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  1. 2 x 2018 Rwanda dogs for sale, mint condition reduced to £30 for the two includes postage.
  2. 2 x capsulated 2017 Britannia’s for sale mint condition. £30 for the two including postage.
  3. 1 x queens beast 2oz griffin £40 plus postage
  4. Ok mate can you do a bank transfer and for the £40 plus postage I reckon £4.25 should cover it special recorded delivery or you can choose a cheaper option?
  5. 2oz 2017 griffin for sale from queens beasts collection excellent condition £40 plus postage
  6. With such a low mintage id like to have one or twoI can hold it long term not really looking to flip it unless a mega stupid price came along.
  7. im UK based my profile says Italy that's just where I am right now I need to work out how to change that haha. but anything I bought would be going to my UK address.
  8. ah thanks for that info Sal, how much are the proofs going for do you know?
  9. yeah that's great, when do you want my order and where do I tell you what it is. I don't post the order on here no?
  10. Yeah sounds like a great way to save I am new to this so if I don't understand some things guys please bear with me haha. but yeah already so glad I joined this forum lots of people here who you can ask for advice being a newbie.
  11. Hi Backyard Bullion, Yes I would be interested in that but again im new so can you please let me know how the group order works, I know goldsilverbe as I have used them myself. if you are arranging it please let me know what I need to do to be included. thanks.
  12. Hi Bullionbilly, As I say im new to this and never use ebay and many people I see on the advice videos say its a bit dodgy buying from there?
  13. Hi Bullion Billy thanks for the welcome I really like this coin and see that there is only a 1000 mintage so I am not sure what? if any becomes available what sort of price it would be. and also then look and think if the price is worth it or not.
  14. Hi Guys, New here but have been looking on various dealer sites and cant seem to find this, does any body have one for sale or know who has these in stock? and how much is a good price to pay?