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  1. Added 0 minutes later... £370 inc postage
  2. Meant to be flying to Munich next Monday to sign a music deal as sold one of my songs... If I don't sell it I won't be going 😞😞😞
  3. £390 posted if anyone's interested???
  4. 2019 Full Proof Sovereign purchased through Royal Mint a couple of weeks ago. What else would you like to know mate?
  5. Tried to upload video of the coin but wouldn't let me. Screen shot attached. 👍
  6. Reluctant sale on this beautiful Full Sovereign.£430.00 Price includes signed for delivery
  7. Is anyone ordering from goldsilver.be this month towards the end???
  8. Hope your all having a lovely time.... roll on next year ????
  9. This Heritage/NGC sounds awesome and a huge positive leap for the forum ??? I'll be upgrading my membership next month to premium so I can support the site more as everyone else is. On the note of the missing coin, No mate I only received my panda and would have PM'd you immediately if it was enclosed accidentally ??? Hope it turns up ??????????
  10. Awesome video!!!!! Great to see so many pandas!!! ????? Congratulations everyone on your grades ???
  11. You could all meet and call yourselves the SILVER SWINGERS ?????????????? Wish I had the cash to go but there's always next year ???