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    Modern Half Sovereigns, Special design sets of Sovereigns & key date Sovereigns as well as Gold & Silver Libertads

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  1. 2007 Proof Double Sovereign in Royal Mint capsule. £558 plus subsidised Special Delivery Postage @ £3.30
  2. Arrived today with a gift too- Cheers @Nick1368. I’m sure that Fox will enjoy his treats!
  3. richatthecroft

    Import charges

    Hi @Xander. I always list my coins to ship worldwide but will only do so using the Global Shipping Programme (GSP) despite me knowing full well that the poor old buyer will have a ridiculous chunk of postage added on. The reason is to protect myself, once the item gets to the GSP depot in Lichfield, my liability as a seller ends- I don’t have any worries if the item doesn’t reach the buyer, eBay/ their shipping agent shoulder the claim- in apparently all cases for example, I sold an item to a buyer in the USA and they had used a credit card Fraudulently and again, I had no liability and the payment I received was not even put on hold. Ebay is the Wild West- for sellers, buyers have all the protection they need in the majority of cases. Like @AppleZippoandMetronome Says, I would contact the seller and ask if he could send you an invoice with direct postage from him- he can then do a risk assessment of you based on past feedback/ your interaction with him etc. etc. And he might well oblige- I do if I’m reasonably satisfied of the buyer- or perhaps ask to cancel the order. Don’t also expect a 5 star service from eBay’s shipping partner under GSP if you do go ahead. I shipped an expensive coin to Germany and the buyer told me he came home to find it on top of his wheelie bin! To summarise- I know it’s a rip off and makes my items uncompetitive at times however, GSP affords me protection as long as it reaches their depot. Unfortunately, not all of us who use eBay are decent, it’s tiring hearing from ‘dave1234’ by eBay message asking ‘ere mate, have you shipped the coin yet- and when you track it, it’s already signed by ‘Dave’....some people want their cake and eat it, and then take another lump...
  4. Nice Proofs in return? 😃 You are right though, these look great lined up together...
  5. Always nice to buy from the Forum, better still to trade coins with each other and best of all is doing the above face to face. Nice meeting up with you today@1817SovereignCollector.
  6. Yes, eBay. Pleased you didn’t bid too! Competition was tough enough 😉
  7. Satisfying my appetite for Libertads further, and doing my spreadsheet no favours at all, I managed to pick these little beauties up. The 1992 & ‘94 sets are toning nicely in true ‘treasure coin’ fashion. It’s going to be an effort getting off my backside to do any jobs my wife has left me to do this afternoon- even the potential wrath of an angry women might not prevent me squandering the remainder of the afternoon ogling them.
  8. I'm friendly with a lady who works behind the counter at our local post office. She told me that she rarely sees them either- she's only aware of one full bag of 'P's' she gave out to a shopkeeper for change, and she said very infrequently one or two drip over her counter- its a fairly busy Market Town Post Office.