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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Big Silver Bars, interesting Silver Bars & Gold Coins, chiefly Sovereigns and Britannia

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  1. richatthecroft

    Silver Deals.....

    Noticed these today, look like a bargain for someone at under £35 each: https://ejpbullion.com/product/1-oz-antique-norse-god-series-odin-silver-999-coa/
  2. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    Many hours of drudge and misery doing overtime, much reorganisation of my stack and lots of flipping of coins and bars have resultantly, led me to warmly receive these keepers. Thank you to all who have helped me on my way... to finally come out, as a collector!
  3. richatthecroft

    Small dent on silver bars.

    Nice dimple 😉 Imperfections make for an interesting Bar. Now bring on the toning!
  4. If they came back into stock at Chards, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that price.
  5. richatthecroft

    for sale Umicore Bars

    500g Bar Sold 250g Reduced in price
  6. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    Now that is a mighty fine coin, thank you for sharing.
  7. richatthecroft

    for sale Gold Proof 1/10th Britannia all Boxed with COA

    I’ll PM you
  8. I have for sale a nice little date run of Gold Proof 1/10th Britannia All Boxed with COA £139 each incl. First Class Signed For Postage Discount for 2 plus coins. 2001 Sold 2002 2003 Sold 2004 2005 Sold 2006 Miniscule mintages on these coins. @Numistacker has covered these coins on his YouTube channel. I believe the last 3 remaining have the lowest mintage.
  9. richatthecroft

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    Brits & Sovs plus Libs, Krug’s & QB’s
  10. Prefer to sell these in one lot. These are extremely elusive Rounds to find here in the UK Provident Metals Egyptian Series- All Four 2oz Ultra High Relief Rounds so far. Cleopatra Anubis Sobek Khnum £240 posted Special Delivery
  11. richatthecroft

    completed 2 x Scottsdale 5oz Prey Silver bars

    Trusted seller. I have bought from @fiveshotdon Silver is silver receipt or not.
  12. richatthecroft

    completed 2012 Anniversary Sovereign

    2017 Proof Sold, thank you.
  13. richatthecroft

    completed 2012 Anniversary Sovereign

    Prior to eBay, fair warning on these two Sovereigns. 2012 Sovereign £237 posted Special Delivery (saving on HGM price with postage) Sold 2017 200th Anniversary of the First Modern Sovereign £310 Posted Special Delivery.SOLD
  14. richatthecroft

    for sale Umicore Bars

    250g Umicore Bar £130 500g Umicore Bar £253 SOLD Plus postage of buyers choice and risk.