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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Modern Half Sovereigns, Special design sets of Sovereigns & key date Sovereigns as well as Gold & Silver Libertads

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  1. Hi, the 1984 Sovereign was only available in Proof- mintage was 12,880 (Marsh, 2017). Not to say you won't get one 'close to spot'.
  2. Thanks for the shout- but I already have 3 Half’s of this year date- @Roy?
  3. Every day my order remains ‘open’ I’ll live in hope that it’ll be fulfilled- however, I’m not going to hold my breath! Having said this, each time orders I have made in the past for popular releases have been successful- my order of the 50 Years of the 50p Silver Proof Set remained ‘Open’ for several weeks after the January release and I didn’t receive the dispatched notice until late March.
  4. Thanks- It doesn't work for any Sixpences- I fancied this little set https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/historic-coins/historic-sets/Platinum-Wedding-Sixpence-Set/ But with no money off, I'll pass! @goldmember44's link above is accurate in terms of all the coins/products with a % off. The only coins with 50% off are the Beatrix Potter coin/book sets and some gifts like wallets, scarfs etc.
  5. Thank you @augur. Jubilee Half arrived safe and sound.
  6. Found one, thanks @augur. Temporarily withdrawn my wanted post due to another purchase and until my funds have recovered somewhat!
  7. Ha! Looks like they have already, lumbered with this howler of a coin! I would gladly contribute a couple of quid to a crowdfund to buy this type of a dog of coin, and get the popcorn out and watch them melt in @BackyardBullion‘s furnace.
  8. Bide your time- save up a bit more cash to put to the Kew money, buy wisely and wait for the right time to flip- and then strike Gold with the proceeds- and yes, await the £1 to sell eBay offer.
  9. Maybe sell the Kew, buy some nice cheap Yale’s from European Mint via @BackyardBullion‘s group order- (even after postage etc they are less than £30 each) flip them on eBay- rinse and repeat a couple of times and then you’ll be in a nice position to buy either a nice proof Half Sovereign/ historic bullion Half or perhaps a Sovereign- trade upwards and onwards- and have a bit of fun along the way.
  10. Arrivals this week, courtesy of eBay, @augur, @StackSellRepeat, @silversurf And @BackyardBullion. Thank you all.
  11. Libertad Mintages: http://donbailey-mexico.com/libertad_mintages.shtml
  12. Libertads, both Gold and Silver can have some pretty crazy low mintage figures. The year previous to your little beauty, the 2017 Bullion 1/4oz Gold had a mintage of just 500 and the 1/10 Bullion just 300.