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  1. Quicksand005

    completed Silver

    Hi all, I have a few silver coins I would like to get rid of. Was going to put them on Ebay but thought I see if anyone on here wanted them first. Asking £17.50 each for the 1oz coins and £8 for the 1/2oz. Or take them all for £145 and throw in fee delivery. Thanks
  2. Quicksand005

    completed Sovereigns

    Want a few extra pounds for an auction ending tonight. I'll take £240 each plus post or buy both and I'll send it to you for free. Offer on till 11pm tonight. Thanks
  3. Quicksand005

    completed Sovereigns

    Hi all, I have for sale 2 Full Sovereigns. 1929 S.A. mint and a 1899 veiled head. Asking £244 each plus post of your choice. If you buy both, I'll split special delivery costs with you. Thanks
  4. Quicksand005

    for sale 1/10 silver libertab.s

    I'll take them please
  5. Quicksand005

    withdrawn Gold Coins

    Hi all, I have a few coins for sale. 1989 gold proof half sovereign PF69 @ £350(sold) 2006 gold proof double sovereign @ £560 2013 1/10oz gold panda MS70 @ £150 2017 1/4oz unicorn of Scotland PF70 @ £480 Postage is extra or buy two or more and get free special delivery postage. Thanks
  6. Quicksand005

    completed Snowman 50p

    It's the black box version.
  7. Quicksand005

    completed Snowman 50p

    Hi all, I managed to acquire two of these on the forum after the royal mint returned payment I made for one months ago. Yesterday they retake payment and today I received this. I'm selling at what I paid for which £80 as I don't really need 3 of them. Its still in the sealed box. Postage of choice is extra. Thanks
  8. Quicksand005

    for auction 10oz bullion queens beasts box from Germany.

    I don't collect 10oz beast coins but maybe its because I don't have a box for them. So here we go. I got starting bid of £35
  9. Quicksand005

    completed Full Sovereigns

    1928 sold
  10. Quicksand005

    completed Full Sovereigns

    Hi all, I have for sale 3 George V Full Sovereigns. 1928 and 1929 S.A. mint 1911 Sydney mint. Asking £232 each plus post. Thanks
  11. Quicksand005

    withdrawn Coins

    PM sent
  12. Quicksand005

    withdrawn Coins

    Hi all, I have a few coins for sale. 2000 tall ships gold proof $15 @ £500 (2% over spot) Benjamin Bunny silver proof 50p coin @ £35 2005 1/4oz gold proof American eagle @ 240 Postage is extra on single purchases. Thanks.
  13. Quicksand005

    withdrawn 2006 Gold Proof £2 Coin

    Hi all, I have a 2006 gold proof £2 coin for sale. Coin is in very good condition, any Mark's or scratches are on the capsule. Asking £565 which includes special delivery postage. Thanks
  14. Quicksand005

    completed 2004 Carded Gold Sovereign

    Hi all, I have a 2004 Full Sovereign for sale. I'm asking £235 plus post of your choice. Thanks
  15. Quicksand005

    completed Double leopard restrike

    Yeah, sold.