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    July 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Congradulations Aurics!
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    April 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    congratulations @Big23!
  4. Easy, just don't buy one. Put your money in Gold Eagles, Gold bars, even Krugerrands. There are plenty of options out there.
  5. TXMoon

    Melting spotted, and toned coins

    I have about 20 oz of premium rounds and coins that have spotted, and one has started toning. If I melt these into bars will the same spotting and toning happen to the poured bars?
  6. TXMoon

    Melting spotted, and toned coins

    That is an excellent point.
  7. Greetings all, I come to this forum by way of Numistacker's YouTube videos. I live in Texas, USA and have only been stacking precious metals for 4 months now and am enjoying the hobby and investment opportunities. I am currently stacking for weight but would like to learn more about some Numismatic collecting as well. TXMoon