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  1. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    What a rough couple of weeks for metals and cryptos. The recent low prices have made many people question their stacking plan and wonder if they should be stacking at all. The high crypto profits are non existent and so that revenue for buying metals is not an option right now. Some people are taking advantage of the low prices and adding heavily to their stack and crypto wallet, are you one of them? We have been working on some tool and shop upgrades so we have not been able to take advantage of the dip as much as we would like, we have also been trying to educate ourselves in crypto to buy low and someday sell high to add more metal to our stack. We have recently participated in several airdrops thanks to the many informed members of steemit and discord that have been sharing some tips on good ones to get in on and are looking at the next step of investing in them. I would love to hear how your stacking plans have fared during this dip and have you scored any pieces that you would not have otherwise? Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!!!
  2. dixiesilvergirl

    Today I Received

    Recently @msagan75 contacted us about a trade and we were very happy to add one of his pieces to our stack! The only problem is which one? He does so many sweet pours and we had to decide together. Well we haven't made it 28 years by fighting over little things so we told him, his choice! We love to give the artist a free hand to do something they enjoy or wanted to try that is our favorite way to add to our community box. So we sent out our side of the trade and today we received our piece in the mail! when we opened it there was a sweet metal COA a pretty velvet box and a STICKER!!! we love stickers and this one is so very cool!!! It had been a few days of anticipation makeagif.com so together we opened the soft black velvet bag What an awesome Thor's Axe Stormbreaker was the weapon of early Thor and after he lost his hammer he went back to his stand by the Jarnbjorn that can cut through anything as it is blessed with Thor's Blood! This is an awesome piece,it is fun to hold with a great weight balance, you feel like it could be a little magic. Here is another look at this gorgeous piece! Dixiesilvergirl definitely is a fan of things comic book hero's and Thor is at the top of the list(right after Hulk) so she is pretty excited! Thanks for an awesome trade and if you haven't already seen his sweet pours give him a follow on the following social media sites; https://www.instagram.com/msagan75/ https://www.youtube.com/user/msagan75 https://www.facebook.com/msagan75 and you can also find him on www.metalsmafia.com Thanks for reading and happy stacking!
  3. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    thank you I thought i had it on the right one
  4. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Happy Sunday! Today I was thinking about our stacking plan, and that lead to the options of stacking that are out there and what type of risk is involved According to this chart from Investing for Dummies https://www.dummies.com/personal-finance/investing/precious-metals-investing-for-dummies-cheat-sheet/ When you are deciding to invest here is a great list of questions to help you decide how you will invest: -How much “risk” capital will you be “playing the trading game” with, and how to generate that capital? -Iis your outlook bullish, bearish or neutral on the asset in question ? -Will you be focus on a single specialty or will you diverse into different assets? (stocks, options, futures, in different industries or even commodities)? -How do you know it is time to enter a trade? What signs will you use (such as technical indicators) as your point of entry? -How long will you hold your position? Do you have a time frame (SHTF or retirement) or until a particular event like Silver goes to $100 an oz t? -Will you be doing any hedging and If so, what kind of hedge? -What happens if you see your investment goe down in price during your time period? Will you Buy more or will you get out? - If the asset’s price goes down , What is the price level or loss percentage you can tolerate before you decide to cut your losses? -At the same time when is a cash out profitable trades? Do you have a specific amount or will you take your cues from market events? will you have an our advisory service or software to tell you? All types of investing involve risk, including precious metals. This chart shows some of the major choices you have for investing in precious metals based on risk: Type Relative risk level Most common direct type of risk Bullion coins and bars Low Market, physical Numismatic and collectible Medium Fraud, physical Major mining companies Low-medium Market, political Midsize mining companies Medium-high Market, political Junior mining companies High Market, political Mutual funds Low Market, political Exchange traded funds Low-medium Market, political Futures Highest Market, exchange Options: covered call writing Low Market Options: buying calls and puts High Market Currently we are only investing in Physical metals, we are of the mindset ‘if you don’t hold it you don’t own it” but we would love to hear if you have any other forms in your stacking plan? And How you developed the plan… thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!
  5. https://youtu.be/40KaUhOPJ0M
  6. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Happy Sunday! As the weekend is winding down and a Monday looms very close, we are also looking at the end of another month of the year. This is a good time to take a moment and review your stacking plan, and see where you are and where you want to be. We are still on track with our plan to add gold to our stack this year, lately with life surprises and our intentions to add some new tools and shop upgrades we did not add as much this month, but we have been looking at other ways to add to our stack. This week I have started paying more attention to other ways to generate income and add to our stack and been reading a lot of different posts. In doing so have I found a few ways to potentially make cash, not a lot but it all helps. What I really found was the difference a community that deals with true money is; it really is a much nicer way of life. Over the last 30 years everyone has started saying what happened to the kids these days? They don’t respect things or value them like we did. It seems to me that attitude started shortly after the US dollar stopped being backed as intended by real money. They can’t respect what they have never truly seen. Here is how I arrived at this thought: Watch your social media sites in the silver communities, many give ways Like the one we are part of on Instagram https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@dixiesilverminer/road-trip-the-instagram-communitypourgaw-bar-off-to-the-next-destination Stackers are the most amazing group of people, some of the most generous and giving we have ever seen, this community has each others backs and spends a lot of time giving more than promised. Being part of the GAW as a host or an entry is so much fun. A few weeks ago a couple of guys on Instagram got together and in a few days they gave away 60 ozt in one week! This is now becoming a weekly occurrence, It seems that everyone is outdoing each other in them! “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill This is so very true, and you can go to any social media site and search silver groups and you will see over and over, the amazing giving nature of stackers world wide! Daily you see stackers posting mail calls of generous gifts so a variety of reasons, sometimes just for friendship. We have been on both sides of this story and honestly, are there many other groups that are so generous in today’s “ME” world? that is not the norm in most communities. The small percentage of stackers in the world are the ones that see a better way, we owe it to our kids and their kids for generations to come to continue sharing what we do. This is the only way they will understand the difference of truely storing their wealth or having the coolest (insert item here: ie: car,jeans. Sneakers etc.). Once you see the difference a whole new way to the view the world opens up. I am very happy that we have found so many people that see the same as we do, my only regret is not figuring it out sooner, so go share the word, in person on the internet anyway you can. I would love to hear your thoughts…. Thanks for reading and Happy stacking!
  7. dixiesilvergirl

