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  1. Presumably Gold coins you are talking about?
  2. Agree with @Bullionbilly fab keepsake- I look forward to receiving mine- cheers Lee.
  3. Thanks. No, I'm sure they will be very nice, but I've just got in from work and tired out so will have a good look at them when I'm less tired.
  4. An eBay Fractional Libertad pick up, another thanks to @fiveshotdon for the Half Sovereigns and Silver & Silver Piedfort 50p’s from the Mint.
  5. And counting... I understand this is completely off topic but I'm still getting my head around the vote last night alerting the EU to the fact that we are at their complete mercy in terms of any further negotiations, them knowing explicitly that we won't leave without a mutual agreement. I learnt around 50 years ago, when I was a very small child, that negotiations don't always result in a deal. Am I missing something?
  6. Arrived today- recent eBay pick ups, and coins from @fiveshotdon & @arshimo2012. The 2012 Half was purchased on behalf of a Forum member who lives outside of the UK but he has kindly agreed to swap it with me for my NGC Graded Half- I now have all this Sovereign year date PCGS graded. The 2002 Double in time, will be going off for conservation & grading as it has fingerprint marks.
  7. Look no further than here @arshimo2012 had these 9 on Monday:
  8. I think your right Steve, in this case, on its own the Acetone method would not be sufficient. Thanks for the advice on the copper and bronze.
  9. I've dunked a few older .958 Britannia coins using the baking soda and foil method but inconsistent results.
  10. I recently purchased at a local auction house this 1937 Specimen Set of coins. Prior to purchase I viewed the set and decided I would have a go at it on the big day. I viewed 2 days prior to the sale. Although my short term memory is bound to be impaired, I'm the wrong side of 50 years of age, but it is pretty clear having inspected them post purchase, that these coins were handled by other prospective punters, as there are obvious signs, and clearly some people didn't take much care as they fondled them- I would particularly like to thank the man by throttling him, who clearly decided to have a closer look at the set following his greasy Hot Dog snack he enjoyed in the sale rooms in-house cafe. Oh the joys of buying at auction. I would like to have this set restored/ conserved. I acknowledge its not a rare set or it have masses of value, but it is a set I would like to cherish for years to come- I will, at some point in the future- and I speak with optimism here- eventually be the proud owner of a 1937 Sovereign set- so this will be a nice companion set. Now many would say, leave them as they are- I'm a great believer in not cleaning coins and in fact in my opinion, there's nothing better than seeing a nicely toned old coin and some coins with nice toning have value added both monetary and aesthetically when a coin presents with a nice patina- but greasy fingerprint residue can in time, cause long lasting damage to a coin that might well be unsightly. Now, I could always send to NGC- but I don't wish to grade them and its an expensive option, or I'm sure I could find somewhere in the UK who will do the work or I'm sure there will be a reasonably local coin dealer who will undertake this work. I'm also more than capable of searching the internet and following instructions so I could have a bash at it myself- the Acetone bath tub has been suggested here before, to clean proof coins up. I'm wondering what Forum members suggest? Or better still- perhaps a Forum member feels confident enough and has experience in restoring coins and would like to undertake this job? I look forward to hearing some suggestions and until such time, I shall put the wire wool and soap away. Thanks in advance.
  11. Keep checking eBay or put up a 'wanted' here on the Forum. I guess you have acquired a graded coin or bought one in a capsule and wish to make your coin 'complete' therefore, be prepared to pay for it. There's no guide price, you can sometimes buy boxes and certs for a specific coin cheaply on a good day, and they can also be listed for a lot of cash- a good example of an inordinate price would be a box and cert for the 1989 Sovereign! Check this out on eBay item number: 283396754537 It might take a bit of patience, but I'm sure you'll get one in the end.
  12. Not a massive rareity but these 2016 Sovereigns might be of interest to someone. From memory, a low mintage year date. https://www.chards.co.uk/2016-gold-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-unc-london/320
  13. I guess anyone who invests (in any commodity) has the motivation to do so to attempt to make profit at some point down the line. Whether it be profiting by simply enjoying owning a coin, in terms of preserving wealth and saving for a rainy day, to cash out quickly and make a few quid in a short space of time, to pass wealth on to their children or collectors buying to sell on to further their collection - I guess I could go on, and on and on- there will be thousands of individual reasons why people hold/buy/sell coins. Whatever floats their boat, each to their own and all that, I guess ultimately, any commodity is only worth what people are prepared to pay and coin collecting is no different to any other form of collecting/investment decisions- the only thing that is common is risk of losses is always present.