 90oz of Silver Libertads from the 2017 year date.
  14. eBay pickups- another Silver £1 and a bullion Lib and from @kneehow2018 another Russian 5oz coin and a Griffin.
  15. Thanks @arshimo2012 for these two QB’s. And two eBay pick ups- a nice 1979 México Onza and another of those pesky little Silver £1 coins to make for filling a 10 year date run- nice little coins these at pocket money prices.
  16. Check your junk mail folder? - I've just dragged a couple of important emails from mine- one of which from the European Mint!
  17. richatthecroft

    How Low

    Go with your gut feeling- nice low average you have there 😉 Personally, after several months of accumulating Gold- I’m now back to buying Silver. I hasten to add that I’m not one of those who pays much attention to the premium I pay- I just buy what I like and judge that what I buy will attract growth in value over time. Stacking as close to spot as possible is not the only way forward in terms of PM investing.