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  1. The original poster didn't show up again... 🕵️‍
  2. Sold my only palladium coin just before the race upwards... 😕
  3. I see another interesting set forming... 🙄
  4. I know, detail grades are a pain but don't let this put you off. Use it to increase your knowledge and submit other interesting coins like this, it's a plus to the numismatic market in my opinion. That said from someone who had two details coins in his last submission... 😬
  5. Hi Mark, Thank you for your interest. In the case of my coin I don't think intrinsic value can be the price driver. I understand that the gold coin may have some premium but not near to the price that the silver one goes for. I can consider a swap but with something of equal market price not spot value. If you have something else i would be happy to discuss.
  6. Great results especially for older coins.
  7. I know, that's why I am giving it a last chance here. And I am sure I will get more money if I sell separately. Let's see... 🤔
  8. If I am not wrong, the last three or four coins overlapped with the Lunar II series, that was going to start with the mouse in 2008. So Perth Mint released all the remaining Lunar I coins in the same year, to complete the series.
  9. Very interesting labels. I suppose some of the are only available in US shows, correct?
  10. Beautiful and highly collectible large silver coin from the Royal Mint, commemorating the Concorde airplane. Comes in its original box and with CoA. Mintage only 750 pieces! Year: 2008 Material: Silver .925 Weight: 156 gr Diameter: 65 mm Prices in Ebay for this are above 300€. My asking price is 185€ and can discuss exchange or part exchange with bullion. Payment by PayPal F&F or BT. Postage cost registered 12€ anywhere in Europe.
  11. Last bump before breaking the set. Willing to discuss exchange with bullion or something else interesting in higher premium, try me. 🤓
  12. It does in proof coins, look at Queen's Beasts and Britannias.
  13. Tbh I am a little reluctant to continue buying gold at these prices but posts like yours encourage me to keep going! 😎
  14. I decided to buy some Platinum but I can mainly find it in 1 oz with decent premiums. If someone wants to sell something between 1/10 and 1/2 ounce you can contact me. I can also discuss an exchange with stuff I have for sale.
  15. Beautiful series of 1 oz high relief gilded silver coins from Palau. All in mint condition in their original packaging (only the CoA missing from the horse). Will fit nicely in a case for Lunar 2 oz. Shipping cost registered from Ireland at 12€, for any number of coins. PayPal F&F for € and BT for £. Snake (mintage 5,000) - 55€ Horse (mintage 1,000) - 55€ Goat (mintage 3,000) - 60€ Monkey (mintage 1,000) - 70€ Rooster (mintage 1,000) - 60€ Dog (mintage 1,000) - 60€ Pig (mintage 1,000) - 60€ Can discuss exchange with bullion, silver or gold.
  16. I was asked for detailed photos without the capsules. It turns out that some coins have imperfections (scratches, spots etc), almost only on the Queen's side. I was buying them for some years and from different sources, trying to find reasonable prices, and my main concern was the Lunar side for the case display. And let's remember they are all bullion coins, up to 20 years old. However I understand that it is not a mint set, so I am reducing the price to 800€ including insured shipping by courier anywhere in Europe, still open to a trade as well. If it will not sell by the end of AUgust I will break it and sell separately in Ebay. But I would really prefer if someone could get the whole set, as it is pretty difficult to collect. Detailed photos below.
  17. The spot price is practically the raw material price, not the buying price in general. Although sometimes deals can be found close to or at spot, this isn't the rule. It is like comparing the price of diesel in the gas station with the closing price per barrel.
  18. From the Africa Wildlife series, pretty hard to find. Selling at 65€ plus 9€ registered postage from Ireland.
  19. Gold coin from Mexico, not restrike. Price is 85€ plus postage.