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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gilded coins (obviously!) - Pandas, Koalas, Kookaburras etc.
    Peculiar Lunar series - gilded or not
    And of course the infamous 1967 collection!

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  1. Canada 5$ (24.3 gr.) and 10$ (48.6 gr.) commemorative coins, all 0.925 silver. 2 x $5 Proof - 12.5€ 2 x $5 BU - 12.5€ 1 x $10 Proof - 25€ 10 x $10 BU - 25€ Price is for any number of coins. Postage cost from Ireland 5€ regular and 10€ registered.
  2. Selling my stack of Swiss coins: 77 x Half Franc - 1.2€ each 51 x 1 Franc - 2.4€ each 43 x 2 Francs - 4.8€ each They are all 0.835 silver and various conditions. There are some between them that look almost uncirculated, especially in the half francs. If someone doesn't want the whole quantity I will pick randomly, but try to have a variance in conditions. Postage cost is 5€ regular and 10€ registered for anywhere in Europe and any quantity.
  3. These coins are sold now, thanks
  4. Here is what I have in my 1967 collection so far. That was a big year for them (due to Six Days war), so plenty of more stuff to follow.
  5. Free postage if somebody takes the remaining lot of 32 coins. 😎
  6. Canada dollars with prices calculated based on spot at the time of the publication. Price will not change for plus or minus 5% spot movement. 5 x Dollars 1965 - 10€ each 41 x 10 cents various years - 1€ each They are all 80% silver and can sell any quantity, randomly picked. Postage is extra at 5€ regular and 9€ registered anywhere in Europe.
  7. Took out one of my sets to prepare it for advertisement and liked it so much when I was looking at it, that decided to put it back! Especially remembering all the time and effort I had put to collect everything, one by one. 😊 Has happened to me a few times, in some cases I sold something later and in others it's still here. In this case it was a gilded Panda set of the last 20 years. I put for sale some of my silver stack instead, to gather the required funds. Do you have similar experiences? What was the item(s) and what happened in the end...?
  8. For sale are the below silver Lunar 2 coins. All in great condition, in their original mint capsules. 1 oz Rabbit x 1 - 30€ Snake x 1 - 26€ Goat x 3 - 24€ each Pig x 2 - 22€ each 1/2 oz 2 x Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog - 12€ each Postage from Ireland 5€ regular and 9€ registered.
  9. A quantity of half dollars for sale. You can get any number but randomly picked. Please see photos to assess conditions. Most of the Kennedys look uncirculated (or almost) but sold at the same price anyway. 20 x Walking Liberty 12 x Franklin 44 x Kennedy - sold They are all 90% silver and the asking price is 6.5€ (per piece) for any quantity. Postage cost from Ireland is 5€ regular and 9€ registered.