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  1. Even with spot around 4 pound an ounce
  2. Wow thanks Interesting info price has not changed drastically when spot was @£4 they were £11.95 silver is deffo the long game 25+ years
  3. So no one was buying in 2005 ?
  4. how much were 2005 brits to buy in the uk in 2005 silver was low so just interested to see what the mark up was then and how my stack could fare in the future compared to todays prices
  5. Not a bad fake if it is I thought 30 years in a mount may have mishapened it or even the mounting process. 1915 Perth mint it had the S above the date is this what you mean by Perth very new to sovereigns
  6. Great was this common for some to be over sized? I thought it may have become misshaped from being in the mount for years. 1915p?
  7. Sorry for bad images my camera with macro lens is playing up had to take with my phone. It's The Sidney mint 1915 as you can see it's just too big to fit in 19.5 capsule another image on top of another half to see size difference and a few others for comparison . thoughts?
  8. i have a half sovereign i removed from a necklace mount all looked ok to me but when i went to put it into a 19.5mm capsule like the rest of my halfs it was slightly too large to fit . weight is correct could i have a fake or could being in the mount have squashed it slightly ? will post pics shortly
  9. TBH I have only been stacking 3 or 4 months and it's surprising how fast it grows.
  10. mrbritish1976

    OK own up

    Who managed to nab these? https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver/pre-owned-silver-coins/pre-owned-post-2013-uk-britannia-1oz-silver-coin just about to add to basket and they were then out of stock
  11. Used to run an online gun shop and also a site selling fancy tea and coffee beans Made a good living. Find the right product at the right price wholesale and it can be well worth the efforts
  12. I have 2 sovereigns one on a mount and one on a ring.. Would I be better off removing from mounts to sell separately when the time comes or mounted with mount cost added.