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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Gilded coins (obviously!) - Pandas, Koalas, Britannias etc.
    Peculiar Lunar series - gilded or not
    Gold and Silver coins from Ireland, Greece and Bulgaria
    Silver Late Roman and Byzantine

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  1. For me definitely St. George and the dragon by far.
  2. Gildeon

    Today I bought.....

    The forth piece in my 5 oz Concorde series. Alderney 750 mintage. Two (or three not sure) more to go.
  3. Gildeon

    Flat Earth Coin by PowerCoin & 5% discount code!

    The regular or the flat versions? 😆
  4. Gildeon

    Red spot?

    I think so too. These spots are removed immediately with anti tarnish liquids. Not applicable to a slabbed one though...
  5. Gildeon

    Tel Aviv shops

    I am visiting in the next couple of days and looking for any interesting bullion/coin shops. Any suggestions?
  6. Gildeon

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Many people have graded these, so if you put an ad you may find someone willing to part with the packaging. I would expect to pay more than £2 though.
  7. Gildeon

    for sale 100g Hallmarked Backyard Bullion Bars - Hallmarked

    I would like no. 8 please
  8. Gildeon

    InvestorCrate Opinions

    Then is is VERY small for 100$ 😞
  9. Gildeon

    InvestorCrate Opinions

    What are the two small bars?
  10. Gildeon

    Been collecting for 8 weeks now

    Great start, keep on like this. 😎
  11. Gildeon

    5 oz Silver Swan PR70

    Very nice. 🤓
  12. Gildeon

    for sale Silver

    The Kennedy and the French centimes please
  13. Gildeon

    for sale Fractional gold

    Hi have you got my message?
  14. Gildeon

    for sale (By Established Member) The Britannia 2019 Coin Range

    Does she look having male characteristics or it is my impression...? 🤔
  15. Didn't seem to become the next swan for sure...