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Everything posted by ilovesilverireallydo

  1. 1893 half dollar £10 1927D Peace £18 1890 O Morgan. £20 Slick George Crown 1822 £14 usual post at cost, more to come!
  2. We have a resident expert on the forum who has verified... it’s a repro lol.
  3. Not the same bud - this is certified treasure.
  4. Thanks - got that a few mins before you posted. If its real, its worth between £100-400. If its real - its a score as it came in a bag full of circulation junk silver.
  5. Any Idea? Thinks it’s Chinese but no idea what to look for.
  6. For today only the 1959 for £295 posted SD. Otherwise they go back to long term storage.
  7. Two very good condition Full Sovereigns. Looking for: £305 For today only the 1959 for £295 posted SD. Otherwise they go back to long term storage. on the 1959 (lowest mintage of the run ) £289 on the 1962 (3rd lowest mintage of the run). I can include special delivery if buying both otherwise post at cost. Bullionbypost and Chards are both around £427 on 59, £315 on the 62.
  8. Prob @fehk2001 will have a hook up for these, not out yet though
  9. Lol no need for the hypnosis. Graded stuff just doesn’t interest me although I can appreciate the value in perfection.
  10. WOW that’s quite a result bud. I am so glad your gamble paid off! That coin is now worth WAAAAAY more than you got it for. Awesome 👏
  11. In the us Dimes, quarters and halves are reasonably cheap to stack fractional silver. In the UK 3pence, sixpence, shillings, florins And half crowns. 50% silver are often available at or just above spot. Much better value than these
  12. 1 krug and OMP Maple sold payment pending.