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  1. a novelty if you ask me, good for the numismatists with fiat burning a hole in their pocket, but as an investment coin i'd rather my luck at a roulette table
  2. all this talk of higher proof prices, i still can't get over the prices people are trying to get for the bullion Queens beasts! At this rate, may be cheaper to get a bullion coin, sell it privately, buy a proof from the mint, grade it, then sell that on again (talk about making your head spin )
  3. The royal mint does do 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 though? https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/
  4. SilverB

    Two Mint Sets

    Thats awesome! and fetching a hefty price as well these days
  5. SilverB

    Two Mint Sets

    So I've been hearing a lot lately about the pride of two nations set that came out a little while ago, and it got me thinking.. is this something which happens often? I found one on APMEX from 2003, bullion Britannia and Eagle set which isn't available anymore (packaging ain't much to write home about so I wouldn't pay over the odds for what is at the end of the day two bullion coins anyway). do any of the more knowledgeable collectors on here think of any others?
  6. what's with the colouring? I thought it was a silver coin so it might be a trick of the light but it looks like its two different alloys to me?
  7. It says on the link @Wolves shared that "The highest quality 1819 Sovereign known to exist achieved a price of £186,000" Do they say what quality RM are selling? has to be lower but still, i wouldn't call it dictating the market if its almost half of a previous one sold for.
  8. Just a note, part of the lore behind a Yale is the horns can be moved independently/swivel!
  9. I would certainly not go into buying coins like these for investment! The primary reason being that when you come to selling the coin, you need to find someone willing to buy it, and these coins from far flung places have a fairly poor reputation, and even fewer people who want to buy them. Proof or 'proof-like' coins in general are risky business for investing, as the premium over the gold price is often WAY higher than the gold price, whereas bullion coins like the Royal Mint sovereign are only a few £ over the gold price, so you could even sell it later on for melting and be better off.
  10. i would definitely shop around! secondary sovereigns are always going to be cheaper but honestly when starting off maybe it would be best to go to a trusted dealer rather than a stranger. Baird Mint, Atkinsons, BullionbyPost, are all reputable online dealers based in the UK. Or seeing as your in London you could go to Sharps Pixley if you want a face to face purchase
  11. bullionbypost.eu is the european branch of one of the biggest bullion dealers in the UK, they are very much legit I've never had any issues when dealing with them, but then again i've only used their UK service so no comment on the .eu side. I do know that Auragentum are legit also, I've had friends use them with no complaints, and they have a physical store in Munich if you want to talk to someone face to face (bit of a drive from spain though ). No idea on the other one sorry
  12. I agree with @danmc82, a slab would just be cost which would be passed on to us, and if anything might be easier to copy.. if you see well faked packaging you might be less vigilant regarding the coin itself
  13. I can see people talking about the price of them, all I can see is Apmex's 'Alert Me' button? Is another dealer selling them already?
  14. What confuses me is the fact that they all say exclusive, but for starters i can buy a lunar dog from other dealers? http://www.goldline.co.uk/bullionCoins.jsp?coinId=289&yp=700 Are they talking about exclusive price instead?
  15. On the Royal mints website they arent using the chipwood design, looks like some sellers have just reused old images??