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    Various gold coins.
    Engelhard and Johnson Matthey 1oz silver bars.

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  1. Yes @Roy just too much of a temptation, one starts trying to aquire that certain coin. Stacking is just a bore imho.
  2. I was responding to tallthinkev when he said postage wipes out the saving, but both grades are from HGM so postage is added to either. 👍 Not applicable in you case as you shop personally.
  3. I would have an empty bank account. 😂
  4. @AndrewSL76 Be sure you are a weight only man, if you have a collector bone in your body you will end up disappointed.
  5. Well if you are buying either grade from them it doesn't. OP won't buy from Atkinsons.
  6. Glad to see you back Will, how did you fare sellling your silver, are you going to just focus on gold this time round?