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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Big Silver Bars, interesting Silver Bars & Gold Coins, chiefly Sovereigns and Britannia

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  1. richatthecroft

    New member from Durham England

    Welcome. It would be great to see some of your recycled/ panned Gold
  2. richatthecroft

    Security when buying in person

    ...and getting caught out with the shortcuts...then rinse and repeat- extra guard duties, lugging weapons......
  3. richatthecroft

    Security when buying in person

    Ha! Snap. And after lugging them, having to clean the flaming things. Nothing worse than scraping carbon following putting a gross of rounds down the range on a freezing cold day.
  4. richatthecroft

    Today I Received.....

    Fantastic progress @Sparky and achieved in only 6 months, well done.
  5. Provident Metals 2oz Egyptian Gods Series High Relief Rounds These are the set of the first 4 released: Cleopatra, Anubis, Sobek & Khnum. I would like to sell together as a set: £190 Posted Special Delivery. Payment by PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer Please.
  6. richatthecroft

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Well that went quick- hope your on commission JB!
  7. richatthecroft

    for sale 100g BYB Silver Forum & Logo Bars

    Prices plus postage of buyers choice & risk. Payment by either PayPal f&f or Bank Transfer please. 100g 2017 BYB The Silver Forum Bar Serial No. 107: £73 100g 2018 BYB The Silver Forum Bar Serial No. 100 of 150 mintage: £73 100g 2018 BYB ‘Logo’ Bar, Antiqued Finish Serial No. 22 of 25 mintage: £73
  8. richatthecroft

    50 years of 50p sets

    Fits with my watch list on the Cupro-nickel £90 set
  9. richatthecroft

    50 years of 50p sets

    Agreed. But very interesting to watch the madness play out.
  10. richatthecroft

    Lets talk watches!

    Nice one, I’ll take a closer look at it, can you recommend a site?
  11. richatthecroft

    Lets talk watches!

    Nice watch that Seiko @Madstacks. Good deal?
  12. richatthecroft

    50 years of 50p sets

    I’ve started to watch eBay auctions conclude, only started monitoring them today. Here’s the prices the first x3 of the £90 sets achieved today, there’s another couple of auctions ending in the next 7 hours or so.
  13. richatthecroft

    Today I Received.....

    Then it could be argued I paid a high price- but my research pointed to it being reasonable for an increasingly popular Sovereign year date and Mintmark, albeit not a particularly difficult to source coin. There’s only just over 100 more Graded higher at both PCGS & NGC combined- but I’m sure if some further coins were submitted, which there likely will be, then chances are the population higher will increase. I’ll buy every ‘high grade’ 1918i Sovereign you can find me at £280 😉
  14. richatthecroft

    Fractional gold

    They do of course still continue to contain the same fine weight of Gold as a .999(9) Gold Coin- say a newer Britannia, Somalia Elephant, Libertad so on and so forth- your not getting short changed in any way- it’s down to personal preference of design, colour, strike etc. Here’s an example of the specification of a 1oz Krugerrand and the specification of a newer Britannia- you’ll notice the Krugs overall weight is heavier to account for the alloy it contains but the fine weight remains equal to the Britannia
  15. richatthecroft

    Today I Received.....

    I think I must have struck it lucky, perhaps they were having a day off?