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  1. So Marsh are quoting max mintage figures (although it also states that sets are not included, so they got that wrong). 🙄 @terakris I would be interested to know the mintage figure in Spink for a 1993 proof half sovereign, when you have time. 👍
  2. Interesting, got my mintage figure from Marsh, which does not include those in sets.
  3. I don't think there are any modern proof sovereigns with a mintage that low.
  4. Interesting to hear that the government cannot help British Steel due to EU rules... 🙄
  5. It's the symbol for Venus and is relevant to Cook https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1769_transit_of_Venus_observed_from_Tahiti
  6. 1993 Half Sovereign. This has the lowest mintage of the 3rd portrait series at 2910.
  7. As above, get a decent foundation in gold first then collect what interests you in silver.
  8. Farage should have done a Prescott on the lowlife. 😂
  9. Nice, love the j.aron, I have not seen one before. Here is my latest.
  10. Vintage National Refiners of Canada 1oz. A man cannot live on Engelhard alone. 😂
  11. What is going to happen when you get six... 🤔
  12. I may have my eye on something... 😉
  13. Sorry mate was refering to London mint halves. 1887 proof only
  14. What happened to the tulips @Roy 🤔