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  1. mr1030

    Can You Stop Milk Spots In Their Tracks?

    From what I've read (can't remember the source) milk spots are a result of the cleansers used in the washing process of the blanks. It all comes to how thoroughly the mints in question wash off the cleansers. Even the RCM seems to clean their high premium stuff better, resulting in less milk spots. The Perth Mint, which I think has the highest quality of the major mints, has milk spots on their low premium stuff i.e. silver bullion kangaroos. It all comes down to $ they are willing to commit to properly cleaning the blanks prior to stamping.
  2. mr1030

    Today I bought.....

    Ordered something a couple days ago that I think you Brits will appreciate. Its chunky, and I'm really looking forward to it. Don't want to spoil it by announcing, but hopefully it will ship in the next few days and I'll post some pics in the received thread soon.
  3. 2017 Kilo silver Libertad and 1 oz gold QB Griffin have probably had the best gains. @FoolzGold I wish I had picked up a Palladium Eagle when they first were first available. I intended to get one but I wasn't paying attention and they sold out before I could.
  4. mr1030


    Hah. I like the artwork, but really, what will they think of next to put on a coin? Can't even appreciate the artwork on the nano chip without a microscope.
  5. I watched this the other day. Doesn't surprise me in the least. U.S Mint seems to find stashes every now and then. Big government agencies tend to store and forget. It's just a ledger entry to them. Hopefully they will sell them to the public, although I imagine they will probably just remain an asset line on the books.
  6. mr1030

    Is there any reason that gold keeps dropping?

    Yeah I watched it. He presents his point of view well. I don't necessarily agree with him. If the oil/yuan contracts, and Kinesis and India/china holidays suck physical off the markets, I don't see things playing out like he says. Going to be some curve balls thrown into the mix in the next few months. It will be interesting to watch.
  7. mr1030

    Today I Received

    I bought the dime, quarter and half in that series and they are gorgeous in gold. And while I bought them because I loved the designs and intend to keep them for a long time, it's a shame they issued them with such large mintages, as the value on them has not appreciated. But purely on an emotional level as a collector, they are winners to me.
  8. mr1030

    Today I Received

    I've bought a few Eagles in the past , and while I like them, the modern reverse design turns me off a bit. I think they did a great job on the obverse. If they had just done a refresh of the classic Saint-Gaudens reverse, I would have been in love with it. As it is, while the front is great, the reverse just lessens the overall coin for me. The buffalo on the other hand kept the classic design front and back, with just the fineness text and denomination added. They knocked it out of the park. The Palladium Eagle is another example like the buffalo where classic designs on new coins ended up being a winner. Man, I wish I had bought one of those when they first were issued.
  9. mr1030

    Today I Received

    2017 1 oz gold Buffalo and 2018 St.Helena Spade Guinea. Not sure where the spots on the guinea came from in the picture. Naked coin shows none of them.
  10. mr1030

    Today I bought.....

    Ordered a 2017 1 oz gold U.S. Buffalo off an eBay special for $20 over spot. Pretty good premium over spot for a buffalo over here. I've wanted one for quite a while as I like the design, but the premiums were always higher then I wanted to pay.
  11. mr1030


    Man, I like that a lot. But runs 3000 Euros or $3400.
  12. mr1030

    2 ounce series, and artistically pleasing coins

    I have the entire series to date, which is 4 designs. Dragon, Raven, Shield, and Smith, with the knight being the common reverse. Available in BU and proof. They are stunning. They made the 2 oz rounds larger in diameter rather then thickness, which really shows off the artwork. They are made by a company called Macian Enterprises. Sold by APMEX here in the States, but considering its a Scottish themed series, I'd be shocked if there wasn't a local vendor over there for you guys.
  13. mr1030

    Today I Received

    9Fine Mint. It's a subsidiary of APMEX. I posted a pic of a 10 oz I bought a few weeks ago, and I think one of the forum members said that there was a dealer over there in GB that carried them.
  14. mr1030

    Today I Received

    2016 1/4 oz gold QB Lion and 2 9Fine 5 oz silver bars.
  15. mr1030

    Today I Received

    Arrived yesterday. 2018 Voyageurs bullion 5 oz ATB. 6 BU and 2 proof St Kitts & Nevis coins from the EC8 series.