    for sale Items ready to ship

    Posted by5 u/dixiesilvergirl just now WTS/WTT Handpoured silver Here is the proof and pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/GEF8CdP Sterling 925 critters $45 each SOLD-We can pour more-Octopiece 1.0 ozt- Spiney Lobster .88 ozt-Cockroach 1.48 ozt-Grasshopper 1.20 ozt- Whale 1.30 ozt- 999FS Mushroom 1.48 ozt- Sterling 925 Fan art Daredevil Pendent 1.70 Ozt $65.00 Includes Shipping, Certificate of Authenticity, DSM Decal and Custom DSM packaging Paypal, googlewallet and Zelle
  8. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is staying cool as summer is in full swing right now. I can’t wait to see all the mail call posts of all the deals that were ordered during the dip last week. We are in the process of upgrading and adding to our shop so we missed this one. When reviewing our stacking plan, we talked about we wished were able to buy on the dip to help our overall cost, but we have a plan in place and we are sticking to it. Did you blow the budget on the dip? When you have a stacking plan, you have to be sure that you are making a responsible decisions and not overspending on a regular basis. I always say everyday is a good day to buy, but only if your wallet allows. Are you good at sticking to your plan and your budget? I am looking forward to hearing how you plan is going...please share! Thanks for reading and happy stacking!
  9. WTS the following coins, we are looking to upgrade our shop and are ready to part with the coins below. More pics available here https://imgur.com/a/Izp9UsP 2 ozt Elemental Metals 2 oz Privateer Siren 2 ozt Elemental Metals 2 oz Privateer Kraken 2 ozt Elemental Metals 2 oz Privateer Captain 2 ozt Elemental Metals 2 oz Privateer Plank 2 ozt Elemental Metals 2 oz Privateer white whale 2 ozt Elemental Metals 2 oz Privateer The Storm Buy all 6 for $300.00 0.5 ozt 2016 1/2 oz Silver Tamdakht Meteorite Strike coin Mintage 2500 $125.00 1 ozt 2014 Cook Islands, MOLDAVITE IMPACT meteorite coin! CONCAVE $5 silver proof+ box $125.00 2 ozt ZEUS Gods of Olympus Rose Gold Plated $2 silver proof + box 2 Oz High Relief Silver Coin 5$ Niue 2017 $275.00 1/2 ozt Platinum Perth Collectors Proof First Issue COA #4951 Koala $625.00 includes shipping and we tale Paypal, Zelle, and Google waller
  10. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Happy Sunday!!! I hope with the low prices, everyone is adding to their stack some cool stuff. As i mentioned in our chat last week we are currently adding some new tools to the shop so we are missing out on the good deals. I would love to see what you have been picking up so please comment with your recent mail call! I will start things off with our latest, it isn’t shiny but it is used to make the shiny! I am very excited to see what he does with these and looking forward to adding a few more tools. Ok now it is your turn! Show me your latest mail call!!! Thanks for reading and happy stacking!
  11. dixiesilvergirl

    a.999 FS Elder Wand

  12. dixiesilvergirl

    for sale Hand poured silver for sale

    Thank you we do color them upon request, we can get some amazing colors, the scorpion is my favorite witht the colors
  13. dixiesilvergirl

    for sale Hand poured silver for sale

    Thank you!