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  1. Instead of telling them of their existence, some people might have offered to supply them at a profit😉
  2. Don't forget it had been around 70 for ages, so don't hold your breath😉
  3. Yes we were lucky, the guys tried to lose it but came good right at the end.
  4. sovereignsteve


    sometimes these issues are possible to repair by a very good jeweller but even though they can pass casual inspection, it wouldn't fool a 3rd party grader.
  5. As far as i understand it, the 2 oz proofs were originally only issued in the 3 coin sets, mintage 1000 although the early years didn't sell out, making the mouse and ox fairly rare, mintages 366, 340. the mint then issued another maximum of 1000 in a boxed set, starting with the first 7 coins. The rest were exclusively distributed by a German dealer upon issue. They are all shown on the Perth Mint numismatic mintage lists as maximum 2000. 1000 in 3 coin set and 1000 in the boxed year set. I think your misconception is because the boxed set was issued with only the first 7 coins and the rest issued yearly after that. This is how i understand it but I may be mistaken, an expert such as @motorbikez will be able to clarity the situation.
  6. Please, not another 12 years of sets to collect😖
  7. just to make a toga?😁
  8. no idea but i did cringe when i thought he was going to let go of the stick when the guy was stood on it.
  9. Didn't they have slaves in Roman times😉
  10. There are only 1000 of these proofs not in 3 coin sets and really are stunning coins. If you haven't got any you really are missing out, sure to be popular long term.
  11. A bit too much but they are a top coin retailer. You can get one cheaper. That amount should get you a PCGS graded pr70 with a bit of change.
  12. Hello Jester, welcome back, long time. Not literally I hope.
  13. what's with the rash of quarter "sovereigns" being issued lately?
  14. not heard of anything. wouldn't be surprised if this series hit the dust; i think they changed mints for the last issue and there doesn't seem to be any enthusiasm coming from them now. Added 0 minutes later... I have seen lots of silver coins develop toning around the edge when placed in these foam insert caps.
  15. Yes I know what it's about but thank you for saying a couple of sentences what it took him 30 minutes to impart. What an awful presenter, that's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back😭
  16. who is that joker? talk about going round the houses and confusing a simple issue
  17. The trouble is, if man made climate change is real, and bearing in mind the earth's current and growing population, it's basically too late to offset it. If it's already as drastic and disastrous as the climate change lobby would have us believe, nothing short of going back to medieval style living will do any good. In those days the earth could support a few million people in total; how's that going to work today then?
  18. my wife answers all calls and says i left her a while ago and moved out.
  19. the man should be shot, along with his old boss. Edit: for sake of clarity etc I wish to make it clear I am speaking figuratively or metaphorically and do not wish to incite anyone to actually shoot the said gentlemen😎
  20. Looks to be a lot of spare room around that sovereign. It would be interesting to do some measurements on these old scales and see just how accurate they were. I would guess not that very; probably didn't need to be back then and wear and tear would have an effect too.
  21. What is bullion? Bullion is strictly defined as gold or silver in bulk before coining or valued by weight. What bullion is not: a grade of coin deemed to be much less than perfect. Although a numismatic coin could be damaged to such an extent, that its value is purely that of bullion. I think the word bullion is used far too much in the hobby and especially on this forum. If a coin is referred to as bullion or bullion grade, it implies a coin that has no numismatic value but should be valued purely on its weight of precious metal. This should be at the prevailing or current rate for that type of coin, which could vary from the value a dealer would buy at, through melt value, up to a suitable premium. This itself may vary depending on the current spot value and whether this has recently changed to a significant degree. It is the issue of premium that causes so many problems and misunderstandings. There are many coins produced by the mints and sold at prices far in excess of what could be classed as bullion. However, these coins are sold as bullion grade as opposed to the corresponding collector’s issue e.g. proof. Perhaps business strike should be used instead? The price of these coins at issue is at the mercy of the mint but the secondary market value will be based on the underlying metal value, and supply and demand, although this may well be influenced by the issue price. Many of these coins will have a limited mintage and, if there is a sufficient collector base, should be classed as numismatic or semi-numismatic. To describe a coin as scarce or rare implies a certain numismatic value but this should not justify a price of more than fair bullion value for a coin if it has also been described as bullion grade due to damage. IMO the word bullion should never be used unless in the context of a coin or bar valued by its intrinsic weight of metal. A damaged numismatic coin should be described as that and a suitable value attached which will be determined by a combination of its bullion value, condition and scarcity.
  22. From that article: "Ebay will begin to introduce Adyen starting in North America in the second-half of 2018, and by 2021 the majority of its customers will be moved to the new payments platform" Does anyone know if they've started the rollout in N. America?