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  1. Hopefully I haven't lost anything, since I didn't buy from them and didn't put any payment details. To be honest I wasn't able to find anything in google, I was searching using the site name. The only think that came up was the thread in this forum, which is either removed or locked. Anyway it will be good to share any info we have in my opinion.
  2. I heard about this site in a thread here, which disappeared quite quickly, not sure why. Anyway I decided to try it and, after seeing some items I was interested in, I opened an account. They mention free EU shipping, which was an interesting feature. So I tried to see the total cost and added a 10 oz bar but when I went to my cart there were only two options: storage in a vault (free) and express shipping (about 15€ cost). I decided to contact them to clarify that but couldn't find an email address. There was only a web form, which I filled, stating my question. After two days still no answer and I saw that they had sent me a mail when I opened the account, so I used that one to ask again. Below is the main dialogue: I have sent an email through the site two days ago, asking about the shipping cost but haven’t got a reply. The question is that although you mention free shipping in EU, when I try to order something, in my cart I am getting only the express shipping option, which is about 15€ . Can you please clarify that? Thank you for your email. We do offer an uninsured (free) shipping method. Which items are you interested in purchasing? I was looking at different options , mostly silver bars or coins. Why this is not available in the checkout and how can I choose this option? Are you sending it registered (with tracking number) or unregistered? Is there a minimum order for this? Thank you for your email. Please can you send me a screenshot of your shopping cart and I will investigate. Here you are. Please keep in mind this is an example, not an actual order from my side. Thank you for your email. Please can you clarify - Are you interested in purchasing 1 silver bar? If not, please can you advise exactly what you are interested in and I'll confirm the pricing / availability. This is not my point in this email. The question is if I want to order something in general, why I don’t see the free shipping option. Will I have to contact support every time I want to buy something? If you won't tell me what you're maybe possibly / tentatively / interested in purchasing at some point in the indeterminate future, I cannot assist you. Ok, it seems that we can’t get on the same page in this. So I have another question for you: I looked for options to delete my account and couldn’t find any. Can you help me with this? I will look into this and get back to you. I don't know if it's me or my use of English but it seems we couldn't communicate with this guy. What is your take on this? 🤔
  3. Gildeon

    Silver or not?

    Unfortunately it would feel heavier if it was Platinum. 🙄 And there is tarnish I think, no? It is Italian I think.
  4. Gildeon

    Silver or not?

    Recently bought that, not sold as silver. But the small magnet slides very smoothly and it has this hallmark in the back. Can anyone recognize it?
  5. Started theoretically with stacking but turned to collecting very quickly. I was collecting one series after the other but when I realized I was spread too thin and tried to sell some, most of them went at a loss. Or needed plenty of time to go if you want to get your money back (again not guaranteed). So by the end of last year I decided to convert a part of my stack/collection to highly liquid bullion stuff. About 60% at the moment is in junk silver, which I personally like and can be purchased with low premiums. The rest is pure bullion (up to 10 oz) and some more speculative items (higher premium with a hope to rise) but not very expensive proofs etc. One other trap: try not to buy bullion you like much, as it can turn to collecting easily (pay more premiums and not wanting to sell). As for gold to silver ratio, my plan is to keep it at 1:100 for the moment. This is because I see more potential for the silver price to rise in the next few years. Later, when space and portability are becoming more of an issue, I will probably increase my gold percentage. Middle term plan for bullion weight is 1000 oz of silver and 10 oz of gold. If I was starting again, I would follow my present course: some series and collections for pleasure and long term keeping (up to 20-30% of total budget) and the rest bullion in any proportion you feel comfortable with.
  6. Gildeon

    Negative Premium

    I would definitely prefer that than buying above spot! 😁
  7. Gildeon

    Opinions for coin

    I just saw that they have one for sale again, with the exact same photo! So it is probably stock but not mentioned anywhere. I wrote to them and waiting for reply. This was from MA Shops, not sure if they offer any protection. I had two similar cases before and both sellers exchanged the coin. It's good I paid by PayPal in this case , as almost half of the German dealers don't use it.
  8. Gildeon

    Opinions for coin

    The measurements are correct. I don't believe it's a fake, just not the same coin.
  9. Gildeon

    Opinions for coin

    I just received a coin I had ordered and I believe it is not the same. I attach photographs of the site I bought from and mine. I know my angle is different and shows all the imperfections but my main question is if it is the same coin or not. Your opinions would be appreciated.
  10. True, the price is good for this coin ungraded. I just think there are not many fans of this type of coins in the forum. 🙄
  11. That is the problem for me, if I could get fractionals in bullion prices I would have certainly acquired more by now. So far only the 1/10 Britannia fits the description.
  12. And also a rising middle class in these countries, which can afford some gold now comparing to the past.
  13. Bump and 75€ plus post.
  14. Will be there too for the first time. Was also looking for a good excuse to spend a couple of days in London. 😏
  15. Last bump and reduction to 70€.
  16. I have the 2018 1/10 in certicard and will probably continue if the new one comes out. Not sure if there were any previous ones in this version.
  17. Trying to get some better photos I decided I like the series too much, so I'm not gonna sell it! Will find something else instead. Need to find a suitable box though. 🧐
  18. I think that many new people come in as investors and turn to (partial or full) collecting gradually. Also the fact that they are mostly older people involved in this hobby, doesn't mean that young people today will not move to this, as the time passes. Tbh if you are young there are much more interesting ways to spend your money and you don't think too much about saving. 😏
  19. Trying to save some space and selling or exchanging some of my boxes and cases. This one has the largest capacity I have seen (except some carton ones) and is of excellent quality. Used only for about one month and comes with a set of keys. It cost me more than 110€ ordering it from the US. I am asking 75€ posted anywhere in Europe.
  20. Got this bar in a Dublin fair, my first Engelhard, for bullion price. Not sure if it has any collecting value. 🙄
  21. Nice case for my Lunar I set (along with some tubes and a slab case) from @morezone
  22. New home for my Lunar I gilded set. 🤩
  23. Or start with the new gold Lunar series by the end of the year.