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  1. Adding some salt intensifies the reaction too.
  2. The bar, because if you get the Buffalo you will never want to sell.
  3. I was listening on the laptop and quickly switched to LBC but missed the answer to that question, assuming he gave a straight one that is.
  4. Thank's. Andreas is offering free insured storage during the current situation.
  5. Thanks @Sovereign, my memory isn't what it was. 😂
  6. What company delivered it?
  7. I think @Sovereign posted a pic of an invoice showing £9 iirc.
  8. I am looking to put a few grand into a FTSE tracker fund but the price is still not low enough yet. I am no expert so can't offer any useful advice. 😂
  9. Cheers @Peacemaker Not buying during these turbulent times. Guess I am not as brave as @ilovesilverireallydo 😂
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