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  1. Is anyone ordering from goldsilver.be this month towards the end???
  2. Hope your all having a lovely time.... roll on next year ????
  3. This Heritage/NGC sounds awesome and a huge positive leap for the forum ??? I'll be upgrading my membership next month to premium so I can support the site more as everyone else is. On the note of the missing coin, No mate I only received my panda and would have PM'd you immediately if it was enclosed accidentally ??? Hope it turns up ??????????
  4. Awesome video!!!!! Great to see so many pandas!!! ????? Congratulations everyone on your grades ???
  5. You could all meet and call yourselves the SILVER SWINGERS ?????????????? Wish I had the cash to go but there's always next year ???
  6. ??? Did you see my panda coin video on YouTube mate?
  7. When I send my next batch of pandas in for my personal collection can I request the red INFO insert with the panda on them and if so how much are they each? I am after eventually the complete year dates All with the same info slips so they look like one set ???
  8. A 1/20oz 1995 panda coin in pristine condition... another one to send to Mr @Numistacker ??????
  9. My baby 1998 small dated panda ??? Thank you so much Mr Numistacker and also thank you for the box ???????????
  10. If I didn't have a small handful of panda coins I would have nothing in my life seriously!!! I didn't know life was going to be this lonely at 40 years of age ????????
  11. Revenge for that tease picture of my panda yesterday ???