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  1. Received 2019 Piedfort Proof Set from the Royal Mint today. Beautiful set. Unfortunately, I'll be sending it back as the D-Day and Wedgewood 2 pound coins have serious flaws. The D-Day has a a major scratch that must be almost a centimeter long, and the Wedgewood has a ring of blemishes along the circumference of the silver near the transition to gold plating. Especially with the scratch on the D-Day, it boggles the mind how such a flaw could get past any quality assurance checking and actually be sold. I'm certainly not a nitpicker that expects every coin to be an unblemished perfect 70, but these two are just bad, and shame on the Royal Mint for trying to sell such lousy quality. I'm going to give some thought in the next couple days about whether to return for exchange or return and cancel, as now I'm worried what might get sent in exchange. I wish they would let you just return the defectives, as I really do like the Holmes, and the 5 pound is a nice hefty chunk of silver beauty.
  2. Received part of my Royal Mint order today. For some reason they shipped the 6 coin set in a different package, and its running a bit late. Very pleased with these. My first 50p's. I have always been a Homes fan. Read the books when I was younger and loved watching the Basil Rathebone movies on AMC.
  3. I've had an account with propertyroom.com for at least 12 years. Their auctions used to be mostly property room inventory, but at some point they opened it up to dealers. You will see that almost all the coins put up for auction are from coin dealers, and it has been like that for a long time., 10 years or more. I havn't looked at the site for a few years now.
  4. LCS pickup. 1995 Olympic Proof set. U.S. Mint released more coins then usual this year because of the Olympics. This is one of two sets released. The other matching set has the other four designs released for the Olympic games in Atlanta - 50 cent clad, 2 silver $1, and another $5 gold. My dealer had the other set, but the silver dollars had clouded up terribly, so I passed on it.
  5. Got an email 20 minutes ago that my orders have been dispatched. Speedy work on the Royal Mint's part I must admit.
  6. BU and Proof versions of the latest (5th) in the 2 oz Destiny Knight Series. Have always been able to get them from APMEX in the past as they were released, but had to order directly from the issuing company this time. Also picked up a few odd silver ounces that I didn't have examples of. 2018 and 2019 Elephants, 2018 Bird of Paradise and 2019 Swan.
  7. Ordered a gold and a silver as soon as they were available last night at 10 pm PST here.
  8. I ordered the Piedfort silver proof set. I was thinking of getting the D-Day coin for a while now as my great uncle was shot down and killed on D-Day, and seeing the Sherlock Holmes sealed the deal for me on getting the set.
  9. Ahhh ok. Sorry if I caused a ruckus. Havn't been on the forum for a week and when I saw the OP the tweet said was available in the proof sets. And it didn't sink in when some guys were quoting prices that they were for singles coming out. Thanks for the info.
  10. Just ordered it off The Royal Mint site about 15 minutes ago. Can't reach it by clicking the advert on the front page. I hit collections tab and selected annual sets, and they came up. Four different sets available. Regular proof, silver set , piedfort and gold.
  11. I just ordered the Piedfort set so they are available now. Looks like midnight release local for you guys.
  12. Welcome. Southern California resident here, although I am quite eager to leave the Left Coast state next year.
  13. Bought a 1905 $2.50 Liberty quarter eagle, 1907 $10 Liberty eagle, and a 1932 $10 Indian eagle for my gold type set. Only need the $3 and all 3 types of the $1 to complete the set.
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  15. I've been thinking about getting a detector. I'm sure it's a load of fun. But living here in California, I'm very envious of people on the East Coast and Europe where you have so much more history, and have the chance of finding really old relics.
  16. Early U.S. coins tended to circulate for a longer period of time as well. Until the silver Comstock load was discovered and additional mints were built, the Government had a hard time providing enough coinage to supply the growing population. Thats why Spanish reales were legal tender into the 1850's, and California minted gold coins even after the Federal Government declared them illegal.
  17. LCS pick ups today. I'm trying to complete a nice type set of U.S. gold coins $1 to $20. About half way done. I bought a nice lucite holder to display the whole set, which will look fantastic when completely filled.
  18. LCS pick up today. 1909-D $5 indian half eagle. A $5 indian has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I'm nerding out now that I finally pulled the trigger on one. Now I'm hungering for the $10.
  19. 2019-P American Memorial Park 5 oz ATB
  20. Arrived yesterday. An 1863 Italian Vittorio Emanuelle II 20 Lira. Another LMU coin checked off the list.
  21. Received the 2019 QB 10 oz silver Bull. Plenty of others have posted pics of these so I'll save some page space.
  22. I'll probably set up my wallet and minting account in the next day or so on my days off when I have some time to play around with it. Thanks for posting your experiences with it so far.
  23. Another trip to the LCS today. Picked up the 2013-W BU and 2013-P Proof 5-Star Generals $1 commemoratives, and the 2006-S Proof San Francisco Old Mint $5. I love how they used the reverse of the old Liberty half eagles for the SF Old Mint commemorative.
  24. 5 oz silver bullion Lowell ATB, 2 2018 Somalia Elephants, and a 1 oz gold QB Yale.
  25. U.S. Mint delivery of the 2019 American Legion 100th Anniversary proof set. And the last of the EC8 series, St. Lucia, with 6 of the BU and 2 colorized proofs.