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Everything posted by ilovesilverireallydo

  1. Poker win again yesterday! Got my hands on this beauty. 1889 Melbourne full Sovereign. Although not rare not many in this condition available at a few quid over spot. also added better photos of the toned half shield.
  2. I started out buying 1/25s too. Although mine didn’t have those premiums lol. I suspect you could easily trade those for more gold.
  3. Remind me Monday may have those libs. Not sure if I sold them yet
  4. Came in and went straight out. Traded it for 5 sovs
  5. These are simply stunning! Come in sets of 4, 2gm each, matching serials. £20 per set plus post
  6. At spot those three coins were a bargain. Seen them go as high as 20% over spot. Super cute coins
  7. Would count it as bullion condition but still highly desirable. Tried to take decent photos £700 posted Special Delivery
  8. Sold one of those half shields and bought this one. Hardly ever see toning like this on gold...
  9. Small poker win over the weekend. Was a bigger win but went to offset last two losses 😂 love shield halves