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  1. don't let that bull out of your sight, he has been playing in mud
  2. it apply to everybody when it comes to coins, domestically produced will be hated by the locals overseas produced are sought after, they are harder to get and cost more for comparisons looking on the other side of the coins, we can't even be bothered, just the same old lady if you have had enough of the stuffs, then you will take in all other things except the old lady
  3. vat are not the same in each locations shipping & insurance differences metals spots and volume pricing there are so many variables that make them non-uniform
  4. flim

    Why is gold so sexy?

    in YELLOW BEASTS we trusts
  5. flim

    Buying Monthly....

    regular means to say, when there is a spot price drop of say >$1.00 or when there is a sales promotions, eg 50 cents over spot for mobile apps users etc members need urgent cash and selling for spot certain bars can be bought much cheaper as compared in different countries locations etc etc
  6. you can take a picture of the silver bullet and bring it to the mail office, ask for the post master name and write it on the photo, if you don't get a refund show him the picture 🤪
  7. the silver price is actually higher than that the time when this is originally posted 25 Feb 2019 so for people who hold on, actually is in the black, even though they missed out on some drop of <1.50 some people focus on the actions, while other focus on the metal if there were picked up at 14.50, then there is profit to be had
  8. Following last Thursday’s article on silver (A whale is accumulating silver futures), Ted Butler, an analyst who specifically follows silver futures on Comex, responded in an article posted on Silverseek.com, entitled “Wrong Whale”.I have decided I must refute his allegation that what I wrote is factually incorrect. The problem right from the start is there are very few facts to go on, something which I made clear in my article. In the absence of hard facts, it therefore amounts to one conspiracy theorist’s view against another’s. The difference is that in my article, for the avoidance of doubt I clearly admitted this role for myself while Butler does not. https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/refuting-ted-butler-s-criticism?gmrefcode=gata Refuting Ted Butler’s criticism
  9. Ted is just using the COT info to argue his point, the information is verify-able if we follow the sensational story, the expectation just did not happen...the analysis would be wrong and they are far from factual Hunt brothers did not corner silver market they were the victims of market regulation, liquidation only
  10. Wrong Whale http://silverseek.com/commentary/wrong-whale-17689
  11. it may not be easy to buy from India, expensive there due to tax it will too make us happy getting few pieces from India silver
  12. will Palladium and Platinum follow the recent Gold move ??
  13. https://www.sadanduseless.com/donald-meets-england-funny/?fbclid=IwAR1GDPJX9n3AvWH87LVylUsq6y7-pi1hafhuSWEjsH6mLKmxgCYM4rdkL2o
  14. back below 800 again may be now is about the time