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  1. Atuwaya

    Lunar photo thread...

    Got them today!
  2. Atuwaya

    World coins & medals

    China 5 Blessings 2014 1oz silver coin. Gorgeous!
  3. Atuwaya

    2018 China Panda design

    Hi all! I'm in Shanghai and picked up my 2018 Panda! So happy. I love my Pandas! Have 2000-2018 BU, 1997 in original mint plastic, 2014 Lunar Panda, a few commemorative Pandas. Btw 2000 Panda is not shown. To be graded.
  4. Atuwaya

    2018 China Panda design

    PS was advised to delay large purchases until next summer. High mintage will drag down prices once the euphoria passes. Just repeating what I was told by my trusted Chinese coin advisor/supplier.
  5. Atuwaya

    2018 China Panda design

    I'm presently in Shanghai. Got the call today. Picking up my reserved 2018 Pandas on Monday at Bank of China branch. So excited! Beautiful coin. Now have 2000 - 2018 silver pandas.
  6. Atuwaya

    Bonjour! Hello!

    Thanks augur! I'm looking forward to displaying them. I'm in China at the moment but will return around Xmas. Will pick up a bunch of 2018 silver Pandas from The Bank of China in about two weeks. I have a few unboxings to do. I love my Pandas? looking forward to chatting with you and other members and learn the ropes. thanks again! Kublai
  7. Provisions are already in place under the Comex regulations to ensure any and all contracts be settled for cash in the event of any unforeseen circumstance. The game has always been rigged. Not sure how much longer it can last. The new oil/Yuan/gold market in Shsnghsi, in conjunction with the already operational gold market, will start operations within 2 months. I'm presently in China and the news is out. Tick tick tick...
  8. Crypto gold coin or not, there will be a reset. Debt worldwide is unmanageable today and it will only get worse. When the SHTF, and it will, some late Friday afternoon, most likely after 4pm EST when world markets are closed, the Comex will settle up all contracts in cash. The reset is in. How do you then value PMs? Easy, debt vs. Gold. How much debt vs. How much gold? You have all seen the predictions. Will it be $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 per oz? What of silver? $600, $900, $3,000? Impossible? Why are China, Russia, Germany and even Turkey been buying gold hand over fist for years? In the meantime I keep stacking on a regular basis snd now am diversifying my PMs to include numismatic coins. This is new to me. I enjoy learning and having fun collecting while I wait for the Monday morning we will all wake up to.
  9. Atuwaya

    Gold gilded 2000 china 1 oz silver coin

    Thank you very much! I will check that out. Much appreciated.
  10. Atuwaya

    Gold gilded 2000 china 1 oz silver coin

    Sorry but nothing comes up in my search for EMK. I'm new to numismatics. Maybe you can be more specific? Much appreciated.
  11. Atuwaya

    Gold gilded 2000 china 1 oz silver coin

    Thank you very much! I'll check it out.
  12. Hi all, i have come across a 2000 China 1 oz silver gold gilded panda coin. When I inquired from the seller that I can't find any record on this coin he indicated that a German firm gilded 1000 coins of this year. Is this bs? Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Thanks
  13. Atuwaya

    Lunar photo thread...

    It's on it's way home! Can't wait.
  14. Atuwaya

    Somali Elephants amazing bullion quality

    Excellent information re. spotting. I have a 2017 and 2018 on order. They look great and by the comments here I'm very anxious to see them. Thanks to everyone for sharing.