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  1. sovereignsteve

    South Africa Sovereign

  2. sovereignsteve

    Do you buy new or secondhand gold?

    Not trying to be funny, genuine question. If that's your only motivation, why do take any notice of what coins are out there and specifically, why do you you bother with a forum like this? Apologies if I've mistaken your meaning.
  3. sovereignsteve

    Help with provenance of a silver/ enamel cigarette holder

    Looks like a fancy priest to me, or maybe it's not heavy enough
  4. sovereignsteve

    What to do.

    Don't over complicate things. You can't faff around "trading" between gold and silver depending on what the GSR is. Just read as much as you can BEFORE you buy anything, try to decide WHY you're buying and what your priorities are. The basic is stacking the metals purely on premium to spot. However, if you want a little fun in your new hobby, you could try a little buying and selling to make more money to stack metal. Or, you might decide to add a little more interest by collecting some stuff. You probably won't decide your final strategy until you've been at the game a while so try not to go gung-ho in one direction only to realise your mistake and then have to sell to change direction; always a loser. Maybe buy a little silver bullion and a sovereign or two. I'm biased but you can't go wrong with the latter as a cornerstone of your stack/collection. Then buy the odd semi-numismatic silver piece to see how you like them, do your research first, or just buy what appeals to you. Go slowly and develop your own strategy, you'll be happy you did.
  5. sovereignsteve

    Red spots on silver coins

    you clean your ears with silver dip?😮
  6. sovereignsteve

    Turning fat into Silver

    It was they who got us eating "bad" in the first place! edit. funny how we're not allowed to say "c*ap" on this forum?🤣
  7. sovereignsteve

    1887 Double Florin...worth grading?

  8. sovereignsteve

    Price Drop

    Has been trending up recently so the fixers decided it needed a kick back down. Frequently happens on a friday, not sure if there's a trading opportunity here, maybe someone could do some back-testing?
  9. sovereignsteve

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    Other. They're naff
  10. sovereignsteve

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    misread your statement, ignore me
  11. sovereignsteve


    I tried out several but only kept one for my collection. Then sold up and started again, now on my second collection.
  12. sovereignsteve

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    was specifically referring to sovereigns
  13. sovereignsteve

    Fractionals and fakes

    a professional house-clearer
  14. sovereignsteve

    Maundy Money in general

    There are keen collectors out there and they can go for good money, being relatively rare. Personally I can't get excited about them as they're small silver coins, too small for me to appreciate properly.
  15. sovereignsteve

    Fractionals and fakes

    They're halves, right? If they were full ones, I'd be in smartish for a bit of cheap bullion