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  1. I can hear the sound of the hammer cracking open that Una 69 slab...
  2. Well done in having the balls to buy in the first place. I've done some thinking on this as I did consider buying myself- but didn’t have the balls on the day... I would sell. Say it achieved £20k- I would have immediately payed back the £4k initial cost (at the time of release, I would have had to buy on a CC in the first instance). I would then put away around £5250 to have the cash to potentially buy the next in the series- (no guarantees of getting one- but just in case- in order to rinse and repeat the above)- the £5250 would be for the £4k outlay for the next one and a £1225 buffer in case it bombed on the secondary market. So, £10750 left. I would invest £3600 in good old bullion coins- likely Sovereigns. £3150 to enhance my Libertad collection- probably buying from the Banco de México 2020 releases. That would leave £4000 to do some short term speculating- buying and reselling from the either the secondary market/Mexican Mint releases/ RM releases. And then it would be time to do all the above again and dig out the £5250 for the next in The Great Engravers Series. Rinse and Repeat. Now back to sleep to do some more dreaming😉
  3. You are not making it any easier to part with Karl- the more I think about it, the more I believe I should be keeping it...
  4. ***Sunday offer- £325 Posted*** 2012 Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Half Sovereign PCGS PR70 DCAM £335 Posted SD Beautiful Half Sovereign
  5. I went to the York Coin Fair yesterday and the Royal Mint had a stall. I managed to blag a nice softcover book out of them of the Una & The Lion. Nice photos and informative.
  6. 2017 The 200th Anniversary of the Sovereign Strike on the Day BU NGC MS70DPL £850 Beautiful Sovereign with a nice low COA of 73 Extremely tatty presentation case & box included. I would consider a trade for 1/4; 1/2 or 1 Onza Gold Libertad(s) cash either way. Price plus postage.
  7. Thanks @silverroller for the Gold & Silver Libertads. I still would like to acquire Silver Libertad 5 coin sets in the following year dates- 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2016 if anyone wishes to part with them. My wife says thank you to @ilovesilverireallydo For the jewellery.
  8. richatthecroft

    Worth grading ?

    Difficult from a photo but regardless of the grade- it’s a nice example. My favourite portrait of Her Majesty. I always think it was a pity they were never struck in Proof at a greater volume- a major, major lottery win would see me hunting out one of the very few Proofs struck.
  9. It would be expensive for the bullion 10oz but this is a Proof 10oz coin... I can’t find the original Red Dragon 10oz proof on the RM website but the latest one in this finish and denomination is £795
  10. I’m not sure that these 10oz Queen’s Beasts Silver Proof coins have a big following or much interest here- but GS.be have a slabbed 10oz Dragon for just over £300 (from memory these cost around £800 from the RM?) £30 an ounce is bullion price territory for the QB’s. https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/2875-brexit-sale-uk-10-oz-silver-red-dragon-of-wales-2018-proof-10-ngc-pf69-ultra-cameo.html
  11. @Jamesd- thanks for the heads up but I already have this beautiful set. Good luck with the sale @silverroller- nice set and great price too.