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  1. dixiesilvergirl

    Today I made.....

    Well it took weeks to make but it waa unboxed today
  2. dixiesilvergirl

    Last nights pour and some shiny

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkW8N9TbV_4
  4. dixiesilvergirl

    for sale Tiffany silver art coin

    WTS https://imgur.com/gallery/7kXXwWY Very sad to part with this but. In order to keep the shop running and upgraded we are selling this gorgeous peice of art $495 includes shipping 2016 Palau 10 Dollar Silver Tiffany Art - Jain Antique Palau 2016 $10 Silver Tiffany Art Jain Antique coin in your hand Jain art is a style of religious art known for its amazing and elaborate structures carved in rock, and your Jain Antique coin displays this art to perfection. Launched in 2004, Tiffany Art coins combine Tiffany glass art into exceptionally detailed coins through a highly technical manufacturing process. Because each glass insert is unique, each coin is unique. Adding to its exclusivity is the extremely low mintage of only 999 units
  5. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday metal chat why we stack

    Happy Sunday!!! Well as the country is beginning to recover from the longest shutdown ever, just in time for everyone to begin filing their taxes. Well the fix was only temporary and now we are facing the possibility of another shut down by next weekend. I am wondering if anyone has made some changes to their stacking plan because of this unrest in the world? Have you added more? Sold some? Maybe you have started stacking more low premium metal in case you will need to liquidate or trade it in the near future, I would love to hear how or if at all this unrest has changed your metal thoughts. If you are one of the many that has already filed your taxes do you have plans to purchase metal with the refund,was it lower than expected thanks to the new tax laws? There are many reports that the average refund is much lower this year. We try hard to get as close to zero each year as we do not like loaning the government interest free money for the year but I realize many people use it as a forced savings account, so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.
  6. dixiesilvergirl

    Last nights pour and some shiny

  7. https://youtu.be/VfM7IPIJBnA
  8. go to dixiesilverminer.com to enter drawing
  9. dixiesilvergirl

    Friday night live

  10. dixiesilvergirl

    Friday night live

  11. dixiesilvergirl

    Sunday metal chat why we stack

    Happy Sunday! Lately I have seen a lot of posts about crossover posting about different Social media sites, so I want to know what sites do you read, follow or post on? We are on many Steemit, Reddit, Facebook(our own page and members of many groups), YouTube, Instagram, Thesilverforum, Patreon and Bullion Stacker, not to mention part of 3 Discord Channels that are from some of the sites listed above. Each site has its own style and we learn many different things from being part of so many silver communities… What is your favorite? I am sure there are many more we are not aware of and I would love to hear about them! Thanks for reading and Happy Stacking!
  12. dixiesilvergirl

    Friday night live