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  1. JunkBond

    Quadrum Trays for Lidl case

    Also known as the L6 Cargo, but as @Bullionbilly says Lidl sometimes get a batch in. Cheap! http://www.coingallery.co.uk/lighthouse-l6-cargo-aluminium-coin-case-with-assorted-trays-3330-p.asp
  2. If anyone was unaware, you can get quadrum trays for the Lidl coin case. I had 2 delivered today plus capsules, solved some storage issues. http://www.coingallery.co.uk/blue-velvet-coin-tray-with-15-x-50mm-compartments-434-p.asp I do not work for coin gallery or get a kickback.
  3. JunkBond

    Today I Received

    1932 Indian Head Ten Dollars for my little "half oz or there abouts" collection.
  4. Just bought a couple of new trays for my L6 Coin Case that hold quadrum cases, so I can get different size coins from 1oz to 1/2 sov in a single tray. http://www.coingallery.co.uk/blue-velvet-coin-tray-with-15-x-50mm-compartments-434-p.asp http://www.coingallery.co.uk/10-x-quadrum-22mm-coin-case-320-p.asp
  5. JunkBond

    completed $10 Indian Head Eagle

    Had to do it @Roy lol PM incoming
  6. JunkBond

    completed $10 Indian Head Eagle

    Hope you get lucky @CosmikDebris, I just bought one this morning funnily enough. Newly acquired pre 33 addiction.
  7. JunkBond

    Today I Received

    Second pickup was a 2014 Gold Buffalo. The depth of strike on this coin has to be seen in the flesh! Turned into an expensive Sunday!
  8. JunkBond

    Today I Received

    First of two coins purchased from respected forum member @Paul 1924 $20 Dollar St Gaudens. It is safe to say this coin has blown me away! Paul is a top fella to deal with.
  9. JunkBond

    Today I Received

    1852 Half Sovereign. Lovely obverse, bit of a scratch on the reverse but pricey nicey. Ebay seller turned out to be a local coin collector and delivered it to me last night. Lovely chap, we chatted for ages, much to the wife's annoyance!
  10. JunkBond

    completed 1oz gold Brit £963

    Shame @PansPurse, it's a bargain! I need to tell the wife we still have some money. :-)
  11. Well, I took the plunge and bought the Buffalo as well, a coin I have been considering for a few weeks now, so very pleased with todays pickups. Certainly did not get out of bed this morning expecting to buy a couple of oz. And what a pair! Thanks Paul.
  12. I may have to go back out to work at this rate. :-)
  13. Will take the Buffalo @Paul, pm sent.
  14. JunkBond

    completed 1oz gold Brit £963

    I have a 2016 1oz Gold Brit at £963. Purchased by me from Baird Mint, pic of receipt available on request. Will be sent special delivery add £6 UK only Payment by Bank Transfer please. Thanks JB