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  1. Anyone collect these? Any resources to buy locally reasonably priced?
  2. Lol I was the same. Picked up a fair few along the way, thankfully when spot was lower.
  3. https://www.mylondon.news/news/uk-world-news/royal-mail-announces-changes-post-18037979
  4. Sterling silver chains . Last of my stock! £30 on heavier one £21 on lighter one. Post at cost.
  5. We had news on Thursday they are shut. So are Metalor for now.
  6. Long shot but Am after tubes or decent quantities of 1 oz bullion coins. Looking to pay £15.50-16 an oz posted. May pay slightly more for decent quality ones.
  7. 8 Mexican Libertads 2008 £19 each 4 copper liberty rounds £2 each American constitution dollar (90%) £15 Gairsoppa shipwreck Silver 1/4 oz Britannia £14 16 German WW2 5 Marks £10 each 3 2012 Britannia (958 silver but 1 oz pure silver content) in original mint pack £21 each Bank transfer only please. Postage at cost.
  8. I posted the original article on this yesterday. ABNAMRO used to offer real PM investment but the new laws and supplier makes it harder to fulfil delivery on request, it’s not paper gold at all.
  9. Because general buyers are a bit cray cray and prefer 24ct coins. Those restrikes are stunning. The other thing = the restrikes are minted in high quantity each year so they probably have a higher stock count.
  10. 1gm bars from a multipack. £47 each plus post at cost. Insured post is special delivery anything else at your risk. Bank transfer only please.
  11. https://www.trouw.nl/economie/klanten-van-abn-amro-moeten-hun-goud-verkopen~b668b850/ has to do with not being able to guarantee delivery.
  12. Frankly that bar is usually that price anyway, and wanted one in my collection for a while. Will likely have to sell some other stuff off to pay for it though lol 😂
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