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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gilded coins (obviously!) - Pandas, Koalas, Britannias etc.
    Peculiar Lunar series - gilded or not
    Gold and Silver coins from Ireland, Greece and Bulgaria
    Silver Late Roman and Byzantine

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  1. In my first year I started collecting too many series and other stuff. Some months ago I reduced it to almost half. This had two benefits for me. First I had many coins available to sell, creating free cash. Second having this extra cash and less stuff to buy, my other collections are filling up much faster. There is always the chance of collecting something new but this starts after deciding to discontinue 1-2 of the older ones. On another note, when I finally complete a set I was collecting thoroughly, I often have the urge to sell it! Is this happening to anyone else or do I need to check it with a specialist...? 😬
  2. Gildeon

    Today I bought.....

    Great day for my peculiar Lunar series today! First I found the very difficult Monkey from the Palau series and later I ordered the Dog and the Rooster (probably the hardest here) from the Fiji series. Just the two Pigs and the Fiji Horse to be up to date in these two. 😎
  3. I have five uncirculated sets from Greece, years 2005, 2006, 2008,2011 and 2012. I have removed the silver coin and I am interested to exchange them with UNC sets from other countries.
  4. Gildeon

    Boycotting GS.be

    Unlike some people here, I don't focus in the initial order cancellation details. More or less everyone agrees that the buyer is at fault here. But I focus on 1. The seller withholding merchantise valued multiple times the disputed amount 2. The tottaly UNACCEPTABLE tone in the communication. For me these are the factors that would prevent me to deal with any kind of professional, in any type of business.
  5. Gildeon

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    My take of the issue in a few bullets: Customer places order without having the money - not smart Customer says afterwards he doesn't have the whole funds - bad Seller cancels the order without any further discussion - their right I suppose Seller sends a vague message that it was damaging to them - no specified amount, justification or any request for payment Nothing happens for a few months... Customer sends a new order - their right Seller accepts the order sending confirmation - fine so far Seller withholds the biggest part of the order, requesting compensation - starting to get dodgy Seller mentions an amount later for the first time, without any analysis - not professional Seller continues not to send the rest of the order, with value much higher than the disputed amount - bordering to the illegal Seller replies customer questions and comments with irony and insults - APPALLING! Of course there is a percentage of blame in both parties, as in many cases in life. But the tone (except the actions) of GS.be is totally unacceptable for me. And I am surprised with arguments like "I never had a problem myself" or "they are the cheapest so we will continue". If the same people have a problem themselves in the future, how would they feel seeing such responses? The only protection we have from such practices, is our communication here and any other media for customer voice. In the end the only counter argument can be "they are the cheapest so I will continue buying, taking my risks if there is any problem. And I refrain from my moral right to complain if something similar happens to myself!"
  6. Gildeon

    Today I bought.....

    Gilded Kook 1993, quite hard to find. Just 1996 and 1999 remaining for complete up to date set! 😎 Lunar UK Year of the Pig, one of the few times that the gilded version may look uglier than the regular coin! 😁
  7. Gildeon

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Their tone is unbelievable... 😞
  8. Gildeon

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Just saw that NGC introduced a new label, for UAE from all countries! I would expect something like Germany, France or even Russia. I'm not even sure what coins the Emirates have, I have seen 1-2 here and there. Maybe they got a huge order for gold coins from an emir or something...? 🤑
  9. Gildeon

    European Coins Thread

    last coin just arrived and my 2002 (for 2004 Olympics) set is complete. Fits nicely in a sovereign case as well. 😀
  10. Gildeon

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I feel for you, I am submitting quite newer coins and still getting 1-2 details each time... 😒
  11. Gildeon

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    The Denarius is the only one which isn't mine but I am curious, why there is no grade there? As for myself and considering I am new to this, I am glad that all my coins were genuine to start with! 😁
  12. Gildeon


    Got some things from them in the past. Agree, they are reliable but kind of slow.
  13. Gildeon

    Question about Gilded Lunar I

    I have almost completed the gilded 1 oz series, just two coins missing. But the last one I got (Rooster) seems different from all the rest, when you see them side by side. In particular the gilding in all others is quite mirror like, whereas in the last coin is pretty matte like and you can see the detail more clearly. I thought that may it is after market gilding and the others mint versions. But the strangest thing is that the edging around the coin circumference is matte as well, where in all others is mirror like. Of course I have checked diameter and weight, they all checked in. Any opinions in the matter are welcomed.
  14. Gildeon

    Hello from Ireland

    Hi and welcome. FYI there is a coin fair this weekend in the Talbot Hotel in Stillorgan and the main International Coin Fair in Dublin from 19-21 of October in RDS Dublin.
  15. Gildeon

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Without further comments...