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  1. Still filling holes in the early years of my ATB collections. 2012 Denali 5 oz bullion ATB arrived yesterday.
  2. @CadmiumGreen That 1/2 oz Walking Liberty is gorgeous. Do yourself a favor and try to pick up the 1/10 Mercury dime and the 1/4 Standing Liberty quarter. The three together make a beautiful set. I love mine. I think the U.S. Mint hit a home run in celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the release of these 3 beautiful coins in 1916.
  3. Looking forward to the go live date coming soon. And very happy I was finally able to mint here in the U.S.
  4. Delivered yesterday. Filled a couple holes in my ATB P collection. 2011-P Glacier National Park and 2014-P Shenandoah National Park. A roll of 20 90% 1964 Kennedy half dollars also arrived.
  5. Haven't bought any gold in quite a while so picked up a couple of nice bullion sovereigns at the LCS today to get my fix. A 1925 and a 1963.
  6. They need to shorten her ear. It looks like that earring weighs 6 ounces the way her ear is stretched down.
  7. I have given Lunar II's to my nieces for their birthdays. I'm not sure if the shipping from the U.S would make it too expensive for your consideration, but APMEX has nice presentation boxes for single Lunar II's in factory capsules. They have both wooden boxes and nice deep blue colored cardboard boxes that I used.
  8. Was out of town for a couple weeks on a motorcycle ride to Montana, and had a couple packages waiting for me at the post office when I got back home. 2019 Pride of Two Nations Proof Set, and 2019 1 oz QB Falcon.
  9. Received the 8 oz Hydra silver statue from Heads or Tails, a 2011 Vicksburg ATB, and 2 proof 1 oz 2019 Rwanda Victoria Nautical Ounce.
  10. Small silver purchase to scratch the itch. Most of my attention has been on gold for a while now, as I pretty much reached my bullion silver weight goals. But I still like buying singles like these for designs I'm fond of, or completing sets/series.
  11. Latest ATB from the U.S. Mint. 2019-P War in the Pacific National Park.
  12. I have heard that said as well, but then I would expect many to hold when BTC price is on the rise as its been for the last few months. But like any commodity, there will be plenty of trading to make money on the rise and fall of price. With all the money being spent by Bakkt, Gemini, JPM, TDAmeritrade and others to establish futures markets and ETF's, those entities certainly seem to expect to make significant profits on a robust trading market. As a related point, one use case scenario for Kinesis velocity is it's use as a stable coin for traders as they rotate out of BTC or other cryptos during price volatility. Rather then Tether or other stable coins, they can hold KAU or KAG and earn interest on it while they wait to re-enter BTC. I am not a day trader in BTC or any crypto, so I have no personal experience if this would be a viable strategy or not. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing if this occurs once Kinesis goes live.
  13. And for who likes to make small petty comments.
  14. If Kinesis doesn't appeal to you, more power to you. It isn't going to appeal to everyone. But you asked a "simple" and "passing" question about vaulting costs, and when someone answers that question, instead of simply saying thank you for the information, you bitch about how the answer to your "simple" and "passing" question wasn't deemed important by Kinesis because it was on page 29 of the blue print. BTW, page 29 of a 54 page document trying to describe a large, complex system. There was limited room on page 1 to put the one nugget of info you were interested in to make it easy for you to find. I would hazard a guess, that I probably spent more time and effort looking for that one piece of information for you (which I already knew but wanted to get the specific source location for you), then you have spent reading about the basics of the system. That is fine too. One of the great things about this site. People willing to answer each others questions. If some others are accusing you of being negative on Kinesis, it's because that is exactly what comes thru in every comment you have made above. Kinesis has dominated this thread for the last hours (as you complain about) because of you not letting it go. If you are not interested in it, then just let it pass.
  15. @HawkHybrid If you look at page 29 of the Blueprint, it shows a breakdown of how the 0.45 % transaction fees are shared. 20% of the transaction fees are allocated to Kinesis Partners of which ABX and its vaulting partners are part of. That is how the vaulting fees are taken care of. No direct vaulting fees are billed to the holders of the currency. It's taken out of the transaction fees as the currency changes hands.
  16. LCS pickup today. 1916-S St. Gaudens Double Eagle and a 1/4 oz 2018 QB Unicorn.
  17. Fantastic products. I received that email also, and I have my eye on a couple of those pieces. I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases from them. Highly recommended.
  18. Stopped by the LCS to buy a $3 Indian Princess I had him set aside for me, when he showed me a coin that he had just bought an hour before and that doesn't come thru his shop very often. I was first person to see it and It was love at first sight. Big, chunky and lots of history. Oldest coin I own and my new favorite. 1799 8 Escudo Also picked up an 1880 Young Head sov to get over the purchase amount needed here in California for exemption from sales tax.
  19. My first Victoria sovs. An 1889-M Jubilee and an 1893-M Veiled. I need to find a young head now. Picked up for just a tad over spot. These vintage sovereigns are so much more satisfying then modern bullion sovs, although I do like anything shiny if the price is right.
  20. Too late! You're doomed.
  21. Yeah, it's my favorite out of the bunch.
  22. Delivered yesterday, 2019 Premium Sovereign Proof Set. Also bought a couple of coins from the LCS. An 1853 $1 Liberty Type 1, and an 1861 $1 Type 3 Indian. I'm only missing the $1 Type 2 and the $3 Indian Princess to complete my U.S. gold type set. And if anyone hasn't examined a $1 gold coins in hand, here is a pic of them next to the tip of a pen for scale to show how small they are. How people back then could have transacted with these without losing them is beyond me.
  23. My latest purchase arrived from Heads or Tales, the 30 oz Minotaur. I actually purchased this 55 oz Bastet XL a few months ago, but realized I never posted pics back when I received it. And a pic of the Bastet XL with the 45 oz Anubis XL. 100 oz of silver between the two. I'm a big fan of the silver statues made by Heads or Tales. I've purchased 7 or 8 of them so far. They are pricey on a per oz silver basis, but if you can appreciate them for the artwork rather then the silver bullion value, they are fantastic, and I highly recommend them.
  24. I like it. A bit inconsistent in that the first two in the series had the name of the dragon on the front of the round, and the chinese does not.