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  1. So my two cents: both those marks are test marks. One is a drill the other looks like testing acid brushed across. 1. Sending the coin back and incurring costs and risk isn’t worth it. Hold it and sell when spot goes up a bit, 2% could go up in a couple of days! If you want to sell below spot to melt, let me know, I could probably get you 99% to 98% of spot. 2. Suggest you are willing to order a replacement (as they are paying delivery) to CHOOSE the replacement coin! Ie send photos please. If they are dogs it would be easy to tell.
  2. Not strictly today but @PandaCoins hooked me up with these 1gm gold bar capsules that make my orphaned bars much better 😂 and I found a little container they all stack in nicely
  3. Got some nice old Indian silver. Some for sale some to keep
  4. Cheapest I have seen - bargain. @Pete were you after Privies still?
  5. In 1968, Fairchild engineer Federico Faggin improved MOS technology with his development of the silicon-gate MOS chip, which he later used to develop the Intel 4004, the first single-chip microprocessor. It was released by Intel in 1971, and laid the foundations for the microcomputer revolution that began in the 1970s. And that exponentially grew our reliance on technology and our ability to grow exponentially. Productivity grew due to the use of computing technology.
  6. This lovely gentleman man spent most his life as a topper for a trophy from the 1950s or so. he had to retire from his day job as the trophy was scrapped and could not be salvaged. he’s a good size and weighty. He is 925 Sterling and would make an excellent display and can be easily mounted as the parts are all in one piece. The mount screws an unscrews so can be mounted and screwed in place fairly easily. I would like £15.50 plus post to part with him
  7. Ita American by the looks of it, hard to age it. Got pics of front?
  8. These are from packs of six, LBMA certified Nadir Mint. They are glittery 1gm bars callers karat bars, 999 pure. Will cut individual pieces. £43 each plus post at cost. 3 available 1 SOLD maplegram £45.50 one available SOLD 1gm combibar £43 each Umicore in Assay £44 1967 Full Sovereign £285 posted SD Post on top at cost on all 1gms, bank transfer only please. Post on top at cost, bank transfer only please.