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  1. LCS pick up today. 1909-D $5 indian half eagle. A $5 indian has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I'm nerding out now that I finally pulled the trigger on one. Now I'm hungering for the $10.
  2. 2019-P American Memorial Park 5 oz ATB
  3. Arrived yesterday. An 1863 Italian Vittorio Emanuelle II 20 Lira. Another LMU coin checked off the list.
  4. Received the 2019 QB 10 oz silver Bull. Plenty of others have posted pics of these so I'll save some page space.
  5. I'll probably set up my wallet and minting account in the next day or so on my days off when I have some time to play around with it. Thanks for posting your experiences with it so far.
  6. Another trip to the LCS today. Picked up the 2013-W BU and 2013-P Proof 5-Star Generals $1 commemoratives, and the 2006-S Proof San Francisco Old Mint $5. I love how they used the reverse of the old Liberty half eagles for the SF Old Mint commemorative.
  7. 5 oz silver bullion Lowell ATB, 2 2018 Somalia Elephants, and a 1 oz gold QB Yale.
  8. U.S. Mint delivery of the 2019 American Legion 100th Anniversary proof set. And the last of the EC8 series, St. Lucia, with 6 of the BU and 2 colorized proofs.
  9. Good day at the LCS. Filled a lot of holes in my U.S. Modern Commemoratives Albums. 1992 BU White House, 1986 BU Statue of Liberty, 1991 BU USO, 1994 BU U.S. Capitol 2012 Proof Infantry, 1994 Proof U.S. Capitol, 1992 BU Olympics Baseball 1992 BU Columbus Dollar and Half set, 1995 BU Civil War Dollar and Half set 1992 Proof Olympic Baseball, 1993 BU WWII 50th Anniversary Dollar and Half set
  10. Picked up at the LCS today. 2009-W Proof $5 George Washington gold commemorative. And in silver the 1988-D BU Olympic, 2006-P BU Benjamin Franklin Founding Father, 2007-P BU Jamestown, and 2008-P Proof Bald Eagle.
  11. @CadmiumGreen WOW! Congrats my friend. That is definitely a bucket lister. Absolutely gorgeous coin.
  12. Picked up some U.S. Modern Commemoratives at the LCS today, including a couple of special ones I couldn't pass up once I saw them. 2000-W Library of Congress $10 Gold/Platinum Bi-Metallic in Proof and BU. In silver, the 2000-P BU Leif Ericson $1, 2001-P BU U.S. Capitol $1, 2002-W BU West Point $1, and the 2002-P BU Winter Olympics $1.
  13. mr1030

    9 Fine Mint

    I haven't looked at them in a while so no idea if they are stained. I would guess it's just orange ink from the case rubbed off of the plastic onto the silver. You can probably just buff it off if it bothers you.
  14. mr1030

    9 Fine Mint

    Have several in 5 and 10 oz size. Very nice bars.