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  1. Quicksand005

    completed Jubilee Head Full Sovereigns.

    1892 Sov sold now.
  2. Quicksand005

    completed Jubilee Head Full Sovereigns.

    Got 2 Jubilee head Sovereigns for sale. Selling @£240 each which includes free first class signed for postage. Going on holiday on Monday evening so can post on Monday morning before heading out. Thanks
  3. Quicksand005

    completed 1887 Half and Full Sovereign

    Hi all, With holidays fast approaching, I'm selling my 1887 half and Full Sovereign for spending cash. Prices are as follows Young head full sovereign @ 250 Jubilee head/ shield back half @ 135(sold) Comes with free first class signed for or buy both and get free special delivery. Pm me with reasonable offers if interested. Thanks
  4. Quicksand005

    withdrawn Silver

    I have a few imperfect coins for sale. All are new but have some milking/toning or lost the original mint packaging. Selling as a lot for £90 plus postage of your choice. If not sold by tonight, I'll place on eBay as I have a £1 final fee till 11:59pm tonight. Thanks.
  5. Quicksand005

    for sale Half Sovereigns and 1/10oz

    Hi, I have 2 half sovereigns and 3 1/10oz gold Britannia for sale Half sovs @ £118 each 1/10oz @ £103 each or £305 for the lot.(sold) Postage is extra. Can work something out on postage if buying multiple items. Thanks
  6. Quicksand005

    for sale Gold

    Have a few coins for sale 2 × Half sovereigns £118(sold) 1 × 1\4 gold krugerrand £250 If all three are bought together, 1st class signed for postage is on me or I'll split special delivery cost with you. Thanks
  7. Quicksand005

    completed Selling a few gold coins

    Hi Woody, bullion sov all sold now
  8. Quicksand005

    completed Selling a few gold coins

    An opportunity to buy my first gold ounce has presented itself but to do so I need to free up some funds. I have a few coins up for sale to do so. Below is a list of some coins for sale. Since I'm at work at the moment, I might not have photos of all the coins but if interested I can send some later today. 3 × 1/10 Britannia (2017) £105 each 4 × bullion half sovereigns £118 each(sold) 1 × full sovereign (1896) £240 1 × 1980 Sovereign (selling as bullion) £239(sold) 1× 1980 half sovereign proof £128 Postage is extra, if you buy any 3, first class signed postage is free or special delivery cost will be split with you. Thanks.
  9. Quicksand005

    completed 1980 Gold Proof Half Sovereign

    Price reduction. Now £135 posted.
  10. I have 2 quarter ounce maple leaves for sale. The 2014 still has the box and COA and the 2015 comes in a capsule. Asking £260 for the 2014 and £253 for the 2015. I'll take £510 for both. Postage is extra.
  11. I have for sale a 1896 Full sovereign in very decent condition and a 2003 half sovereign still in original mint packaging . Asking £250 for the Sovereign and 122 for the half. Postage is extra. Thanks.
  12. Quicksand005

    for sale 1980 Sovereign

    I have for sale a 1980 gold sovereign. The coin is proof but selling as bullion due to the condition of the coin. I have original box and COA if needed. Asking £246 for it. Postage is extra. Thanks
  13. Quicksand005

    completed 1980 Gold Proof Half Sovereign

    I have for sale a 1980 gold proof half sovereign with the box and COA. The coin is in very good condition with no marks. Asking £140 for it. Postage is extra. Thanks
  14. Quicksand005

    completed 1899 Half Sovereign and 1/10

    I have a 1899 half sovereign and a 1/10oz pcgs graded american eagle for sale. Asking £128 for the sovereign and £115 for the eagle. Postage is extra. Thanks
  15. Quicksand005

    completed Fractional Gold

    I have for sale, two 1/10oz gold coins. A 2004 Australian nugget and 2007 PCGS graded American eagle. I'm asking £110 for the eagle and £109 for the nugget. Postage is extra. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal. Thanks.