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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Various gold coins.
    Vintage 1oz silver bars.

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  1. The bars Chris was selling you can't just buy online.
  2. @mr-dead sold his first stack to Atkinsons iirc.
  3. Slabs look great, definitely better than the album. 👍
  4. Vintage haul. Provenance, ex @ChrisG collection. 😀
  5. Loads of guys have bought bargain sovs from them which come with free junkmail. 😂
  6. Spot value of a sov is currently £278.94
  7. 9.17pm Friday night and I have slippers on. Ahh, old age.
  8. Half sovs. Next question. 😂
  9. Cheer up Jon, qasem soleimani's car is worse. 😉