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  1. Great, I'm Flying into the UK for the weekend so can't sort anything out untill Monday but I'm interested. Can you PM details of shipping to Ireland and cost in Euros if you want a BT.
  2. Do you still have the Buffalo ?
  3. Better he gets the coin habit and not the Rum one. 😈
  4. Oh I fogot how much I liked that 2010 Brit. The Croc is a classic Ebay at 3am and half a bottle of Havana Club.
  5. Welcome to the forum, hope you find what your looking for
  6. I do believe the expression is FUGLY ☺
  7. Hi, I posted off a nice 2010 Brit and a MS70 graded 2014 Saltwater Croc to BYB. So hopefully there is a few more quid in the kitty
  8. Since my Daughter went through this 7 years ago and I've just finished my little tussle with it, I'll make a quick donation and have a dig through my stack to see what to sent BYB for a Raffle or something. Enjoy your stroll 😎
  9. The high tax means we get things like free health care, but its still a bummer if your buying Silver
  10. Funny I've always thought the Griffin was the best looking of the series. Certainly in Gold. The Bull is by far the worst. I have all of the series so far, thinking of taking profits for now on the first 3 and buy straight up bullion. Probably Soveriegns, its easier for the kids to sell them in the future
  11. Personally I prefer the bullion buffalo. As for what I buy , its been a few Brits, Panda's and the QB's . Now I'm picking up Sov's every month.
  12. I've always mixed it up, buy some to flip first QB's etc. Some to cheap stuff like owls and brits to stack and hold.
  13. I guess I'll have to a roll of the Silver and a couple of the Gold. Have to keep the last lot company.😊
  14. looks like it could be a candle holder ????