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  1. I suppose it could appeal to people with a paranoia regarding trying to move some of their metal from one country to another easily if necessary.
  2. mr1030

    Today I Received.....

    Arrived the other day. A 2018 1 oz gold kangaroo. And thanks to Alun for sending me a Queens Beast box and 3 Privateer series boxes, one for myself and two for friends at work who are delighted with theirs. Alun is a genuine craftman.
  3. mr1030

    Today I bought.....

    10 random secondary market 1 oz silver rounds and 100 mercury dimes.
  4. mr1030

    Today I Received.....

    20 1 oz silver rounds modeled after the 1934/35 Texas Centennial Commemorative
  5. Wow. I have quite a bit of their bars and rounds in silver and gold. It's a shame, as it was one of my favorite private mints for low premium metal.
  6. mr1030

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    Thanks for the webinar Sixgun. I see it has been posted to the telegram as well which is good, as it will answer a lot of the questions by some of the more vocal people there.
  7. mr1030

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    I'm hoping the delay may be to bring more big partners online. The delay doesn't surprise me very much. This is a very ambitious project they are putting together, and small delays that would increase global exposure are worth while. It wouldn't surprise me if the wallet software needed some polishing as well. Hoping some solid information will come out in the next few days.
  8. mr1030

    Today I Received.....

    JM Bullion. They had them on sale last week.
  9. mr1030

    Today I Received.....

    Tube of 20 RMC 1 oz silver rounds. Good low premium silver.
  10. mr1030

    Today I Received.....

    10 oz silver bar from Provident Metals and a 2014 bullion sovereign. The sov was a "random date" 1911-2018 buy. Would have liked an earlier date Elizabeth II as I don't have any of those obverse types, but the price was good and at the end of the day, gold is gold.
  11. mr1030

    Today I Received.....

    2018 5 oz & 2 oz Libertad reverse prood set and a tube of 20 Provident Metals Prospector 1 oz silver rounds. Sorry about the dusty pic of the Libertads. Tried to wipe it down, but I didn't have an anti static cloth, and that dust was determined to stick around.
  12. mr1030

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    I'm in with a 5 oz 9Fine Mint silver bar.
  13. mr1030

    credit cards made of REAL 18-carat gold

    I want one! I'd use it on transactions I swiped myself, but give it to a waiter at a restaurant, hell no!
  14. mr1030

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    I personally like the idea of them giving the little guys the first opportunity to buy the KVT's before institutional buyers. Think of all the big name IPO's over the years where the little guy couldn't even try to buy at the initial price because the big money had first crack at it and drove it sky high. And I also believe there has probably been a decision made to offer any unsold KVT's to institutional investors after a certain date. With the business model they are bringing to market, I think Kinesis is better served by having thousands of individual KVT holders who are vested in the business, want it to succeed, will use the system themselves and tell their friends and relatives to do the same, rather then one or two institutional investors who just look at it as an investment entry on their books. The size of Kinesis' marketing team increases with every new individual KVT owner. As was said above, they far exceeded the soft cap $ amount that was needed to launch the system, so I am not concerned that it won't happen. Is it high risk? Certainly. There is always the chance that it won't accomplish wide scale acceptability and usage. But if it does, that high risk gives a high reward. I look at this as a high risk venture capital investment without my having to have the big $ that the usual venture capital investor has to have to play in the game. FYI, I have bought KVT's.
  15. mr1030

    Today I Received.....

    Arrived yesterday. 2019 10 oz QB Unicorn, and a 2019 1 oz silver proof QB Falcon. First silver proof QB I've bought. I've been tempted for quite a while to get one by all the pics I've seen posted here, but have not due to fears of having milk spotting appear on an expensive RM silver proof. But I have to say these QB silver proofs really present beautifully in your hand. One of the few times when I can say I prefer the look of the silver proofs over the gold proofs. I will definitely back order and complete the set.