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  1. SVcollector

    Today I Received.....

    1841 Victoria gold sovereign legendary coin i always wanted this coin as a sovereign collector and i think i found a nice one. only 125.000 were minted.
  2. SVcollector

    wanted 1838 gold sovereign shield

    Hello Guys i am looking into a 1838 victoria gold sovereign shield in VF-XF confition. p.m please regards chris
  3. For sale 1989 5 pound Tudor Rose BU sovereign with box and certificate included. Price 2000 euro Any information or extra photos dont hesitate to ask. Thank you
  4. For sale a wonderful set of 1989 Tudor Rose with certificate and box 4 coin including 5 pound , two pounds , sovereign and half sovereign in proof condition. Asking price 5.500 euro Any questions feel free to ask
  5. SVcollector

    wanted 2012 5 pound BU sovereign

    Hello If any member has a 2012 Elisabeth II - Dragon 5 pound BU sovereign with box and coa please p.m
  6. SVcollector

    wanted 1817-20 gold sovereign

    George III gold sovereign wanted in good condition. Problem free. 1817 or 1820
  7. SVcollector

    The london coin fair

    Great show and very nice hotel! Cheers to all who will attend!
  8. SVcollector

    1825 shield

    can you show us a clear picture of the rim? it seems mounted or tooled at 12 o clock.
  9. SVcollector

    1874 Shield - Die 35 (Myth coin)

    Greetings to all very nice purchase sg86. 35 die number is a unique piece. here is mine , from my collection with die number 32. i am going to slab it on September.
  10. SVcollector

    Today I Received.....

    My pleasue @Elements Steve! You should grade 1917-C , defintly MS.
  11. SVcollector

    1902 Matte Proof Sovereign ?

    circulation issue 100%
  12. SVcollector

    1913-C gold sovereign

    1909 is also a must buy for a sovereign canadian collector. Very rare.
  13. SVcollector

    1913-C gold sovereign

    I think the best way to check prices , is from closed auctions.
  14. SVcollector

    1913-C gold sovereign

    I forgot the 1914-c ? https://www.pcgs.com/cert/83520414 If you search on pcgs registry you can see my set.
  15. SVcollector

    1913-C gold sovereign

    Hello Steve i think 1916 in ms condition worth around 20.000 euro. fair price. i own 1913-c , 1910-c 1919-c in 64 pcgs and trying to collect them in gem condition.