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  1. A friend of mine who finds me the odd coin here and there said that Silver and Gold ownership is quite common, and that most towns will have a few good coin shops. Seeing the variety he gets his hands on, doesn’t surprise me a large number of population do buy. Maybe not as high as the numbers quoted, however high enough demand to warrant opening so many shops.
  2. Nope same one. Found it odd my account got locked out though
  3. And not refunded yet. 2 days but paid on CC so not overly concerned about that.
  4. So got a call from H&B that I was over my 3 coin limit. So they said they cancelled my order and refunding me. But now I can’t log into my account and password reset doesn’t work. Anyone else get locked out?
  5. They look nice in their new home, a Royal Mint monster box...
  6. No just that I hit the 3 per household limit...
  7. Well they have caught on. Got my order cancelled today
  8. Got my massive 2110gm (67.8 oz) delivery of @StackerQueen hand poured Marvel and DC Characters. I love how raw they are. All hallmarked too
  9. In the last week I have seen a massive uptick of H&B Sovs being sold to Birmingham gold buyers lol. A guy came in with 20 of them... Good churn and burn strategy if you have the cash to play with. Seeing many of them being flogged for £235+ in other less aware groups on social media too... buy £224*10=£2240 sell £235*10=£2350 profit = £110 Do it 4 times and get a couple of Sovs nearly free lol. Use cash back credit card 1% then claw back more profits (£22.40 per 10 sovs bought!)
  10. Run a search for 224 on there site mate. Picked up a couple for £224 posted
  11. didnt work for me. Any limitations on it?
  12. I have 5 milky 1 oz 2015 999 silver elephants. Selling as bullion £13.50 each plus post or 67.5 posted for the lot.
  13. Careful when you mention slander. This is a specific post for people to be vigilant. Regarding the company you mention you think I am out to slander - actually others HAVE ordered from them in the past and have received their goods. As a member of this forum - we dont favour companies - but each other. I did the same due diligence on H&B - the co has a history of being in this market. .
  14. Some of these not to everyone’s taste but picked up the lot at a reasonable price
  15. Its certainly the cheapest in the UK. However - see the links about the co I posted earlier. I would be uncomfortable personally.