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  1. 999magnum

    Small dent on silver bars.

    When you said “dent” I expected a dent. Something that happened from a drop maybe. That’s not a dent but a dimple. It happens in the casting process sometimes. In my experience it’s peefectly natural but the resident expert in pouting silver @BackyardBullion Might be able to explain this fenominon better.
  2. 999magnum

    Ziploc bag from APMEX

    Yes. Just a few months ago that’s how apmex used to ship mainly. The sealed plastic bags are relatively new and it brings absolutely nothing to the value. If you’re worried if that one oz might not be true, don’t be worried. It’s just packaging so they can slap that paper sticker on it instead of the bar itself. You made a very nice purchase. Enjoy them!
  3. 999magnum

    Ziploc bag from APMEX

    So they are secondary market priced because the packaging or the bars themselves might have imperfections, scratches, dings, but same platinum.
  4. 999magnum

    Ziploc bag from APMEX

    Yea so you got lucky 5 times. Another way to look at it
  5. 999magnum

    Ziploc bag from APMEX

    Hmm....now that’s different I think. Are they supposed to be the same exact silver? I mean when you bought, you clicked 2 on the amount? edit: ok nvm. Those are secondary bars which that’s why the packaging is different. Yep that’s what happens with secondary market buys.
  6. 999magnum

    Gold Bars.

    WAIT A SECOND! Do not get me involved with your sick hobbies!
  7. 999magnum

    Ziploc bag from APMEX

    Yeah basically if it’s bullion it MIGHT come in a plastic bag, plastic flip, cardboard/ plastic blister packaging. Those are mainly to protect the coin or the outer packaging of the coin during storage/transport. Added 0 minutes later... You really should give an introduction of yourself...if you’re serious 😂
  8. 999magnum

    Ziploc bag from APMEX

    APMEX basically did you a favor with the ziploc bag. Easy in, easy out in case you wanna play with your silver. I take all of my silver out of the apmex bags because they don’t fit in tubes or cases etc. the apmex bags do not qualify as original mint packaging if that’s what you’re wondering. How’s that for serious?!
  9. 999magnum

    Gold Bars.

    You are a sick man !
  10. 999magnum

    Small dent on silver bars.

    How serious?
  11. 999magnum

    Gold Bars.

  12. 999magnum

    Ziploc bag from APMEX

    Are you being serious?
  13. 999magnum

    Royal mint 10oz Valiant silver coin out soon

    Is "a bit naff" positive or negative?
  14. 999magnum

    Why do you buy silver?

    I filled in for hedging, but I think it's becoming more and more a hobby.