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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/www_rittinghaus-invest_de you can check or communicate with
  2. GSP sucks in 9/10 on my purchased from USA, lost item is a kiss good bye and the VAT and duty charges is as well gone No more eBay /PayPal purchases on metals items its a direct shipments into a thief dent lost is a certainty
  3. there is a video we saw and there is event going on , that we do not see in the video. if you get to see the real event , then it is too obvious they are not exactly the event being stream real live.
  4. yeah, last time i was getting 45 oz for my gold include shipping, locally i got less than 40 then turned those 32 oz of silver back to gold again it was worthwhile to be swapping vs now there is near little difference to be doing that, better off just buy the silver, when gold is premium closer to silver premium
  5. getting cash for Pd and re-enter into Pt USD 1,263.33 my dealer buy back then go into Pt USD 985.20 my dealer sell diff USD 278.13 keep it is a steep price to be paying, and not recommended I sold and keep the cash, may be once Pt is real cheap, it can be used as my hedge on my silver again
  6. you can not be talking about tombs raided silver ??? or wars time bars
  7. so long as your metals is what we wanted you are able to receive money in your bank account and you can send by post the metals we can be a world a part, there is no stopping our deals
  8. it is much easier to hedge using Palladium, move down in hundreds 00
  9. wow, more than 1 year of lost time where have it been this whole time ???
  10. you need a silk head scuff, wrap it then pull your hand could get in, the gold would fall out
  11. the video live4 circulated online is NOT the actual event
  12. Hi and welcome would need some NES bars https://shop.norddeutsche-edelmetall.de/produkt-kategorie/silber/silberbarren-norddeutsche-es/?add-to-cart=10925
  13. UN assembly attendees Who were the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash? Flight 302 passengers included 32 Kenyans, nine Britons and 22 people affiliated with the UN Boeing faces safety questions over 737 Max 8 jets https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/10/seven-britons-were-on-ethiopian-airlines-plane-that-crashed did those UN members voted the same way New Zealand did ???