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  1. Olliecobs

    Gold Bars.

    If you’re looking to buy a gold bar.. there’s nothing like a nice old 100 gram bar. Weighs a ton in the hand ?
  2. Looking for a Young head shield back. Wondering if any on offer here? thanks! ?
  3. Olliecobs

    Today I Received

    Received these little beauties. 2009 Sov and 2x 1/10 Brits. Nabbed these just before the price hike so more than happy ?
  4. Olliecobs

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Just a ‘lil 100 grams ?
  6. Selling a mint condition vintage Cross 14k solid gold pen & pencil set, in original box. The solid gold versions are selling between £900 (for engraved used and worn examples) to £1600 (for non engraved good condition examples) These are non engraved and without a single scratch or wear mark. A beautiful gift price - £1100 ONO + shipping (currently on the bay of E for £100 more so nice discount here) Selling at below market value as I have no real use for these and it’s a shame to just sit in the safe!
  7. Olliecobs

    Slightly confused

    Yes. This was on BNT, I’m not really considering buying one, more out of curiosity. on BNT’s website it does not mention anything about a box or COA but do they even come without them?
  8. Olliecobs

    Slightly confused

    Wondering if I could get some clarification... after doing some late night browsing out of curiosity, i stumbled across a 2017 Piedfort Proof Sovereign for £800. I have seen these on eBay and other sites for £1200+ so wondering where the catch is? were some released with a box and COA and some without? Hence a price difference ? Or is this just too good to be true? Any info would help because I cannot seem to get my head around this! Thanks ???
  9. Olliecobs

    A Brief Panic Moment

    Haha! I had the same reaction when I opened mine! Although I ordered a 100g Pamp gold bar and when I saw the chocolate coin, I first thought they messed up the order and threw in a 1oz coin instead!... good news is the chocolate helped to ease my palpating heart! ???
  10. Olliecobs

    Today I Received

    2017 Sovereign and 2017 1oz Britannia will be nice for the stack ?
  11. Olliecobs

    Today I Received

    Received this big boy today. Managed to grab it during the little dip in price a few days ago! Loving the weight.
  12. Olliecobs

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    I have my eyes on a tube of 1/4 ounce queen's beasts... I find them gorgeous. Although might not be for another month or two!
  13. Olliecobs

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    Accrued this lot within the last few short months. Love the warmth these give off!??