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  1. flim

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    6'666 ploG wow ZILVER
  2. flim

    Today I Received.....

    got it today
  3. flim

    Britannia's overrated compared to cheaper offerings?

    there are just too many alternatives: change the law (other people are paying no tax on the same product else where) hold the metal in another country buy from where the tax is lower
  4. flim

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    put the magnet inside a small plastic bag.and stick it on a tin box or can for the 1 oz bar, it is worth to carry your air-tite capsule to fit for testing
  5. flim

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    fake panda is just too obvious, decorated with bamboo leaves as fur do the fake come in any capsules ? metals alloys smell bad silver got no smell
  6. flim

    Gates of Jerusalem

    will not use My money to pay for their Overpriced coin, skip
  7. flim

    Today I Received.....

    10 oz pour is absent
  8. flim

    PM's in freefall??

    silver prices is falling, so is available stocks
  9. flim

    A compiled List of bullion dealers

    https://www.bullionstar.com/ Singapore
  10. flim

    Today I Received.....

    sonypony from NSW (OZ) poured the SMITHYS BULLION as his hobby Mr Zeke (US) poured the tree logo https://www.instagram.com/silverpouringzeke/
  11. flim

    Bow to the next, newest Egyptian God...Sobek!

    Sobek neds air
  12. nothing against the mob of Emu, but just like last time the Palladium Emu, they were hard to get this time is no difference, they may be over priced, and never a need to buy into any hype at all a collector does not need to over pay, just to get the milk spots later, when he can get the milk spots now none the less, its a rare mob of birds