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  1. Yes you do. Unfortunately. now it would grade "cleaned"! no mechancal !!! use on coin surface !!!
  2. Britannia Proof Set complete total 28,35 unzen poof 3000 Euro Proof 28,35 oz 1997 1,85 1998 1,85 2001 1,85 2003 1,85 2004 1 2005 1,85 2006 1 2007 1,85 2008 1,85 2009 1,85 2010 1,85 2011 1,85 2012 1,85 2013 1 2014 1 2015 1 2016 1 2017 1 2018 1 through 2012 fractional set since 2013 1 oz proof all with coa und box (2006 ohne coa box) Pictures / Video here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T6x9ZaIJek8LNv4XRuQD8b2eFJBRMJfd shipping with Opexx from Germany - fully insured
  3. I was not talking about the proof. SOTD, Pain edge, and wedding and platinum with different edges... Anyway we'll see and make all our individual experiences. Agree with sovsteve: dealers NOT collectors hold many many this coin...
  4. Just cool down the hype (in your mind and with not buying) Look at all the rare eg 2017 sotd - all available with some kind of reasonable premium... this sotd will not doulbe in price like all the others as well. patience! is the key
  5. just my guess: 1st they sell high 1k - in a year or two for roundabout the original release price 500-550... mintage 650 is enough to satisfy collector market - the coin flippers make them rare atm
  6. Yes, obverse (queen portrait) is struck in proof standard. Reverse (Geroge and Dragon side) is bullion standard. I'll go to bank vault next week and provide pictures. NP. PS: I know what I'm talking about ebay Name: kugel3li7z check profile also selling a full Britannia proof 1997-2012 4 coin sets and 1 oz Proof from 2013-2018. All BU coins and Brilliant unciculated 2013-2018. And all versions Queens Bests Proof and BU (not Yale). Send PM if interested.
  7. picture if interested 700 GBP 15 GBP shipping with OPEXX or DHL paypal friends or +5% questions are welcome
  8. what coin are you talking about?!
  9. Queens Beasts komplett BU and Proof Lion, Dragon, Unicorn, Bull, Falcon, Griffin = 6 oz Proof incl. Box, Paper, COA Lion, Dragon, Unicorn, Bull, Falcon, Griffin = 12 oz BU 1.000 GBP paypal friend, Überweisung or paypal business + 5% shipping with opexx, insured condition: 1A, +++ check ebay: kugel3li7z for my feedbacks pictures on demand. coins in vault so I have to go to bank 1st questions? anytime!
  10. 1 oz set 46 x 1 oz ms, proof, bu (2013-2018) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T6x9ZaIJek8LNv4XRuQD8b2eFJBRMJfd?usp=sharing fracionals 11 x 0,85 = 9,35 oz (1997-2012) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-21NzkljmWPyz_8NwXSRss77E1IOAOAf?usp=sharing 55,35 oz / 85gbp/oz 4700 gbp delivered insured opexx paypal (plus fee), wire, paypal friends
  11. some thougths: - did you check german tracking id on royakmail uk? (should work and be the same number) - normally dt. post offers you to track item on delivery partner site (link on right column) - sometimes "delivered" means "handed over (to uk carrier)" - when did seller ship? my experience: dt. Post takes 3-6 working days
  12. Does this guy have a shop? How can I find him - Could you post a link?