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  1. All sold . Pending payment. Will update once payment received.
  2. For sale are 4x sovereigns and 2x 1/10 Britannia’s. All will be supplied in capsules. Prices are plus postage, however if more than one item is bought, I will include postage. Sovereigns 2018 £240 2018 £240 2009 £240 2017 £245 Britannia’s 2004 £105 2002 £105
  3. Correct. £110 including the postage for the brit. feel free to PM me if interested
  4. Soverign sold. 1/10 Britannia still remaining
  5. Reduced to include postage for both items, or if bought together, £340 including postage
  6. For sale is a 2018 Gold Sovereign and a 2002 1/10 Britannia, both excellent condition and will include the capsules. sovereign - £240 + postage 1/10 Brit- £110 + postage if both are bought I will sell for £350 including postage. any questions please ask.
  7. Reduced £990 including shipping for a quick sale.
  8. If you’re looking for a nice 100g Poured PAMP Bar, I have one I might part with 😊
  9. For sale is a 2017 1oz gold Britannia. i have priced this £20 under where HGM are currently pricing it (although they are out of stock)! it is sold as Bullion however is in very good condition and has only really been taken out of the pouch to put in the capsule as pictured. the coin will come with the capsule free of charge. price - £1,000 plus postage of choice
  10. Olliecobs

    Gold Bars.

    If you’re looking to buy a gold bar.. there’s nothing like a nice old 100 gram bar. Weighs a ton in the hand ?
  11. Received these little beauties. 2009 Sov and 2x 1/10 Brits. Nabbed these just before the price hike so more than happy ?