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  1. TheByzantine

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Just a beards up top cashback are giving 5% back today (maybe only until 2000 BST)
  2. TheByzantine

    Proof Sovereign Collection

    well a handful exist but... http://blog.royalmint.com/rare-edward-viii-gold-sovereign/
  3. TheByzantine

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    cheaper on ebay, especailly taking into account postage, nectar points and cashback https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-Gold-Half-Sovereign-Coin/273075919064?hash=item3f9497d8d8:g:YkUAAOSwNZdakD3d
  4. Gold would normally go down in pounds. But hard to say as the pound may drop as well...
  5. TheByzantine


    Unlike others before me I would instead say keep the chain. It likely won't benefit you economically to sell the chain to then buy a coin. It does however very much depend on why you are stacking and or collecting...
  6. I'm not interested personally, but others might like to see a price
  7. TheByzantine

    Who got you into Gold and Silver?

    numistacker. he randomly appeared on my youtube feed and that's where it all began.
  8. TheByzantine

    Sovereign Photo Thread...

    something to mix the thread up, a copy in 925 silver and gold plated of the 1489 sovereign
  9. TheByzantine

    British trade dollar fake

    have to be honest, pretty much all British trade dollars on ebay are fake...
  10. TheByzantine

    January gold price and ftse performance

  11. TheByzantine

    Sovereign resources

    Marsh's The Sovereign (updated version) has a price guide in it I believed.
  12. TheByzantine

    Today I Received

    been out of the country so only opened today, 1886 Sovereign bought with the 20% ebay discount
  13. TheByzantine

    Need help/advice with gold from USA

    Wait, have you finally realised that idiotic gambling by buying coins from bullion dealers and expecting them to be grade worthy doesn't work? Best of luck to you and MCM
  14. TheByzantine

    20% off eBay today

    Assuming he has enough to fulfil the orders
  15. TheByzantine

    20% off eBay today

    just picked up an 1886 (M) young head sovereign for £224.50 after discount and cashback