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  1. Had to slow down the reading for this one...
  2. No proof or experienced opinion, but I think all mints do some shady stuff. The temptation for illegal gold is real.
  3. A friend of mine used to collect key chains of anything that were enameled and they look just like these. For the same price of a regular coin/round I don't see a problem collecting these, but artist, artisan, sensei or not, if it's 18 pounds over spot, there's just no way.
  4. Firstly get a magnet on it. Then Weigh and measure the coin. This is the best way to spot fakes when you're just not sure. I thought the op had this coin in hand. Sorry I'm half in the bag.
  5. I have to think that someone didn't do their job, and and let these pass thru. Reputation is so crucial nowadays.
  6. 999magnum


    Christine sounds hot
  7. BTW, they're not a PMs dealer, but an electronics one.
  8. It was nothing like that. No emotions, just facts. Clean and concise as per usual except this was a negative feedback. They got it off. They're a huge seller on ebay. Way bigger than anybody here I'll be willing to bet.
  9. 999magnum


    He probably lost power before he could finish his post.
  10. Big sellers especially get negative feedback erased. The only negative feedback that I ever left was erased from their feedback history. Now no one gets a feedback from me anymore.
  11. yea man. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  12. I notice some of you Brits are quite critical of the RM with anything they do. Is it the high price?
  13. I've never seen them available in cards in the USA but now they are seeing MCM's website.