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  1. ilovesilverireallydo

    for sale Vintage Sterling silver charms / pendants

    Dear charms sold
  2. ilovesilverireallydo

    for sale Mixed European lot Silver circulated coins

    4 Sweden 20/30s 50 ore coinsmelt value is about £1.15. £5 for the 4 coins Sweden 10/ 25 ores 40% silver 20gm at spot Poland 200 zloty coin 62.5% £4 Belgium 20 FR 68% £3.10 Greece 20 drachma x4 83.5% £3 each Post of your choice. PayPal FF or bank transfer
  3. ilovesilverireallydo

    Today I Received.....

    Here are three of my proof halves. Unfortunately they have been handled and marked so no real premium on them anymore
  4. ilovesilverireallydo

    Today I Received.....

    All PROOFS have the frosted portraits on the modern sovs
  5. ilovesilverireallydo

    Today I Received.....

    See the photo @Roy just posted in this thread. Mirror finishes are bullion’s.
  6. ilovesilverireallydo

    for sale Vintage Sterling silver charms / pendants

    Am selling some of my vintage British sterling pendants / charms. £0.65 a gram weights and pics shown. Postage at cost.
  7. ilovesilverireallydo

    wanted 1/10th Gold Maple

    @ChrisG because spots dropped today, Atkinson’s have the 2019 for just under £120 with free insured delivery
  8. ilovesilverireallydo

    for sale Poured and interesting silver

    Only dice remaining!
  9. ilovesilverireallydo

    Today I Received.....

    More fractional! A friend brought these from Turkey
  10. ilovesilverireallydo

    Today I Received.....

    Some odd bits today. These little silver coins are actually centres from American Casino Silver Strike. Some dolt thought it was a good idea removing them. Shame as the Marylin Monroe and the James Dean command premiums as do a couple others. Then a trade unit and a Panam round, rare as not easily available in U.K. then last, 1/10 krugs and a lusty Lizzy Young Head full sov.
  11. ilovesilverireallydo

    for sale Poured and interesting silver

    One Monarch bar sold. Reduced
  12. ilovesilverireallydo

    Some stolen gold

    This is the story of the guy being caught https://www.derehamtimes.co.uk/news/man-jailed-for-theft-of-antique-coins-in-norfolk-1-4475498
  13. ilovesilverireallydo

    Some stolen gold

    BucksCoins is pretty well known in the numismatic community, if I recall does a ton of business on eBay.
  14. ilovesilverireallydo

    Gillete advert

    I am Indian and I find these things stupid. Reverse racism which just makes people take notice for the wrong reason. I understand diversity is important, but if it’s that important, go and recruit properly. I don’t care what race or gender the officer that helps me is, just help when I need it is enough.
  15. ilovesilverireallydo

    Some stolen gold

    Bill circulated these photos at the time. He said it WAS a targeted theft as they broke into a hidden wall safe. Whether the coins were targeted specifically isn’t known. original note he circulated: I have been advised that a significant collection of very valuable and historically important coins has been stolen from a private collection in Dublin this week. The collection includes an almost complete date run of Sovereigns from 1817 to 1968 (only 1819 missing). There are two 1841 sovereigns of which one is Uncirculated or near so. Additionally, there are stunning guinea, two guinea and five guinea pieces that are also missing. I have attached pictures of a couple of the five guinea pieces that were taken. This looks like a targeted robbery BUT it may have been untargeted in which case the coins may be offered merely for melting – which would be a disaster for numismatics. If you see or are offered stunning coins that may have come from this collection, please contact the Dublin Garda Police). If you are not in Ireland but hear about the coins – please contact me directly and I will pass on the information. Added 0 minutes later... The 1669 was valued at £50k alone