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  1. sovereignsteve

    Red spots on silver coins

    you clean your ears with silver dip?😮
  2. sovereignsteve

    Turning fat into Silver

    It was they who got us eating "bad" in the first place! edit. funny how we're not allowed to say "c*ap" on this forum?🤣
  3. sovereignsteve

    1887 Double Florin...worth grading?

  4. sovereignsteve

    Price Drop

    Has been trending up recently so the fixers decided it needed a kick back down. Frequently happens on a friday, not sure if there's a trading opportunity here, maybe someone could do some back-testing?
  5. sovereignsteve

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    Other. They're naff
  6. sovereignsteve

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    misread your statement, ignore me
  7. sovereignsteve


    I tried out several but only kept one for my collection. Then sold up and started again, now on my second collection.
  8. sovereignsteve

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    was specifically referring to sovereigns
  9. sovereignsteve

    Fractionals and fakes

    a professional house-clearer
  10. sovereignsteve

    Maundy Money in general

    There are keen collectors out there and they can go for good money, being relatively rare. Personally I can't get excited about them as they're small silver coins, too small for me to appreciate properly.
  11. sovereignsteve

    Fractionals and fakes

    They're halves, right? If they were full ones, I'd be in smartish for a bit of cheap bullion
  12. sovereignsteve

    Ebay France

    will they ship to uk?
  13. sovereignsteve

    MS International Coin Fair 2018

    1250 miles?
  14. sovereignsteve

    Fractionals and fakes

    The wear on the reverse looks totally wrong; too much in some areas and too little in others. Also looks like file damage.
  15. sovereignsteve

    Nazi Silver

    The trick is to be open minded. If you disagree with something, it's important to realise that the offending viewpoint exists for a reason. It may well be correct and it is your view that is wrong. It's important not to think all your views are incontrovertible. we all make mistakes and are sometimes wrong, even though at the time, we were certain we were right. ps some people will read this as patronising. it wasn't meant to be, although if it needs to be explained to anyone, it probably should be
  16. sovereignsteve

    Nazi Silver

    Seemed pretty clear to me, this is what you said: "I'm a bit surprised the thread has gone this far. Discussion and debate are all well and good, but there are some things i strongly feel people do not have any rights whatsoever to debate or question, no matter how educated, entitled, or enlightened we think we are." and I haven't taken it out of context either. "You have taken my quote and ran with it as a general disapproval of any discussion of the period. In fact i was referring to some things within such discussions that nobody has a right to put up for debate or question." Yes, this thread has gone off at a tangent or at least has deviated slightly along a line that the OP was worried about. But that's what we do on here, we frequently go off the original topic. It can be a bit chaotic but it's fun. It's adult discussion. The fact that the OP felt the need to be apprehensive about how people feel about Nazi memorabilia etc, is a sad indictment. However, as, soon as people start using words such as yours; saying others do not have a right to openly discuss certain topics, is the road to fascism. You talk as though these "topics" or "facts" as you see them cannot be questioned . This again is a dangerous area. Who decides what "facts" are incontrovertible and cannot be questioned? If philosophers and scientists had adhered to this stifling of thought throughout history, we'd still be living in the dark ages of religious thought control, ignorance, intolerance, lynch mobs and witch-hunts. We should all have the right to discuss what we like. If closed-minded people don't like it, they can stop looking or listening, that is their prerogative. If anyone spouts rubbish, good argument and peer group opposition will show their views and arguments to be empty. However, they should have the right to submit them and attempt to justify them.
  17. sovereignsteve

    Western Australia - Metal Detecting For Gold

    get yourself down the Margaret River and do some wine detecting
  18. sovereignsteve

    Nazi Silver

    seriously? sounds to me like the "liberal"/"socialist" reaction of shouting opponents down when they dare try to open discussions on topics you don't like. If you disagree with someone just call them fascist, racist, ****phobic etc, just pick one. I take it you want to be the one who decides what we can all discuss?
  19. sovereignsteve

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    Chards were giving 100% recently, not sure if they are now. btw just saying, in case anyone would accuse me of a**e-licking.
  20. very nice artwork I'm sure but the should have made it a medal. sticking the Queen's head is a little section just to pretend it's a legal-tender coin is ridiculous and looks stupid.
  21. sovereignsteve

    Nazi Silver

    yes that's your right, but to get a balanced view we need all the facts from both sides. A lot of these "facts" will be lies and propaganda but unless we get to hear of them, rational open-minded people like myself can't come to a reasonable conclusion. Not everyone will ..... I do find it interesting how the Nazi era provokes such strong views and hatred, whereas equally guilty regimes escape scott free. I guess that is because WW2 is still within living memory (just) and many do have close family members who fought and often died during that time. My own father is in his early nineties and caught the last few years of fighting.
  22. sovereignsteve

    Pre-Victorian Sovereigns

    the laurel leaves aren't too bad, i would say 55 (I know what a 58 looks like, i have seen a fair few). it's the G&D that worried me.
  23. sovereignsteve

    Looking for coin book for 2x2’s

    sorry I'm working
  24. sovereignsteve

    Looking for coin book for 2x2’s

    If the pvc contains acid, any contact with a coin should see a transfer of acid. It won't be contact for 2 years that will be the problem, that''ll be the time it takes for you to notice any degradation. For collectable coins, it might be worth a quick rinse in a very mild alkali, distilled water and then maybe acetone to dry them.
  25. sovereignsteve

    For the panda lovers

    damn that was close, nearly overpaid there!😓