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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gilded coins (obviously!) - Pandas, Koalas, Britannias etc.
    Peculiar Lunar series - gilded or not
    Gold and Silver coins from Ireland, Greece and Bulgaria
    Silver Late Roman and Byzantine

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  1. These are Lighthouse/Leuchtturm L-Sized trays. They can take almost every imaginable size and can be bought separately. I had several of them before I got the cabinet, they fit in other cases as well and are of very good quality.
  2. Got this recently, it can take 10 different trays and it is very good quality and convenient.
  3. Gildeon

    Today I Received

    Forgot to mention that the German Mark is a little sideways but no big hassle! 😀
  4. Gildeon

    Today I Received

    My coins arrived from the latest grading as well, thanks to @Numistacker Generally very satisfied, some notes: Once again I had a Details grade. Unlike the previous one, which had clear hairlines once I looked more carefully, this one didn't. I may post detailed pictures elsewhere trying to get some more expert opinions. 🙄 The Sovereign did as expected (low MS, bought as bullion). From the remaining six silver coins, five have the highest grades in the census. Three of them (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) are the only ones! 😎 Overall I believe I am getting better at picking them, with a minor glitch every time... 😁
  5. Gildeon

    Hi from Spain

    I feel for you, we all have the same problem more or less... 😬
  6. Gildeon

    Hi from Spain

    Hola, not bad at all for a first year so far , keep going! 😎
  7. Gildeon

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I sent some coins recently and I have included the information I had. Some of it I could verify myself and some not so much. As for fakes I suppose they can spot them, as it is a major part of sending such coins for grading.
  8. Gildeon

    Golden wedding in 2020

    The Krugerrand is a nice idea but I believe it will be quite over spot. Other than that only commemorative gold coins from that year.
  9. The last one (with the "M") is a Byzantine copper follis.
  10. Gildeon

    Silver Roman Coins

    Sent six coins to Numistacker yesterday, hope we'll see a video soon! 😁
  11. Gildeon

    Arctic Convoys 5 oz

    And I was thinking to put it for sale because I won more stuff than I was expecting! But with comments like yours I am starting to think again... 😏
  12. Gildeon

    Arctic Convoys 5 oz

    Among other items I won this one in a recent auction. Any opinions?
  13. Gildeon

    5oz or 10oz Perth Mint Lunar

    Only particular ones (mainly the first two), probably due to lower mintages.
  14. I have some silver proof coins from Ireland for sale as below: 10 Euro Silver Gaisce 2010 - 50€ 10 Euro Silver Jack B. Yeats 2012 - 40€ 15 Euro Silver Dublin Lockout 2013 - 40€ 15 Euro Silver William B. Yeats 2015 - 50€ All in their original boxes and with CoA. Can also discuss exchange with something that I am interested at (currently looking for 2 oz bullion Queen Beasts).
  15. Gildeon

    5oz or 10oz Perth Mint Lunar

    The silver 1 oz series in Lunar 2 is still not so expensive . Some coins in 0.5 or 2 oz have crazy premiums but nothing similar in the one ounce.