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  1. @richatthecroft Congrats on the centanario! I love them. They give you such a satisfying heft when you hold them in the palm of your hand. Add to that a very attractive design, and you can't beat them for low premium old gold coins. You have a very attractive looking example there.
  2. The owner of the LCS I frequent opened a second shop about 30 miles from my house. It was opening day today, and since it was my day off, I drove over to check out the new store. I took over a six pack of beer as a store warming gift, and planned on making a modest purchase to celebrate the new shop. Of course he put a more significantly priced item in front of me that he had recently purchased that he knew I would have a hard time refusing. 1989 Double Sovereign. No box or COA, but he gave me a great price on it. And also bought a nice 1891 Jubilee Shilling. And I ended up being the first paying customer at the new store.
  3. @MetalMandible Agree the Palladium Eagle is gorgeous. I love the one I have and wish I could have got my hands on all three. Platinum Eagles are a hit and miss with me. The bullions don't have much appeal for me. But the proofs, I think some are very nice and others are duds.
  4. I like the degree of change they are making. I absolutely adore the Walking Liberty and St Gaudens designs, and happy that they are remaining. Two of the most beautiful designs ever created in U.S. coinage history. Changing the reverse designs with new security features is a nice and much needed refresh while leaving the most endearing features of the current designs. I've always had a luke warm feeling for the reverse of the ASE, and have always thought the reverse of the AGE was terrible, and a very poor counterpart to the beautiful design on the front.
  5. So I stopped by the LCS again and picked up some pretty things that he doesn't often have come in to his shop. Maundy. 1859 4 pence. My picture doesn't do it justice. Beautiful, bright with proof-like fields. 1762 3 pence And a very attractive 1901 penny. He also had an absolutely gorgeous 1852 Proof Seated Liberty Half Dollar. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it. Some MS Trade Dollars. A lot of other stuff that all came in one collection he bought earlier in the day.
  6. Yeah, she suffered a heart attack on a plane. Her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, died the next day.
  7. So I was out of town for several days and had four packages waiting for me at the post office when I got home. Received the 2020 QB White Lion of Mortimer in 1/4 oz gold Proof, 1 oz silver Proof and 11 of the 2 oz bullion. The latest in the warrior series, The Aztec in 1 oz silver and copper from Provident Metals. A 2013 5 oz silver bullion Fort McHenry ATB. 2019 South Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang 1 oz gold, and a Valcambi Suisse 1 oz Platinum bar.
  8. Yes. I've seen similar products from goldmoney iirmc. There is an expiration date. I think on the one I saw before, once the card expired, the card issuer would offer to buy the card back at some % of gold value or offer a credit value towards a replacement card. I can't remember exactly. But it makes sense from a business perspective to have it expire at some point. The issuer can't offer no fees and other services indefinitely and make a profit in the long run.
  9. Nothing wrong with making a ridiculously expensive item if there is a market for it and someone is willing to pay. Can't fairly place a value on it based on the gold content. Since someone who would theoretically purchase this item is gonna be a whale that spends a lot of money, the justification for the high price is the "no fees", and the access to the concierge services that holding the card entitles you to. If it provides a source of revenue for The Royal Mint, more power to them.
  10. Yeah, that's always the case , but they know I'm trying to complete a Modern U.S. Commemorative set. The week I was out of town, they had some new stock come in, and were waiting for me to make my weekly visit. So they had them stacked and ready for me as soon as I walked in the door. I bought the sov to get over the $ threshold to be sales tax exempt.
  11. I got back from an out of state trip and went to the LCS today and picked up a few items. 1998-S BU Robert Kennedy Dollar and John F Kennedy Half Dollar Set. 1999-P Yellowstone National Park BU and Proof Dollar Set 1999-W George Washington BU and Proof $5 gold set. And a 1912-P George V sovereign.
  12. mr1030

    Gold below melt

    Yes these have not been popular since their release by the U.S. Mint. If I remember correctly some of the first issues did not even denote on the medals how much gold was in them. But the LCS dealers I have in my area are very willing to buy/sell them as they know the pm content. They can be a very efficient way to buy gold as I have seen even the big bullion dealers put them on sale frequently in the past for less then $10 over spot.
  13. Purchased today from my LCS. Filled a hole in my Modern U.S. Commemorative collection with a 2010-P BU Boy Scouts of America Centennial. And a couple 2013 silver Maple Leafs to top off an unfilled tube I had that was bugging me.