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  1. dixiesilvergirl

    Custom Copper Skulls with Silver accessories

    Today i am going to share our most recent commissioned piece, this was commissioned by a fellow steemian in an attempt to be the ultimate one up in an ongoing gift giving war. And here is the link to the making off youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEgdcwuN6r8 And here is a link to hs unboxing post on steemit: https://steemit.com/steemsikvergold/@thedamus/eat-by-thedamus-a-pirate-s-coffee-table-book Hope you enjoy!
  2. dixiesilvergirl

    Today I made.....

    The detail he gets amazes me every time, thank you!
  3. dixiesilvergirl

    Today I made.....

    last nights pours by the miner, I took the pictures The Shark is 999 copper, the Star fish is 999FS and the stingray is Dixie Sterling
  4. dixiesilvergirl

    Fire, good friends and melting metal

    Sorry just saw your post, here is a link to our latest
  5. dixiesilvergirl

    Last nights pour

  6. always a good time! Hope to see you there!
  7. dixiesilvergirl

    Who Loves Copper?

    These are just a few bars that were poured while conditioning the metal for some projects and they are so pretty we thought we would share them with you! We like to pour the copper a couple of times before the final project, it really makes a difference on how the final piece comes out.
  8. dixiesilvergirl

    join us

    It is always a lot of fun and come and ask us questions!
  9. Now that the unboxing have have been done, we thought we would share a couple of fun pieces we really enjoyed creating. These are custom copper skulls with silver accessories. they were designed to match their intended owners. We have the Skull of Selene that was made for none other than Lady @KerrissLRavenhill ![selene.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmSe8t4q2FGgkzcSkANSRUFYG6ZPbE7Zx8DGdUKkRM4SFy/selene.jpg) ![selene 2.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmcLQXyYpupH2RaxDPV8wQwGeoVvj2A9Em2i4ZFTo7kudL/selene%202.jpg) ![selene 3.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmY6RmSnXzowcdoTstp5LKUCn1iCogEiPUCbkM2uCf5hrw/selene%203.jpg) This took several pours, the copper skull, the bow, the fangs and the snake pin. The bow was poured in the general shape then hammered into the final design, the skull had to be drilled to pin the bow in place and also it had to be ground to allow for the silver fangs to be soldered. Each piece was polished and shined. the total project took at least 20 hours, it was a really fun piece to create and it really fits Lady KerrislRavenhill's personality. Here is a link to her unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AJ2lXMKPuE&t=27s We can't forget Queen Silver made for @silversaver888 the one and only Silver Queen this was a piece that took several pours(must have poured the skull at least 4 times before we were happy with the results) and more hours than we counted, the skull we made a little softer as a queen and the crown was a base pour that has mini poured hammered wings soldered onto the crown and then it had to be sized and fit the skull. This was another fun creation. ![queen saver.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmQuKZQLaAthsBvZSjcNqtHvMCoyrGydqpKAazU3HNdpYq/queen%20saver.jpg) Here is a link to her unboxing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMONQxv4row&t=38s Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!
  10. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Happy Sunday! Today’s metal Chat will be short as we are actually on a family adventure. We have been stacking for a while now and are getting to the point that we feeling much more secure with our overall stack and our ability to be able to sustain, in case of an unexpected expense, or a SHTF scenario. Obviously we will continue to add to our stack but it is a great feeling to be able to watch the stack grow and these low prices have been very helpful in that manner, however it would be nice to see some action on the metal market too. What are your thoughts? How long can metal stay this low and not have people get tired of the stall? Are you still stacking or are you becoming bored with the inaction? Honestly for us we will continue to stack as long as we can and sell when advantageous or needed, but is anyone getting bored? Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!
  11. dixiesilvergirl

    Bars Photo Thread...

    It's Leidenfrost season
  12. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    I totally agree and the items we sold were semi numismatic and collector items that had bought for jsut that reason and not based on spot alone. Unfortunately you can't always plan your problems around spot price so if it is your back up plan that is where what you stack becomes a big issue
  13. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is doing well. This week the MIner and I have noticed a few people saying the same thing, That when they have an unexpected expense and use up their fiat reserve they are now looking for other ways to make the needed money instead of selling there stack as the first option. But Isn’t that one of the reason we all stack? In case of an emergency you have it? Have you noticed that once you have the stack you prefer to raise the bar on what you are willing to to do keep it? Regardless of what you stack, It is amazing how differently the metal feels vs. fiat, the metal feels secure it feels like you have something tangible. The fiat is just an IOU and really only worth it as long as everyone plays the same game. I don’t know about you but anytime we decide to sell something from our stack it has been carefully considered before being listed. We listed a few pieces from our stack when we had a car repair, we figured out the bill before we sold and then decided to leave the listings if any sold. We sold a couple and used the proceeds to add to our stack in some Mene charms of gold and platinum. These are so pretty and the fact that you can put a few charms on a cord, tuck it under your shirt and you can carry a few hundred dollars with you and with no one even realizing it, that is a pretty good everyday carry, small, valuable and shiny. Something to think about! I would love to know what you think Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!
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