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  1. 1Kg of Belgium’s finest Silver No packaging- just a good, honest lump of Silver. £500 posted Special Delivery.
  2. Ha! Just thanking people for posting on a thread I started.
  3. https://thesilverforum.com/premium-member-package/
  4. Ha! Sorry, I’m too much of a cheapskate to up my subscription- so I have run out of reactions but here’s what I would have posted- 😂
  5. Received from ATS Bullion today a Peruvian 10 Diez Soles- nice coin- a bit bigger than a half Sovereign .900 Gross Weight 4.607g- bought at Spot (it was marked up at +40%) due to a Chilean 50 Pesos arriving with a defect- great customer service.
  6. When you do purchase I’m sure you won’t be disappointed- great service, postage bundled into price, great packaging and chocolate. @Abyss has recently had a very pleasant experience too- a very nice condition 2009 1oz Gold Britannia at +2%. whoops- he posted this above!
  7. Thanks for the response- The small premium really is immaterial for me- I expected a complete coin, sans hole. The galling thing for me too was that there were others in stock
  8. Thanks to all who provided advice. @BackyardBullion summed up the Chilean 100 Pesos I received succinctly- it really is a 'dog of a coin'- but to remind everyone, and to provide balance- I also received in the same delivery a very nice example of a 2017 Gold 1/2 Onza Libertad of which I am happy with. Also to add, delivery from Germany within 60 hours UPS and site and process of ordering very easy. The dealer was Coininvest.com I contacted them today and spoke to the guy in sales who I have been in communication with. I explained I would buy another Chilean 100 Pesos they have in stock, but I would firstly like to have a photo of the coin I was to receive before placing the order, and it be put to one side. I accepted the free shipping offer. He said he would get back to me: Unfortunately, no photo, just a warehouseman's reassurance that the coins in stock are in 'good condition'. I won't be buying on the strength of this appraisal- I guess the same staff picked out the first. I have let them know by email and have asked them if the free shipping offer will be available to me to use in the future- I can always think long and hard prior to buying again from them. The whole point of this thread was to highlight customer service and not to disparage a company or perform any kind of character assassination of any employees, I do hope it hasn't come across this way. I think I was extremely unlucky in receiving two substandard coins out of four ordered. In terms of Customer service, ATS Bullion- they listened to my complaint, acknowledged and took responsibility for supplying the sub-standard product and made swift resolution- a simple process. Of course I will be buying again- in fact I already have. Coininvest- I don't feel listened to and I don't think there resolution was acceptable- the point wasn't about free shipping- they needed to offer reassurance that the replacement would be an adequate one, and unfortunately they failed to do so. I won't be buying. Prior to posting this thread, and as stated above, my thoughts were to hold the coin and wait for a rise in Spot Price and sell at melt price- this is what I will do- many of you advised the same. Thank you
  9. Thanks- they are valuable 2 Cents- thanks for getting back to me. This 'simple return' would be my preferred option- but their T&C's don't look favourable- this is why I asked for an exchange (least worse option). If the dealer was UK based (I'm in the UK) then I would have no qualms- It would be in the post already- insured for £6.60- but they have already stated the return is at my cost- fine- but I cannot insure the package- there is no insured UK to EU postal options for anything shiny- Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Banknotes & 'Valuables'- but I shall ask if they would cover it under their Insurance arrangements- this might give me some confidence. I'll let everyone know how I get on/what I decide.
  10. I will be doing so once I have reached a conclusion to the matter. They have now acknowledged it as 'damaged', perhaps some leverage here? Sending it in for melting is still an option- and likely my preferred option, once an adequate price rise has taken place. Unfortunately, I think it would be a waste of ink in terms of writing to them and threatening them isn't going to gain any leverage- they have offered to replace- and that to be fair was my request to them, but it doesn't sound like they are offering any reassurance in terms of any replacement being of acceptable quality, like Steve says, '2% Premium is bog standard bullion'- but I'm sure this coin being in their inventory is likely a mistake- they likely didn't knowingly sell this coin- but clearly their quality control isn't at the top of their list. I guess if another person was dealing with my complaint, the response might have been more positive- I'll never know- unless I speak to someone higher up- in the email response, the guy says that he had 'just spoken to my Director'- tomorrow I will ask to speak to the 'Director'.
  11. Makes sense- but if you take a look at the last response sent to me by email at around 5pm today, there have been no promises or even reassurances made in terms of the condition of any replacement- the free shipping is of course welcome- a 2% premium on this coin is extremely good, particularly this side of the Atlantic. As I say above, I need to respond to their 'offer'- I still haven't made my mind up of what I will do. I absolutely agree- but it wasn't described as being 'low grade'- but the age old adage of 'if its too good to be true, it usually is' should be considered however, I would bet there are many, many more tales of people making some acceptable and also, very lucrative purchases from dealers at 2- 3% above Spot than those receiving poor quality coins... Definitely poor service- but mistakes are inevitable for all of us- but to initially state the above in their initial email response was simply crass- but clearly they are getting by, despite this poor service. I only have very limited experience with dealers and up to this experience, I always saw a dealer as being a reasonably safe bet.
  12. I think the question you ask is extremely complicated. There won't be a definitive answer- but there will be a myriad of explanations all tangled together.
  13. Those dated 1947 are restrikes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centenario My two look very comfortable together 😉 Like BYB says, I guess it depends on strategy in terms of loading up- if you're in it for the long term then perhaps its immaterial when you buy- just keep buying when funds/opportunities allow. It would be crazy for me not to concede that buying at the lowest price possible isn't a good idea- but in the absence of a crystal ball- or always thinking there will be a better price around the corner, will consign a person to perhaps never buy.
  14. 😂 Yes- it was such a low premium- if it had simply being intact I would have been happy. I will name the dealer- but I think it only fair to conclude the matter first- who knows, my complaint might get escalated and a MS64 example might be winging its way to me. I'm told it's good for your well being to be optimistic. 😉
  15. Thanks for the response- I'm pretty certain they won't want the hassle- the person I spoke to told me on the phone 'it's in the warehouse, it was their problem, 'not ours'' (in sales dept.)! Thanks Stu I'm leaning toward this outcome, its annoying, but not a disaster. What is a disaster is their lack of Customer Service and more importantly (for them), their lack of foresight that I might well have bought again, and again from them.... I think you are right James, but I think any replacement couldn't get worse than this coin. I don't know who is worse, them selling it in the first place or the idiot who got the Black & Decker out!