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  1. Bump and reduced prices
  2. Hi all, I'm selling my 2000 1/4 oz proof Britannia as it was an impulse buy and not really willing to start collecting Britannia gold proof coins. It comes with it's box and COA. Price is £325 which includes special delivery postage. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I have a few coins for sale today. All coins are graded or MS. Postage is extra or get special delivery postage if you buy 2 or more 1929 Columbia 5 pesos SOLD 1924 Netherlands trade ducat SOLD 1975 10 Roubles @ £ 290 2002 Half Sovereign @ £ 270 1913 Una Libra @£ 285 1922 Swiss 10 Francs SOLD Individual photos provided on request. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I have for sale 2 1/20 oz gold panda coins both graded MS69, a 1995 small date and a 2001. Asking £95 each plus postage of your choice or buy both and get free special delivery postage. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have for sale a 2019 Full Sovereign in very good condition. Asking £235 which includes free signed for postage or add £4 for special delivery. Can add photos later on if needed. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I have for sale a 1987 gold proof half Sovereign with its box but no coa. Asking £130 plus postage of your choice. Thanks
  7. Just received my gold proof half sovereigns. Now all packed up again on their way to Numistacker for grading.
  8. Received my items today. Thanks BYB and extend my gratitude to Mrs BYB too. Looking forward to the the next group order.
  9. Beauty. They also have a new one this year. Think I'll be collecting all of them.