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    999magnum reacted to CutOfJib in Thoughts on Australia at Night?   
    Anyone have any thoughts on this new first in series from Niue?  Mintage 1000 proof silver coins.  I think the platypus looks good, personally.

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    999magnum reacted to PansPurse in RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted   
    Too many different products dilutes interest and makes each individual less special
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    999magnum reacted to mr-dead in Starting to feel like a recovering alcoholic   
    Stackers anonymous
    My name is Mark and its been 5 weeks since my last PM purchase.
    getting twitchy fingers again 😓
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    999magnum reacted to blackadder in Nazi Silver   
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    999magnum reacted to sovereignsteve in Nazi Silver   
    The trick is to be open minded. If you disagree with something, it's important to realise that the offending viewpoint exists for a reason. It may well be correct and it is your view that is wrong. It's important not to think all your views are incontrovertible. we all make mistakes and are sometimes wrong, even though at the time, we were certain we were right.
    ps some people will read this as patronising. it wasn't meant to be, although if it needs to be explained to anyone, it probably should be
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    999magnum reacted to sovereignsteve in Nazi Silver   
    Seemed pretty clear to me, this is what you said:
    "I'm a bit surprised the thread has gone this far. Discussion and debate are all well and good, but there are some things i strongly feel people do not have any rights whatsoever to debate or question, no matter how educated, entitled, or enlightened we think we are."
    and I haven't taken it out of context either.
    "You have taken my quote and ran with it as a general disapproval of any discussion of the period. In fact i was referring to some things within such discussions that nobody has a right to put up for debate or question."
    Yes, this thread has gone off at a tangent or at least has deviated slightly along a line that the OP was worried about. But that's what we do on here, we frequently go off the original topic. It can be a bit chaotic but it's fun. It's adult discussion. The fact that the OP felt the need to be apprehensive about how people feel about Nazi memorabilia etc, is a sad indictment.
    However, as, soon as people start using words such as yours; saying others do not have a right to openly discuss certain topics, is the road to fascism. You talk as though these "topics" or "facts" as you see them cannot be questioned . This again is a dangerous area. Who decides what "facts" are incontrovertible and cannot be questioned? If philosophers and scientists had adhered to this stifling of thought throughout history, we'd still be living in the dark ages of religious thought control, ignorance, intolerance, lynch mobs and witch-hunts.
    We should all have the right to discuss what we like. If closed-minded people don't like it, they can stop looking or listening, that is their prerogative. If anyone spouts rubbish, good argument and peer group opposition will show their views and arguments to be empty. However, they should have the right to submit them and attempt to justify them.
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    999magnum reacted to FriedrichVonHayek in Nazi Silver   
    Yes it is someone who comes out with banal statements to make themselves sound virtuous and they look for discrimination that doesn't really exist.
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    999magnum reacted to SILVERFINGER in Nazi Silver   
    Here's three more for you that we have a huge problem with in society these days, snowflake generation,  virtue signallers and SJW's  😉
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    999magnum reacted to sovereignsteve in Nazi Silver   
    sounds to me like the "liberal"/"socialist" reaction of shouting opponents down when they dare try to open discussions on topics you don't like. If you disagree with someone just call them fascist, racist, ****phobic etc, just pick one.
    I take it you want to be the one who decides what we can all discuss?
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    999magnum reacted to Pipers in Nazi Silver   
    As far a coinage goes the 'spoils of war' mean the victors get to loot and tell history, coinage will come under that.  I do not collect nazi items or in this instance German coinage at that time.  Do not feel bad about owning coinage, it's what you think say and your actions that matter not a coin. 
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    999magnum reacted to blackadder in Nazi Silver   
    ofc they are,Deactivated firearms more or less takes all the value outta said guns anyway.It's a nice collection all the same
    Also i don't think anyone is dumb enough to post illegal firearms they own on a forum.All would be obsolete calibres,deactivated or legal to own
    and everything is illegal in the uk 😂
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    999magnum reacted to gold in Nazi Silver   
    why have you got what looks to be live bullets . and are these guns deactivated. if they are not then they are illegal in the uk.
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    999magnum reacted to mr-dead in 999 silver superman   
    New from NZ mint if your a superman fan (which I am not personally but it looks good)
    1000 mintage
    360 video:

