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  1. Aaahhhhh I missed it! Been a very busy chap and totally forgot to place my order and now I don’t have any loot to add to my stash.
  2. Witthe pound being down against the euro, what are we looking at for a price per ounce on this group order for 2018 brits?
  3. Finally managed to get to the post office to pick up my order and I am very pleased. The dragon/tiger is a beautiful coin and I’m always pleased with some Britannia’s to add to my stack. But what I am most pleased with is my 1oz byb 2018 bar. Beautiful silver. Many thanks @BackyardBullion
  4. Hi all. A friend of mine has two 1988 half sovereign proof coins. Just wondering what people think about what their value would be
  5. Nice video and a nice load of silver. One thing that I am curious about... the buying of gold on the group order! Given that we don’t pay VAT on gold in the UK, and many bullion dealers offer free shipping, is there even much of a saving when buying gold on the group order?
  6. Can I take 108 off your hands if it is still available please?
  7. Yep. Just got the email from Ebay to tell me ablut the fraudulent activity. Thought it would be too good to be true. Oh well.
  8. Someone’s legitimate account has likely been hacked. I will probably get an email from Ebay in a day or so to inform me of fraudulent activity on the account
  9. Yes I think it’s absolutely either a scam or a mistake. Ebay is a fraudsters playground and I don’t trust it at all. But I’m happy to risk £12. We shall see. Even if something does arrive, I would question its authenticity and have to get it checked. If it did turn out to be real then perhaps @BackyardBullion Can melt it a poor it into something pretty for me
  10. I’ve just ordered one. Absolutely worth the risk. I think the seller likely intended to list it as £120.99. If you look at the price of these on Atkinson then £120 would be about right.
  11. Surely that can’t be right. It’s either fake or the person has put the decimal in the wrong place when listing the price
  12. Do we know if the tiger/dragon comes in a capsule when buying a single coin?