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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gilded coins (obviously!) - Pandas, Koalas, Kookaburras etc.
    Peculiar Lunar series - gilded or not
    And of course the infamous 1967 collection!

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  1. Bump, the price is great for this coin. 🤠
  2. That's why it's a good idea to collect a few things at the same time, to satisfy this side of yourself as well. And knowing that you may take a loss in some of them.
  3. Gildeon

    Pricing help

    There are other interesting colored QBs out with less than 50€ on average, unless you want this UK version in particular. And be aware of the danger of wanting to complete the whole series when you get a coin like that. I know I would! 😁
  4. In Europe things are quite different, bars and rounds are usually more expensive due to VAT. My silver stack is broken in pure bullion, junk and some premium. The last one as an alternative of spot price not increasing much in the next years. As for gold my target is 100:1 but I am behind, as I think that silver is more undervalued at the present.
  5. Gildeon

    Pricing help

    I think it is a mistake to compare such coins directly with pure bullion. Also the member didn't identify himself as a "stacker" if I am not wrong, he may just be a collector or something else. Nevertheless I consider the £50 overpriced for something that is not really special and proven to keep it's value. At this price there is a 95% chance you will get less when you try to sell them. There are several coins of this type offered here or eBay, if you are patient you will find good products at reasonable prices.
  6. In general a 70 is more difficult to get in an MS than a proof coin, so I suppose the premium you get is higher. Don't have particular statistics at the moment but if you check for example Queen's Beasts, you can see the percentages of 70s vs total.
  7. It also has to do with the place you leave. I am fortunate enough to be in a place with low chance of burglary and very low of someone getting in while you're there. So highest risk is when we're away. I have a small deposit box keeping some gold there and filling it as much as I can during vacations. As for home it's a combination of alarm system, home safe and insurance. Not gone in any paper assets at the moment but I may consider it in the future.
  8. Can't you just not tell what's in the package? Of course this way you lose any insurance you may have...🙄
  9. Since there is some talk about ancient coins, I decided to put one of mine for sale. Some may have seen it in one of the @Numistacker videos. It is a silver Hexagram from the Heraclius I reign, I think the heaviest Byzantine silver coin. There is an interesting story about these: In a nutshell Heraclius desperately needed money to fund his war against the Persians, so he took (or given) all the silver that could be gathered from the Church and with it minted these coins. The Byzantines and Persians fought for many years and when finally a piece was achieved, the rising Arabs came and totally conquered the Persian Empire and took about half of the Byzantine one (Syria and Egypt basically). In this coin Heraclius is depicted with his first born son, a common practice of the time, in order to establish the next emperor and ensure smooth succession to the throne. The asking price is 80€ plus postage, which is very competitive, as these coins go for more uncertified and the certification itself is not cheap for the Ancient tier.
  10. Agree, pics don't do justice to the coins.
  11. The late imperial silver (3rd century and later) became very debased with less and less silver content. You can find decent ones between 30-50€. After Constantine the 1st the Siliqua was introduced which was much purer and retains good value.
  12. Apart from customs, I wouldn't feel very comfortable carrying 80 ounces of gold on me, in one go... 🙄