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  1. Received a nice bullion 1887 sov $3 over spot.
  2. Filled a hole in my ATB collection and a couple of single specimens from series I like. 2013-P Fort McHenry 5 oz silver ATB, and 2019 Perth Emu and Dragon & Dragon.
  3. To be fair, one of the videos was just a "round", and the other was an obviously already battered Libertad. I think both authors' priority was on showing the process and results rather then on trying to maintain the pristine condition of a high premium collector coin, of which niether were.
  4. @jultorsk Glad you like them. Best wishes to you in 2020 and to all TSF members!
  5. My iddy biddy kook arrived. I'd love to see these produced in larger sizes.
  6. mr1030

    Kookaburra Gold 2020

    I ordered one as well back on the 14th. And you are right about the risk of this being a new yearly addiction.
  7. Arrived from PCGS today. 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof ASE's. Had to send them unopened to PCGS, so I was certainly anxious about what was in the mint boxes while I was waiting for the package to come back from PCGS. No signed COA's. I was hoping odds were I would get one 70 but both came back 69's. They are beautiful coins.
  8. No luck. Checked thru all the refiners they had listed. But thanks for the link. It's a great site.
  9. I know quite a few of you collect vintage bars, so maybe someone can help identify this one as I cant find any refiners marks that I recognize. This bar was brought to me by a co-worker who thought I might get a kick in seeing it, and might be able to provide some information about it. She said that it was her grandmothers, who had passed away, but didn't have any info beyond that. I have tested it with my Sigma Verifier and the surface scans do come back as .999. The bar looks familiar, so I might have seen a picture of something similar at some point, but I can't place my finger on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. mr1030

    New Acquisition

    I moved to Southern California when i was a kid in 1969, and it is a shame how much it has deteriorated since the '80's and '90's. It used to be such a beautiful place to live. Not any more and it is way too over populated. I am retiring in 3 1/2 months and moving to Arizona, and I can't wait. Nothing left in California that I will miss.
  11. Received the display box for the World of Dragons series as well as the latest issue, The Indian Dragon, in silver and copper. The dispaly box is very nice, with a pull out upper tray, so it has room for all of the silver and copper rounds. Also received the latest 2019 bullion 5 oz ATB, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Park.
  12. Last of my Black Friday purchases arrived. 2018 Perth Dragon 1 oz gold coin bar, 1 oz silver Asahi bar, and 3 Silvertowne Buffalo 1 oz silver rounds. The bars were spot deals, and I added the buffalo's to get over the $ amount needed to be exempt from sales tax.
  13. Received my Christmas Prize Draw today and want to give a big thank you to @terakris for the plethora of cool British coinage goodies he sent to me. Lets see if I get these right: A 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee silver proof crown and BU 25p, a 1973 BU 50p, an undated 2008 20p, a 2012 gold Queen's Diamond Jubilee commemorative coin, and a World of Dragons Chinese Dragon copper round. Thanks again and wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season!
  14. Great set! I love the Zombucks. I have the full set in copper and silver proofs, but I've been trying to find the display box for them like yours. No luck so far.
  15. @Melon Nope. Descendant of Irish immigrants on my dad's side. I was born in France though when my dad was stationed there in the 60's. But I am a fan of old european coinage and modern British issues.