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    999magnum reacted to SILVERFINGER in Nazi Silver   
    My profile picture is of my 1939 dated nazi era Walther PPK which is absolutely beautiful workmanship, I have 9 German WW2 era guns (plus other nations),  people like German stuff for all different reasons, the high quality and the late war low quality and shortcuts and inventivenes, they were the first big recyclers of captured and altered military weapons, their uniforms were extremely smart compared to ours, but being designed by Hugo Boss of aftershave fame I am not surprised, then there is the attraction of the infamy and evilness of it all, which fascinates many people,  much the same why people like to keep poisonous snakes as pets I guess.
    And before anyone says I am a nazi I aint, I research WW2 weaponary and write about it, I have nearly 40 weapons, 100 of ordnance and probaby close to 300 books on all aspects of WW2 of all nations.


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    999magnum reacted to StackerNoob in Nazi Silver   
    I understand why you ask about morality here, because we live in a world where people dont like to face facts and want to avoid uncomfortable truths. This isnt a dig at you, its a dig at those who would dare suggest you shouldnt own reichmarks.
    That is just ridiculous. We learn by looking back at our history and seeing how we went wrong before. How is that immoral? Nobody should suggest that owning a piece of history makes you immoral. Pretending it didnt happen is far more immoral in my opinion. You are basically forgetting about the tens of millions of people who died just so you dont have to feel awkward about it. I have a copy of Mein Kampf because I wanted to learn what would drive a man to the levels of cruelty displayed during WWII. When I tell people this they look at me as if I've just goosestepped up to them.
    I have often searched ebay for reichmarks simply because I want to learn about it. And lets not forget, the premiums on such pieces are huge because they represent a pivotal period in the history of our species. Go for it dude, tell the snowflakes where to go.
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    999magnum reacted to sixgun in Nazi Silver   
    My grandad was in the London fire brigade in the war. He had some stories of burning bodies. So i did not post but i did not forget. Least we forget - England started the war and England started the bombing. Hitler never wanted war with England. War could have been avoided. English people died needlessly because of the traitors in our government who were spoiling for war. Most of the His Story books forget to mention these little details. Most of the His Story books forget to mention most of the truth and spin propaganda.
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    999magnum reacted to Xander in Nazi Silver   
    You forgot to mention the Nazi Luftwaffe.
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    999magnum got a reaction from RisinSun in I like this one   
    When I say “I like this one” I don’t mean in the fehk2001 way which means will it bring me bitches and riches 😀. I mean that I really like this one as in ONE for the collection 😎
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    999magnum reacted to blackadder in Coin Rings   
    Don't you just need to buy the right equipment 😂
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    999magnum got a reaction from Lindeman in Libertad Photo Thread...   
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    999magnum reacted to fehk2001 in I like this one   
    I like this one as well, but I think once they sell well there will be more coming however it is cheap toys so nevermind
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    999magnum got a reaction from Sadbuttrue2 in I like this one   
    2018 Saint Helena 1 oz Silver £1 Spade Guinea Shield BU
    $19.50 US. Boom
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    999magnum got a reaction from Sadbuttrue2 in I like this one   
    2018 Saint Helena 1 oz Silver £1 Spade Guinea Shield BU
    $19.50 US. Boom
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    999magnum reacted to kimchi in Do you think the Two Dragons Silver Coin will do well?   
    The silver coin market is saturated. Imvho no-one will remember any of these in a year or two, much less want to buy them.
    I'm sticking with plain bullion for silver pretty much from here on in (apart from the old 'dependables' like Kooks, Pandas etc - though even those have perhaps got too much and probably peaked a couple of years back). The Beasts seem to be doing well for now but the quality is appalling.
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    999magnum reacted to Lr103 in US Mint : More Ugly Coins   
    Just to clarify, these are not US Mint coins.
    These are issued by the Native American Mint, and are part of a series that features a state, a tribe associated with that state, and an animal integral to the tribe.