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  1. Are we talking about the 2019 Simpson coins here?
  2. I emailed most of the big companies. The only one that got back so far was JM bullion. The ebay gift card is a great idea imho.
  3. Basically what we're sayin' is, where the flip have you been man?! 😀
  4. Maybe he was alerting us from across the pond 👌
  5. Another possibly fun thread gone all serious with self interest opinions full of theories sprinkled with a little bit of fear. Same nonsense said over and over and over again. What could possibly be the motive...
  6. This is a great design.
  7. There are plenty of options for car safes that are non intrusive and hidden under the seat for example here in the USA, but you guys and girls over there drive mini Coopers right? Sorry, no choices for safes for those emm vehicles.
  8. I will too. One thing that I never noticed is that Gainsville coins has an office in the UK. https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/help/contactus
  9. I don't collect this series, but I will have to pick up a Cap America. That coin looks great.
  10. This video is over 6 years old too....weird this guy is watching stuff like this and getting mind screwed. I'm a new stacker too and I rarely watch stuff like this.
  11. Must be a great feeling to think of something that would be cool in Ag to find out it actually and already exists!
  12. Very cool. Thanks for sharing 👍
  13. Things aren't working as planned...