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  1. https://youtu.be/PI2kM68LPmg
  2. The largest selection of poured silver with new and favorite artists all in one place https://stacking.nyc/the-poured-emporium
  3. Us too! It is our theme song, we reached out to big smo to use it a few years ago
  4. "Looking at Go Karts for our 10 year old Son" Sale will take PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Google Pay Shipping is free in USA, more pictures upon request Proof https://imgur.com/gallery/uP4kcaf Silver ZEUS Gods of Olympus Rose Gold Plated 2 Oz High Relief Silver Coin 5$ Niue 2017 $300.00 2016 TAMDAKHT METEORITE $2 Cook Islands 999 1/2oz SILVER COIN -Sold Out Series $99.00 Platinum2005 $25 Platinum liberty NGC 70 $625.00 Collectors 1st edition Koala1989 .5 ozt $800.00 mend charms total of 11.58grams as a lot spot value $355.19 $350.00 Mene number 7 with COA 1.7 grams Mene number 7 with COA 1.86 grams Mene number 7 with COA 1.68 grams Mene Clover leaf with COA 2.94 grams Mene cancer symbol with COA 3.40 grams
  5. Thank you, yes this was a challenge . The 958 helps keep the little parts from bending and also makes the details a little sharper than 999 would.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLs18xFDEQg
  7. pictures of dixiesilverminer's Latest piece in final finish 958 Britannia AR15 He made the gold bullets by hand they are not poured and the flash suppressor and silencer are interchangeable, they screw on and off the end. also the bullets come out of the magazines. The copper stand hand built. The rifle has a drilled out hole that attaches to the stand on a post and holds the magazines and silencer. The current weight is 22.10 oxt of .958 Britannia and 6 grams of gol