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  1. kugelblitz


    I do like diversity > creates uniqueness = that's good
  2. kugelblitz

    George and the Dragon

    can't tell for sure. I would guess 150-200. Will go there soon again and take more time... Will update info then.
  3. in Fankfurt/Main at the Historische Museum https://historisches-museum-frankfurt.de/de?language=en on top of a silver coin goblet
  4. kugelblitz

    The Sovereign 2018 Gold Proof Coin

    ? I'd say yes: with privy sov differences are small but nice
  5. kugelblitz

    The Sovereign 2018 Gold Proof Coin

    full sov is sold out https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/sovereign/the-sovereign-2018/ ... 5 and piedfort available
  6. kugelblitz

    New Piedfort

  7. kugelblitz


    What change?
  8. kugelblitz


    That's ok but I do not want this...
  9. kugelblitz


    I use uBlock
  10. Do silver or gold members get the same "warning"? Now I have to spend time to get rid of this annoying popup
  11. kugelblitz

    Sotd Prince George

    Just got an email from the royal mint:
  12. kugelblitz

    Sotd Prince George

    Should grade at ms dpl bu = weak proof?! kinda strange I was thinking... Just googled a bit and found this: dpl = mirror surface pl = proof like characteristics (I guess frosting, details, ...?) http://www.greatcollections.com/kb/PL-and-DMPLDPL-Morgan-Dollars-and-Other-Issues-t114-4.html Makes sense I would say. Anyway, I thought proof = mirror, frosting, details...
  13. kugelblitz

    Sotd Prince George

    "Struck in 22 carat gold and finished to Brilliant Uncirculated Standard" = 3 strikes https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/prince-george-fifth-birthday/prince-george-birthday-celebration-sovereign/
  14. kugelblitz

    Sotd Prince George

    The 2nd run of the 2017 sotd without privy sold out 6-8 month after release (I think). Maybe there is no 2nd run of the same coin this year - and the mint indeed learned something Would be great...
  15. kugelblitz

    Can You Stop Milk Spots In Their Tracks?

    I would never operate with a mechanical force! This will be always and forever noticible. (in my opinion) As this is "only" a buliion coin it doesn't matter but as soon as there is a "collectable" value mechanical treatment will dramaticly reduce the price. Just my thoughts.