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    Modern Half Sovereigns, Special design sets of Sovereigns & key date Sovereigns as well as Gold & Silver Libertads

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  1. Think I must be missing something- I’ve searched around to see what I’ve missed but can only conclude that a thread and or posts have been removed? George Orwell, 1984 Night all.
  2. Wish we still had local post offices. I missed this coin but no second chances around here due to the closing of the PO’s
  3. Thanks @kneehow2018. Nice bar is the Britannia bar. And thank you @onlyroadtoheaven for the bright and shiny Sovereigns. I do like the commemorative Privy mark.
  4. Nice opportunity for someone here to acquire two beautiful coins at a very reasonable price and you can rest assured that @kneehow2018 will get them delivered to you quickly and extremely well packaged. nb: I still think you should keep the 2017 😉
  5. Nice overview of the Boulby mine here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boulby_Mine And also a nice overview of Sirius Minerals Woodsmith Site can be found in the article below. In the article, there’s a fair bit of detail about the mineral transport tunnel- this method of transporting the Polyhalite through a 20 odd mile tunnel North, up to Tees-port is outlined. My understanding/ research of Sirius’ difficulties are that they are resultant of the set up costs of this extremely technically challenging and clearly, very costly tunneling project however, without this method of shifting the Polyhalite (and byproducts) up the road, the planners would never have provided planning permission to Sirius, if heavy haulage was the solution to moving it. So unfortunately, this mammoth tunneling project, are key to the projects existence. Essentially, the mine being inside the North Yorkshire National Park is its costly downfall. Boulby hasn’t required to be environmentally friendly, the project commenced in a different age environmentally, and being 10 or 15 miles or so North of Whitby, and not as scenic and crucially, not in a protected National Park, it continues to be more acceptable, to transport its minerals above ground. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodsmith_Mine If this project can get sufficient funding to get over this infrastructure hurdle, there will be a very slick operation in place to mine and transport this lucrative mineral extremely efficiently. None of my ramblings above constitute investment advice. Please do your own research.
  6. £160 including signed for Postage. Supplied in Saflip.
  7. How good is your willpower? £287 posted Special Delivery for all three (or exchange for a nice condition Bullion Sovereign).
  8. I bought Sirius quite some time ago- sold my holding and reinvested the small profit I made. I live fairly local to these two very expensive holes in the ground. Sentiment and anticipation of well paid and importantly, skilled employment on the horizon has driven enthusiasm to invest from the locals. Coupled with the fact that just up the road at Boulby, there is a well established Potash mine that's existed for several decades, that employs a lot of people. It commenced Polyhalite extraction several years ago- the mineral that Sirius is hunting. The Boulby mine extends many, many miles under the sea and there's over 500 miles of tunnel. It's one of the deepest mines in the world- acquaintances who work there, have described pretty hellish conditions, including extreme heat. Several generations of families have been employed at Boulby, and I guess when you have spent your working life down there, digging what seems to be an endless supply of this mineral, then this has led to the unsophisticated investments you spoke of. Also, workers were anticipating that the new modern mining practices would lead to better conditions at the new mine. I feel really sorry for these naive investors- and the community- underground there is the worlds largest deposit of this mineral- even the by-products are valuable- Rock Salt for the roads in winter for example. Let's hope that it will get financed and it eventually starts producing and provide some good quality well paid jobs.
  9. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo. The Tiffany & Co. Charm is a fair lump of Silver- 50p for scale. I think my Wife will need to go for some weight training when this gets attached to her bracelet.
  10. Congratulations on the new arrival- fabulous news, best wishes to you and your family. Impressive Gold set the 2 to 50 Pesos- fabulous investment. I have some Mexican Gold- all weights 1/20th through to the 1onza, Proof 5 coin 2017 Libertad 'set'. All bought individually from the Forum- the 1/20th, 1/10th and 1/4 all NGC PF70, the 1/2 Onza is a PF69- bought as a 69, but I'm considering sending it back to NGC for conservation and re-grade as it looks fabulous except some detritus on the surface of the coin. My fingers are crossed as my Onza is in for grading currently.
  11. Thanks @CookieMonster for these five Inaugural year date modern Libertads.
  12. I guess @Pampfan will be trying for a Britannia in the NGC holder.