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  1. I'm talking installation here mostly. I'm wondering if anyone has done this where they installed it in the basement in the concrete floor. If $2,000 - $3,000 is enough for something like this. I'm trying to get a ballpark estimate.
  2. I want to put in a floor safe in a basement to store my silver. Anyone who is comfortable with sharing know the general price range for this? I want to put in a mid size safe in the floor of my basement. My price range is around $2,000 - $3,000 for what I'm willing to pay to have it done.
  3. E23

    Silver mistakes - yours or others

    Thanks. Should of realized that. That's the plan for now.
  4. E23

    Silver mistakes - yours or others

    Ebay seems like a very difficult place to get into when it comes to silver. I could easily see many people making mistakes there. If I ever get into Ebay I expect to make mistakes along the way. Edit: What are PMs?
  5. Thanks for the post. I can get the gist of it all, but need to do a little research to understand it completely.
  6. I'm new and I've done well on some things by avoiding high premiums. I did make a mistake of assuming when buying a 10 oz bar it being a certain way. What are your silver mistakes and what are other silver mistakes you see happen?
  7. E23

    Cases for SM 10 oz Bars.

    Mine is the same as that minus the "In God we trust" part. I believe that it is stamped, but it's not the general stamped ones like that one. I'm not sure how to explain it yet or if I'm right here.
  8. E23

    Cases for SM 10 oz Bars.

    Thank you for the quick reply. I wasn't sure what to buy after receiving a 10 oz scottsdale bar and it was much different than what I had imagined.
  9. E23

    Cases for SM 10 oz Bars.

    I'm looking for cases for 10 oz sunshine minting bars. Anyone know of a good place to buy these?
  10. E23

    Scary pour - pyramid of doom!

    Those are really well done and look very nice.
  11. E23

    Silver storage companies

    If others post different companies I can narrow it down from there. I'm in the midwest though.
  12. E23

    Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    I'm a huge fan of the Fallout series. They use bottle caps as in-game currency. I'm really tempted to buy a few of these. Didn't realize they made anything like this. Thanks for sharing.
  13. As I get into having larger stacks I want a place to store my silver. I only want to store so much silver at home. I've heard of Brinks so far, but the distance is quite far to the nearest location. Anyone else know of other trust worthy companies that do this?
  14. E23

    Best place to order 10 oz silver bars?

    Thanks, added it. I haven't done that yet. I figured it out.
  15. E23

    Best place to order 10 oz silver bars?

    I have my location on my profile. I wonder if you have to reach a certain amount of posts or if I have to check a box to show it. Thanks for the information everyone.