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  1. I have ordered random year eagles before and got mostly 2014,15,16. No early ones. All 999 I believe.
  2. 1996 is lowest mintage. I think that is about it.
  3. Need to see the bars Mike. 😉
  4. Bitten again. If it's vintage, has a serial number and weighs an oz, I want it. 🙄
  5. Trusted ebay seller win. Thanks for the quick delivery Yas.
  6. Wrong, Farage said it would mean unfinished business for some in the Tory party.
  7. You know what Truman said about economists.
  8. I love the 1oz bars, don't have anything bigger... yet. 🤔
  9. Looking forward to seeing the Gairsoppa poured. 👍
  10. I just have nothing better to do so read every damn post...
  11. OP enquired about the above yesterday Rich. I would think that price may be old news. 🤔
  12. I believe it was @Gildeon who was selling this. 🤔
  13. Don't venture into London these days. Forty years working there was enough.