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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Collecting coins I can't live without.

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  1. Lots of great advice. My reply is just a bit more to read. Regarding what size to buy and when, someone put it this way and it became the advice I follow: If you can afford to buy fractionals at a crazy premium you can afford to wait for a bargain or a full ounce near spot. Also came to discover, as important as it is to keep my stack growing, it's equally important to keep track of ALL my purchases in a hand written ledger so I know how much I'm buying and at what price. It's good to have weight goals but for me it just feels especially right knowing that I'm making money by saving money... that I bought the best deal possible at the time.
  2. 1936-S Bay Bridge Half Dollar Early Commemorative
  3. 1937 Boone Half Dollar Early Commemorative
  4. 1937-S Texas Half Dollar Early Commemorative
  5. 1936 York Half Dollar Early Commemorative
  6. Hello @Silversaving With your permission I would like to withdraw this prize from future raffles and instead make a $90 donation to The Royal British Legion.
  7. 1935-D Arkansas Half Dollar Early Commemorative
  8. Hello@BackyardBullion If it's not to late I would love to add this 1963 25C coin to the prize pool. Sorry if the picture's a bit blurry.
  9. Sent payment to a friend for 5 entries via PayPal from US to UK. Had to pay with CC so I sent a bit more to cover any unexpected charges, if needed. If not, just add the balance to the pot. Thank you.
  10. I was unable to find any proofs graded with a service so I'm using the ebay standard to form this opinion. An advance ebay search reveals a list of recent sales but all were raw coins. If your plan is to grade to increase/preserve value, I'm not seeing the financial benefit - at this time. Do think keeping them intact with the original packaging is most important. Hope this helps a bit.
  11. \m/ Sovereigns Rule \m/
  12. Not much of a drinker anymore - unfortunately... but I'm totally up for a frosty metal round should your offer have a double meaning. In the meantime, Welcome!
  13. Will be cool to see which coin turns your "Numismatics...yet" into a Numismatics...YES! Until then, welcome @Norksgeld.