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  1. Maybe buy 3M- I think Trump has ‘Great Company, no fantastic Company by the way’
  2. On a brighter note, I like the handy free supply of postcards I have built up from their junk mail 😉
  3. If I had received either of these coins being talked about I would be disappointed 😔 Best place for them is the melting pot. I guess we’re all different and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder 😉
  4. Surely it couldn’t be a Sovereign in this scenario?
  5. I think most Sovereign enthusiasts are looking forward to an absence of a special or anniversary editions.
  6. Great deal- not in stock now- they’ll make a great present or sling them onto the stack 👍
  7. Cheers @Tozer- 2x Tubes x25 Silver Libertads
  8. Welcome Elio, the Forum is a great place to further your knowledge and to buy & sell coins.
  9. Queen’s Beasts. I have the first four of the 10oz Silver Beasts, for sale. The coins are all in excellent condition with no milk spots or tarnish- if you require further photographs then please don’t hesitate to ask. I have taken x3 photos of each coin- the third of each a close up of the Queen’s face- the most vulnerable and susceptible to scuffing. The capsules have done their job and protected these fine coins but themselves have some scuffing and scratches. £1295 for all four, or individually: 10oz Lion of England £395 10oz Griffin Of Edward £385 10oz Red Dragon of Wales £285 10oz Unicorn Of Scotland £270 Prices are plus postage of buyers choice. Lion of England Griffin Of Edward Red Dragon Of Wales Unicorn of Scotland
  10. Windsor Sixpence Set- this would make a lovely Gift. £35 posted First Signed
  11. The 001 COA is fantastic- I bet the coin in hand looks fabulous too- great purchase.
  12. I'm sure it'll be a very nice coin but its a terrible photo! Of note- you have a 001 COA- this would normally be a sought after thing to have for some collectors however, In this coins case, I guess 007 will be the COA that'll attract lots of interest.
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