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  1. HGM buy it, you have to call them. I have a couple of Birmingham contacts who’ll pay 97% spot price so can always hook you up
  2. You would be lucky to get any in scrap matey. Best to call a few scrap dealers to see if they have any scrap rings etc, particularly jewellery Quarter
  3. Not really, unless bought from lower tax European countries, even then there is a tax, it’s just lower. My go to Strategy at start was to hunt eBay auctions for junk Silver coinage . Built up quite a stack under or around spot this way.
  4. If you scroll down to gifting section you will see them listed haven’t tried but the code is ACCES50
  5. I think the silver sixpence are on sale. They usually appreciate and at 50% off might be a reasonable but
  6. Well I got my refund but account is still locked lol.
  7. Well get a Full English Breakfast in...
  8. I would buy 10 of the McDonald’s ones to be fair. They will seriously go up in value
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48392141
  10. Tube of silver Eagles £280 plus post of choice