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  1. Happy Sunday! As most of you have heard by now, we left everyone and everything but our 2 youngest boys, 2 cats and a dog 10 days ago. Thanks to our stacking and prepping plans we were able to purchase 2 acres in the country and we are taking the metal shop full time. It has been a busy time here since we arrived at noon on Friday the 30th to our "New to us" only seen in pictures Home on a leap of faith. We have been working to get the shop and household up and running. It is a big change to go from a county with a 2 million population to a 20,000 one. The road we live on is dirt and washed out during the storm Sunday, it also had a lighting strike that knocked down our dead tree but luckily missed our truck. The neighbors power line came down and had to be repaired. The previous owners did not empty the shop as agreed and that added about 2 days to shop set up, Monday was filled with carpentry work to sure up the walls, electrical work to get lighting, climate control and furnaces powered, meanwhile we are setting up our house, new washer and dryer and misc bad we all need when we move. We both grew up in very similar small towns so the change feels more like going home, but our kids have not lived like this and they seem very happy. We have Captain K registered at school and we now have a business PO Box, the internet guy arrived and informed us there are no cables so they will have to run one from the main road 1.5 miles away, so we may get internet some day(December 28th until the line is ran), for now our mobile hot spots are working. There are a lot of changes, like we forgot about mud and the need for lots of door mats, dealing with learning how our well pump really works,teaching the boys how to stack the cord of wood we had delivered, and how to get the wood stove running at its best and yesterday we used our new chainsaw and cut some more wood as cool weather comes and goes here. We are all tired and sore and really ready for some normal to happen, but with this large change in our lives we have to figure out what that will be. The miner and our teenager ran water lines(the teenager dug the trench) finalized the new light install and they fixed cabinets and installed a wood stove for the shop and a small entrance door. We did our first live pour 1 week after arriving, our neighbors even joined us for the show and we had a blast! Our boys are very happy, even our pets seem happier, the return to a simple life was definitely the best move for us. We feel that all the prepping and planning we have doing in the city for years has helped us be in a better position to make this life change and it affirmed our stacking plans! We will keep stacking, prepping and now homesteading! You can follow our journey on YouTube, our new address is: happiness in the south! We highly recommend if you are dreaming of doing something, start taking steps to make it happen! Thanks for reading and Happy stacking!
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    Live from the New Shop tonight

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    New Shop update

  4. https://youtu.be/KcDFJZmu39Y
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    our new adventure

    We have several in stock pieces, and commissioned pieces we are working on... And We will be taking new orders shortly...
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    our new adventure

    https://youtu.be/nVV4bBXdKzU We packed up everything and moved to south Georgia where we will be going full time with the metal, lots to do and a shop to create, but it will ne an exciting adventure! We will keep you posted! Thanks for reading and happy stacking! ![image](https://img.esteem.ws/lfk7mxcxbp.jpg)
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    Holidays are coming

    Let us help,deck the halls
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    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Today I am sharing our latest metal purchase: 10 beautiful buffalos we bought for a spot deal, There are so many ways to add to your stack, https://imgur.com/a/QezB0zA Did you get any good Black Friday Deals? I would love to hear about them or are you waiting for Cyber Monday? Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for Monday to arrive.
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    Black Friday

    Please Don't send we are moving we will send new address!
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    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Happy Sunday!!! The holidays are fast approaching and this coming friday is known as “Black Friday” at least here in the states. Did you know that many dealers have a Black Friday deal on precious metals? Well with the low spot price we are stuck at, the deals seem even bigger. So I thought I would share some of the deals I have seen coming up: Apmex has some holiday rounds on sale and each year they post some other great deals so bookmark this site for some upcoming sales https://www.apmex.com/category/90637/black-friday-holiday-products We received an email that starting tomorrow Monday the 19th Provident will be having a different spot deal daily for the holiday shopping season https://www.providentmetals.com/featured/specials.html Another dealer that always has some great pricing for Black Friday and Cyber MOnday is JMbullion , I have not seen the details for them yet but they always have something good. https://www.jmbullion.com/ So this is another one to watch! We will also have some Black Friday Deals so keep an eye out for them! I would love to hear about any Black Friday deals you have seen and I am sure many others would too, so please share in the comments! Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!
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    A very special live pour tonight

