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  1. you have a side collection? I barely have a collection.
  2. You said it yourself. You want to gift them a sovereign because YOU like them, but will they appreciate the full meaning of getting a piece of gold like you and I would? Or would cash be more helpful for the newlyweds... edit: I just saw that you can't give them cash? well then I guess there's nothing else left to do then.
  3. Generally I'd say this is a bad idea, but who knows.
  4. I think it looks stunning. Maybe this is the series that will keep them afloat.
  5. For sale now at apmex $33.36 US
  6. Sorry, when you guys from across the pond say "junk silver", what are some examples or are you talking about USA junk?
  7. I started using black duct tape after seeing a package arrive that way. Just the look of the black duct tape is a deterrent 😁
  8. I can just imagine how awesome a K Libertad would be.
  9. I just saw a new one. People on yt are trying to hype the 2019 emu big time with the third leg error, but of course it's not an error. It's the tree in the background with a bad finish. One youtuber who is a self proclaimed flipper, was making such a big deal about this that it was almost sad to watch. Especially him being an obvious older male, but acting like a giddy child talking about this "error".
  10. I stopped buying these after the Arc one. This series doesn't interest me anymore at all.