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  1. I've never seen them available in cards in the USA but now they are seeing MCM's website.
  2. I guess they're packaging these in those cards now? The first two didn't come in cards.
  3. It might go up 5 cents tomorrow or it could drop 10 cents. Either way it's pinching pennies time.
  4. It looks to be a small variation of the lunar animals. Dragon, phoenix, tiger, etc. This boat has already sailed imho. I'd rather buy an ASE instead.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I think I see a mintmark to the left of the letter J, but I can't make it out because of the quality of the photo. Maybe you can tell us what the mintmark is.
  6. 999magnum


    I was waiting for him to post again just to see if he did it again 😂
  7. No I do no know the date when the toblerone releases from your butt hole
  8. cigarettes, liquor and toilet paper key to a successful end of the world party.
  9. I like all government bullion, but the Armenia Noah's Arc is one of my favorites.
  10. Sure are, but soon they'll be under China's full control. So if they're already so free and happy and should be thankful, then why the protests do you think? Can you elaborate on that? I told myself that I'd never entertain posts like these, but you're sounding like such a sore anti American foreigner that I just need to know more. Yes I need to know more about MY country from a FOREIGNER because I need to learn more about catch phrases like "American geopolitical adventurism" BTW you have already used choice words about two different countries. Lets hear more Mr. expert about other nations.
  11. Freedom is not free. Their( Hong Kongers) freedom is absolutely more important to them than whatever else the rest of the world thinks. I can really appreciate that.