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  1. Queens Beasts komplett BU and Proof Lion, Dragon, Unicorn, Bull, Falcon, Griffin = 6 oz Proof incl. Box, Paper, COA Lion, Dragon, Unicorn, Bull, Falcon, Griffin = 12 oz BU 1.000 GBP paypal friend, Überweisung or paypal business + 5% shipping with opexx, insured condition: 1A, +++ check ebay: kugel3li7z for my feedbacks pictures on demand. coins in vault so I have to go to bank 1st questions? anytime!
  2. 1 oz set 46 x 1 oz ms, proof, bu (2013-2018) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T6x9ZaIJek8LNv4XRuQD8b2eFJBRMJfd?usp=sharing fracionals 11 x 0,85 = 9,35 oz (1997-2012) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-21NzkljmWPyz_8NwXSRss77E1IOAOAf?usp=sharing 55,35 oz / 85gbp/oz 4700 gbp delivered insured opexx paypal (plus fee), wire, paypal friends
  3. some thougths: - did you check german tracking id on royakmail uk? (should work and be the same number) - normally dt. post offers you to track item on delivery partner site (link on right column) - sometimes "delivered" means "handed over (to uk carrier)" - when did seller ship? my experience: dt. Post takes 3-6 working days
  4. Does this guy have a shop? How can I find him - Could you post a link?
  5. It's an extra service you have to pay for...
  6. https://www.pcgs.com/cert/12193520 data are correct. unfortunately there's no pic on pcgs.
  7. 29 oz Maple Leaf 1988-2015 30 oz ase 1986-2015 25 oz 2017 Britannia Anniversary 5 oz Britannia 2013, 2014, 2014 Mule, 2015, 2016 4,5 oz Maple Leaf Superleaf 2015, 2016, 2017 (each 1,5 oz) 1 oz 2015 Kangaroo Perth total 94,5 oz price 1850 GBP delivered DHL wire, paypal frieds or paypal + fees
  8. pics are possible end of next week. I'm on a skiing trip. highly collectible coins from an avid collector - would grade gem bril unc range I say.
  9. 39 GBP / oz insured delivery with DHL !Britannia.pdf
  10. I do like diversity > creates uniqueness = that's good
  11. can't tell for sure. I would guess 150-200. Will go there soon again and take more time... Will update info then.