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  1. Hasn't been taken down, just labelled as potentially inappropriate etc, you can still proceed.
  2. No way the sale coin. Too many differences in marks and the R4 looks very different. Probably a fake. The upper photo is likely to be a professional stock photo
  3. Desperate indeed. The trouble is this Cottrell issue looks very bad on the face of it, the way it is presented. Like the vast majority of readers, I can't be bothered to research this issue so if it is all lies, they will have won. The problem is it's very difficult to get to the bottom of issues such as this as most news sources will all spin the same story. I know that makes me lazy but there isn't enough time, certainly in my life, to get behind all the fake news and stories being presented.
  4. The question is whether enough main party MPs get nervous enough to vote May's deal through before a general election. Imagine the result if a large proportion of the 52% voted for the Brexit parties in a general election? You can dream😳
  5. I would tend to agree with him on that score. He may not be the most liked world leader but I think few with any knowledge and without prejudice would fail to respect his strength and political abilities on the world stage. TBH I don't think he actually has much competition really!
  6. The only right and proper place for a dog😊, except mine is so big we can't fit on the sofa together. Or is it me that's too big, he manages OK with my wife.😀
  7. Doesn't look wiped or polished but surface seems dull and possibly unevenly so. maybe cleaned in some solution at one time but I would say it's likely to be natural wear. doesnt look to be enough surface or edge damage to warrant a damaged tag so in conclusion, it's looks good enough for a grade IMO, although I'm not an expert in submitting for grading by any means.
  8. Of course it's a fake; it's a 1917 on Ebay! I assume the ebay pictures were bad?
  9. possibly a silly question; but are you allowed to deface/disfigure/mutilate coins of the realm? maybe it makes a difference that they are not current legal tender?
  10. Inevitable once people started taking the piss and talking about it. The advantage players who got in early will have made their profit. I would imagine their commercial return in terms of upselling overpriced coins will have taken a tumble recently and even they must have noticed all the people buying and then demanding to be taken off mailing lists. It's a similar situation to bookmakers attracting new punters with special offers. If these newbies don't turn out to be a source of profit, they soon get knocked on the head. Any advantage players soon get restricted or banned.
  11. True but i would guess this is very rare. most problem coins you see come from the mint are obviously a result of the striking process and should be picked up in qc. After all they do say they inspect them all and their QC people will or should be well trained in what to look for.
  12. Not good enough. They shouldn't allow any naked eye flaws out the door, especially to dealers, who shouldn't have to check all their RM coins. It's easy for a retail consumer to check the odd coin but many dealers will be receiving dozens of them.
  13. I say let them, then go out and dig them up and steal them. Serve the little buggers right. You never know, may have some nice hazelnuts instead of acorns.
  14. perhaps he's feeling a little shellshocked if he's had loads of RM coins back recently?
  15. it is a proof coin, albeit with a flaw. "Proof" is a method of minting a coin, not a grade or condition.
  16. In what way do you think it was trolling? The discussion afterwards was pretty normal. Are you objecting to his opinions on Putin?
  17. You can usually pay by credit card so no risk buying from these firms.
  18. Harrington and Byrne 2019 sovs for 224 link on previous page. below spot, don't know of any others selling this low
  19. I was going to ask if anyone knew how credit card companies dealt with refunds; do they refund transfer fees or not?