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  1. Olliecobs

    for sale Gold @ 1% over Spot

    Final reduction to sell - £945 including delivery! Spot price here folks!
  2. Olliecobs

    for sale Gold @ 1% over Spot

    Bump - will include special delivery postage
  3. Olliecobs

    for sale Gold @ 1% over Spot

    Price - £960 + choice of postage Due to some unforeseen commitments Im offering for sale a PAMP 1oz Fortuna Bar. Priced this attractively for a quick sale. i have supplied a side photo compared to the thickness of a 20p piece as I know there are some concerns with the legitimacy of these bars. I have all original purchase receipts from a reputable bullion dealer and will provide these to the buyer for ease of mind.
  4. SOLD- to Sparrowlegs4
  5. Reduced for a quick sale! £915 plus postage!!
  6. Hi Pete, thanks for the message. I have not removed the bar from the packaging in order to make sure all is intact. Trying to not account for the thickness of the plastic, the bar is around 1.5mm thick. The bar has also been verified using PAMP’s “VERISCAN” app, so have no doubts about the authenticity. (As well as having purchased from a reliable and known retailer and happy to provide original receipt if you wish) Feel free to pop me a PM if you have any more questions.
  7. Weekend price drop! £930 + postage!
  8. For sale is a PAMP 1oz Gold fortuna bar. Pricing this at £30 under where Atkinson’s are currently selling for as need to cover some unexpected bills sadly! Have original purchase receipt which I can provide if a buyer wants further comfort. Price £945 + postage of choice.
  9. Olliecobs

    Gold Bars.

    If you’re looking to buy a gold bar.. there’s nothing like a nice old 100 gram bar. Weighs a ton in the hand ?
  10. Looking for a Young head shield back. Wondering if any on offer here? thanks! ?
  11. Olliecobs

    Today I Received.....

    Received these little beauties. 2009 Sov and 2x 1/10 Brits. Nabbed these just before the price hike so more than happy ?
  12. Olliecobs

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Just a ‘lil 100 grams ?
  14. Selling a mint condition vintage Cross 14k solid gold pen & pencil set, in original box. The solid gold versions are selling between £900 (for engraved used and worn examples) to £1600 (for non engraved good condition examples) These are non engraved and without a single scratch or wear mark. A beautiful gift price - £1100 ONO + shipping (currently on the bay of E for £100 more so nice discount here) Selling at below market value as I have no real use for these and it’s a shame to just sit in the safe!