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    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    We are members of a great community called Steemit, where you are rewarded for your content posts in steem(a crypto currency) we have been holding a weekly contest now all summer for #piratesunday. So today We thought we would share that Captain K all started with a copper skull pour about 5 months ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTrRS11Ffxw&t=238s and the following challenge! Ahoy! all ye buccaneers! Today we be bringing you the tale o' Captain K. he has sailed th' seven seas 'n has found his best booty yet! He acquired a map and followed it to the booty o' Hephaestus.The Greek god f' Blacksmithing. http://encyclopediamythos.wikia.com/wiki/Hephaestus As a smithing god, Hephaestus made all the weapons for the gods in Olympus. He served as the blacksmith to the gods, and was worshipped by the manufacturing industrial centers of Greece. The Greek myths and the Homeric poems sanctified in tales that Hephaestus had a special power t' produce motion in his metal. Here is the Treasure that Captain K has found https://imgur.com/a/r1cVLKA The Lost Copper skull of Hephaestus: It is said that Hephaestus could not destroy what he created and some pieces in order So that no one would poses them he buried them in spots around the world. This Skull be believed t' be part o' that legend. Now that Captain K has acquired this Copper Skull, he must begin a new journey t' learn the powers bestowed upon it by Hephaestus Does anyone know the tale of Hephaestus 'n this copper skull? Captain K needs your Help! we now have almost 40 stories that are growing like crazy! we really need to get someone to start recording the stories so everyone can hear them! Here is another great tale! Good day all my pirate brethren! Welcome to my ship the Silver Wing on this deathly dark night. I, Captain D Wing, have my crew gathered on the deck for a tale of adventure and intrigue that involves one of our most famous pirate brothers, Captain K. CAPTAIN K PHOTO PROVIDED BY @dixiesilverminer Some photos of previous booty collected by my crew and Captain K's as well! (PROVIDED BY @dwingsworld) Listen closely my friends as I delve into a tale that has fallen into mostly legend and is not for the faint of heart. However, I know it to be true as I have beholden a piece of what was discovered by Captain K and his faithful crew aboard the Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon was a ship so fast she seemed to fly upon the water with 25 cannons on each side that literally filled the air with dragon’s fire when they were utilized on an enemy. CAPTAIN K'S SHIP PROVIDED BY @dixiesilverminer You see my friends on this day Captain K and his crew voyaged in search of the Silver Skull of Destiny forged by the Olympian Hephaestus. At the beginning of our journey, three things were known about the skull. The power it contained could either make paradise or destroy the world Zeus made Hephaestus break the skull into pieces because of the power it wielded Those pieces were hidden by various Olympian Gods in lands near and far. Captain K and his crew set out from Clew Bay after meeting with the famed pirate Grace O’Malley (A real Irish Pirate look her up!!!!), whom had secured information about the skull from Queen Elizabeth I in a meeting to have her son released from custody. STATUE OF GRACE O'MALLEY She informed Captain K that at least a portion of the skull came to rest in a sacred place on the island home of the nymph Calypso. Captain K was told Hermes secretly hid his portion or portions of the skull on the isle when he told Calypso of Zeus’ order to release Odysseus from her island. IMAGE OF THE MEETING OF CALYPSO AND HERMES Pulling out his compass and ordering his crew to put up the sails; they set course toward the island of Ogygia, home of the Calypso!! It was many days journey to the island full of fear and danger, but Captain K and his crew were used to it. Each night of the journey the crew would hear a faint singing that sounded like a young woman calling to the sea. The pirates were in awe of its beauty, but Captain K warned them of the peril it represented. During one misty night his first mate was on the deck and asked Captain K of this song. He stated that Precious the Mermaid had been following them on their quest since they previously had located the Copper Skull of Hephaestus. He explained the mermaid had been searching for the skulls since they were first hidden, however she was bound to the water. This forced her to try and call the pirates that were hunting these mystic relics. , SWIMMING PRECIOUS BY @silversaver888 SINGING PRECIOUS BY @dixiesilverminer After nine days the weary pirates took anchor off the coast of Calypso’s island, and Captain K took a small band to the shore to locate the relic. SAMUEL PALMERS PAINTING OF CALYPSOS ISLAND Moments after hitting the shore a figure of a lovely young woman appeared before the band of pirates terrifying some men to retreat to a nearby boat carcass that lay across the shore. Captain K and his first mate stood strong as they knew this was Calypso. Captain K took a knee and addressed the nymph thanking her for allowing them passage upon her beautiful island. Calypso giggled and told the pirate captain to rise and she foresaw his coming for the skull parts. Without thinking the Captain exclaimed “parts” in shock. RICHARD WESTALL PAINTING OF CALPSO (perhaps the meeting above) It was at this point Calypso waved her hands in front of her and made an image appear like a reflection in water of the Ggantija temples. Moving through the image as if at the site Calypso showed the Captain to the main altar of the temple where three pieces of The Skull of Destiny lay. Upon the altar sat a tooth, a jaw, and a portion of the brow. Calypso then made the image fall to dust upon the ground. Warning Captain K of the skulls great power she told him there was no way she could let the pirates go after it. PHOTO OF MAIN ALTAR AT GGANTIJA Well that concludes Part 1 of the adventure, but tune into my next post to see just what excitement is ahead for Captain K!!