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  1. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre(1948) Starring Humphrey Bogart, LOL I only know because i watched it recently after seeing this clip on the net... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9E-01dK5zQ
  2. I had cash to burn in 2007, went into my LCS and bought a few sovereigns for £82 each and a rare hammered penny for £800. Today the sovereigns are worth about £300 each and the hammered penny only £850...if only I could go back in time and make a different decision.😫
  3. I don't know why? try again, it may have been because I was messaging someone...will reserve them for you.
  4. Having a clear out and reducing some of my silver stack due to it being everywhere, this is my first post selling if you wonder why I have no feedback. I have 4 lots to sell at just below spot: Lot 1. Florins all.500 silver, 166g... £35 SOLD Lot 2. Halfcrowns all .500 silver, 124g...£26 SOLD Lot 3. Australian sixpences all .925 silver, 74g...£31SOLD pending payment Lot 4. Australian sixpences all .925 silver, 55g...£23. SOLD pending payment BT only, your choice of postage.
  5. I have some in average circulated condition, about fine grade, if this is what you are looking for, also have some walking liberties in good to fine grade...
  6. From the German bundesbank website https://www.bundesbank.de/dynamic/action/en/homepage/search/723378/general-search?query=legal+tender+coin Legal tender is the means of payment that nobody can refuse to settle a monetary obligation without experiencing legal disadvantages. In the euro area, euro banknotes and coins are legal tender; only Eurosystem central banks are allowed to introduce euro banknotes and coins into circulation. In Germany, banknotes denominated in euro are the sole unrestricted legal tender. Euro coins are restricted legal tender as no one is obliged to accept more than 50 coins or coins to the value of more than €200. German commemorative euro coins are legal tender throughout the euro cash area. However euro collector coins are only valid in the issuing country. Euro collector coins are distinguished by the fact that their nominal value is not equivalent to a regular coin (for example 1/4 euro or 5 euro).
  7. Its quite simple really, we have an ageing population, the older the population gets the greater the death rate. The baby boomers that have been the engine of growth in the UK are approaching end of life. Demographics indicate that the death rate will continue to rise and peak over the next twenty years. Unfortunately because of this demographic timebomb the economy will suffer, pensions will become depleted and house prices will fall. The government have been trying to offset the coming financial catastrophe by importing people from other countries. We could try to ignore reality and delude ourselves with conspiracy theories, but our greatest enemy is time and we only have three score years and ten.
  8. Hi, I'm a silver hoarder from Edinburgh (Leith), if you are looking for collectable high value coins then Cavannah antiques on Cockburn street is a good source. Murray Stamp shop in Inverleith is the best shop in Edinburgh for buying gold and silver, the staff are very helpful just ask them if they have what you are looking for and you will be surprised at what they stock. I highly recommend visiting their auctions as well, sometimes you can pick up gold and silver for less than spot...