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  1. I have a couple I think you can have for cost of post. Let me check
  2. Oh man, I feel so dumb! Completely forgot i have the 5 marks coming in, but will be a couple of weeks.
  3. Dunno about distributor but I know Bob @SilverStan has sources that may be able to acquire stuff you after.
  4. Enter button prob bit dirty - there are loads of guides on how to unstick it. I would certainly do that. From what i hear Linux runs well on old Macs, and the processing power makes it feel as fast as most modern windows machines as you arent blowing the processor with the tonnes of rubbish that goes on in the background on windows machines. I would give it a whack. https://www.imore.com/how-try-out-linux-aging-mac GAH - EDIT: just realised its NOT a mac. Only worth installing linux if the processing power is decent.
  5. Happened to me once. Bought 1/10 Isle of Man gold coin for spot. Turned out it was a piedfort which means although the coin is marked 1/10, it’s actually double the weight! So 1/5 for price of 1/10. Was quite happy with that lol. Bought from a pawn broker...
  6. Not sure you will see many of these floating around anymore. £15.50 each plus post at cost. Bank transfer only
  7. Dammit am broke otherwise would have had that
  8. Excellent so looks like I have the full set. Just need to replace the stones and find a decent way to display.
  9. No idea but might be. Need to do more research has to be before Berlin Wall as it has West Germany as a separate country
  10. These cool little things. 3gm sterling silver each, with countries and their precious stones, and specific gravit and hardness details on the back. About 4 missing stones and not sure how many were in a set, but pretty cool!
  11. My contact will do them at 2% over spot as and when he has them, and most his come in decent grades, though you may get some of the crappier ones. If you looking for best value - retail wise they are the best priced. I can put you in touch if you like.
  12. other years they did "endangered wildlife" ones - same denominations, purity and weight (pre 96 these were 925 i believe - but not 100% sure) https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces89721.html