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  1. ilovesilverireallydo

    help with this <

    @sg86 is an authority on the subject of sovs..
  2. ilovesilverireallydo

    Today I Received.....

    Just a box of mints...
  3. ilovesilverireallydo

    Britannia's overrated compared to cheaper offerings?

    The CGT angle is pointless for low volume stackers. I have a couple of investment banker friends that stack only Brits, but their typical orders are monster boxes, at least a couple a month. If you equate that to annual buying it’s nearly £150k a year. Selling that much volume privately is not easy, but can be done in the right networks. However they happily declare those sales and pay no tax on them. One guy said that when silver hit £9 in December 2015, he basically bought £200k worth of Brits from Europe. Sold them just after the July 2016 peak to another private stacker of his calibre and cleared a reasonable profit, all legal, all tax free, all declared. So the CGT thing has its place,when you playing at the right volumes. Edit: I forgot to say that the lot he bought in July wasnt the lot he sold, instead it replaced the lot he did sell.
  4. ilovesilverireallydo

    What to stack??

    I stack all sorts of world silver partly because premiums in the U.K. are lower on it than pure silver and the future numismatic value adds an additional hedge against prices. I know for a fact that a lot of these coins get melted each year and supply will keep diminishing.
  5. ilovesilverireallydo

    for exchange JM Bullion 10oz bar in OMP

    Hi bud, looking for bullion to bullion weight. Once those Leopards get milky they lose some of the premium so not 100% sure I would trade for them
  6. ilovesilverireallydo

    for exchange JM Bullion 10oz bar in OMP

    I have sent you a pm
  7. ilovesilverireallydo

    for exchange JM Bullion 10oz bar in OMP

    I just prefer coins to be honest. And I have a few of these 10 ozzers, and think a couple is more than enough. Also smaller denominations easier to sell than a single 10 oz
  8. ilovesilverireallydo

    for exchange JM Bullion 10oz bar in OMP

    Looking to trade weight for weight here. Prefer Brits, but interested in any rounds except Maples. Also 1 oz bars or any combination. Would consider junk silver coins exchange rate to be mutually agreed.
  9. ilovesilverireallydo

    Royal Mail “Progress”

    I believe @mr-dead knows this subject better than most of us if he would like to weigh in
  10. ilovesilverireallydo

    completed JM Bullion 10oz bars in OMP.

  11. ilovesilverireallydo

    completed JM Bullion 10oz bars in OMP.

    couple left - just got my second delivery
  12. ilovesilverireallydo

    completed JM Bullion 10oz bars in OMP.

    3 sold 2 left JM Bullion 10oz bars in OMP. £145 plus post of choice and at cost. If you take two+ will drop price to £140 each plus post Bank transfer only. Only available today...
  13. ilovesilverireallydo

    What to stack??

    $11 per $1 for pe64 is a good price for current rates. As you are in the US - start with silver at spot deals here https://findbullionprices.com/buy-silver-at-spot-deals.php
  14. ilovesilverireallydo

    wanted Empty BRITANNIA tubes wanted

    I have a couple need to check. Prob do about £3 each
  15. ilovesilverireallydo

    completed Heraeus 1 oz Silver Bar

    I might have a spare, if I find it will let you know.