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  1. I bought the Kenyan one for the same reason. Tanzania actually issued several. The first I believe was this one before their currency got devalued by hyperinflation. (I know the region well having spent a lot of summers in both Kenya and Tanzania
  2. Thats just sloppy. I bet its a return just sold on without QC. If its not a return, even more shame on them.
  3. looks like its been in someones prison wallet before being shipped.
  4. Quite a lot of over the last few weeks, might do a group shot later. However this coin I have been lusting after for over 2 years since I found out it existed. 9k minted and one of only 4 times Kenya issued gold coins this being the first. Chuffed to have bought it at 2% over spot today!
  5. Shame it’s holed but still old gold! £255 plus post of your choice
  6. false flags? My fav false flag theory one is the Christchurch Port Aurthur Shootings. So many insane details about it.
  7. 300 examples struck for inclusion in the British Coronation sets of 1839 and 100 other were sold up to 1841. It is speculated, but not confirmed, there may have been some single (not sets) coins sold too, however no concrete info is available if this actually happened. To answer your specific question, they were a coronation issue marking the 1937 coronation. From a now disappeared article (I had saved a copy): Here is the interesting - little known history behind the coin - Pistrucci actually designed the first version of the coronation coin - but people hated it: Source https://web.archive.org/web/20180705071941/http://numismaster.com/ta/numis/Article.jsp?ad=article&ArticleId=29313
  8.  3 x Canadian Maple leaf 1oz Tubes (Fit Florins) - £0.70 each Yes please Mike
  9. Am pushing for 1000 oz of silver and 100 oz of gold before I reassess my goals. Silver about halfway there, Gold is taking longer lol.
  10. Use the google translate app, it will scan text and translate it for you
  11. Uninstall any extensions, sometimes they conflict with one another.