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  1. Hello I ma looking to buy 1/4 oz gold Griffin and Dragon Also i am looking for 1989 proof sovereign certified or not. Offers with p.m Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone. I have some gold sovereigns for sale if someone is interested please p.m Payment via Bank transfer or paypal , shipping via fedex 30 euros. 1) 1911 George V proof half sovereign PR65CAM PCGS 1300 euros 2) 1902 double sovereign currency issue cleaned NGC beautiful coin despite the cut grade 1100 euros 3) 1893 Victoria double sovereign PR63 ultra cameo NGC A fantastic coin , with few hairlines . Asking price 6000 euros. 4) 1833 William IIII gold sovereign high au condition in my opinion 1400 euros. Thank you for looking Chris
  3. Dragon is on hold... Falcon still looking for buyer.
  4. I have two wonderful Queens Beasts 1oz gold for sale near spot price. Mint state condition , no marks or scratches 1 oz Falcon 1300 euros 1oz Dragon 1300 euros Payment via bank transfer or paypal FaF Shipping only with fedex 30 euros Thank you Chris Pouloglou
  5. I sold it with best offer not 900£ but still a customer of mine need one. If anyone is happy i can pay 700£
  6. Hello guys , if anyone has a 200 years Victoria i am interested in buying. Thank you Chris
  7. Hello everyone i am selling this beautiful 5£ gold sovereign certified by NGC PF70 ultra cameo with Prince Philip box and coa included only 350 mintage first 50 struck price 2.000 euros shipping via fedex , payment via bank transfer or paypal ff thank you chris Poulogou
  8. I am looking for empty tube sovereigns with yellow lid. Any quantity Thank you