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  1. This tube it took me about a year because I tried to stay in the $20 price. Some I got cheaper but most were $20 to $$22.
  2. Here you go. https://www.monarchpreciousmetals.com/supplies/coin-tubes/new-37mm-square-plastic-coin-tube-1982-1995-mexican-libertad-detail
  3. "John Wick® Gold and Silver Rounds - APMEX is proud to offer another fantastic APMEXclusive® product with John Wick rounds, designed as replicas of the Gold coins used in the John Wick saga, brought to life in .9999 fine Gold and .999 fine Silver. With striking designs and extremely low mintages, these rounds are perfect for any John Wick fanatic, or any collector looking to add unique products to their collection." Just clarifying.
  4. I'll get one if the premium is under $22 US
  5. It states that it will have "extremely limited mintage". What do you guys think?
  6. The one auction for a 1921 Morgan is by M Barr Coins which is a huge ebay seller that I buy from regularly, so police property room items for auction? I don't think so imho, but who knows, might be some good deals to be had. I'll check it out for a while. okay so shipping kills the deal it would seem. Instead Check these guys out at MBARRCOINS on ebay. All their coins ship free.
  7. Putin should drink some silver like that other guy with the chick even though he's flippin' blue.
  8. ok I'll say it. He looks ridiculous, but he's still gettin' some.
  9. I remember seeing this a while ago and saying to myself, self, I need to get one of those.
  10. This is a series that I just can't get into because I don't think the designs are anything special and I'd rather pick up another QB for basically the same price.
  11. I agree with @Sovereign. He uses those words plus "reproduction, restrikes...". I know what he's trying to do here. He will fool the young and dumb, but I doubt most will think this is real gold sovereigns.
  12. Very nice. This will keep me entertained for days!
  13. I've learned and still learn so much from the forum that I can't specifically say. Maybe the one thing that changed radically was the fact that I'm not a buyer of the cheapest, closest to spot silver anymore.
  14. The design is very good, but you know how that goes.