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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Big Silver Bars, interesting Silver Bars & Gold Coins, chiefly Sovereigns and Britannia

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  1. richatthecroft

    for sale BYB 11oz Giant Ripple Round & Baby Ripple Square

    No shame, just an attempt to release some funds in anticipation of BYB Bars that will be released later this year that will be more in keeping with the bulk of my BYB Silver stack- rectangular Bars 100g+ 😉
  2. richatthecroft

    New member from Sweden

    Hello and welcome
  3. richatthecroft

    wanted Privateer rounds - The Whale & Davy Jones

    Here's a link to Anubis: https://www.sarniasilver.com/store/product-details.php?page=home&product=anubis-matt-finish-and-reverse-is-not-flipped-seconds I've used Sarnia before, no problems.
  4. richatthecroft

    Hello from NE England

    Hiya mate, The Provident Metals Egyptian Gods 2oz’ers are fab, check them out.
  5. richatthecroft

    Hello Silver Forum, Newbie Here :)

    Welcome to the Forum
  6. Re-adjusting my Silver stack. I have for sale: 11oz Backyard Bullion ‘Giant Ripple Round’ Hallmarked and with COA = £189 posted Special Delivery. 1.24oz Backyard Bullion ‘Baby Ripple Round’ Hallmarked with COA= £23.50 posted First Class.
  7. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    Thanks @shawy2510 for this Perth Mint big boy.
  8. richatthecroft

    New to the silver forum!

  9. richatthecroft

    Today I Received

    Little & Large! Thank you to both @arshimo2012 and to@BackyardBullion for these fantastic Silver Bars. Both have beautifully defined ripples resultant of the pouring process, stunning. Silver porn...a closer look at the ripples. Also thanks to BYB for organising yet another successful Group Order. Here’s my share.
  10. richatthecroft

    Today I bought (Non PM).....

    Maybe a soup starter sir?
  11. richatthecroft

    Today I bought (Non PM).....

    Maybe you need some of this to spice them up
  12. richatthecroft


    265oz or 8242g.
  13. richatthecroft

    Hellooo from New Jersey, USA!! :)