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  1. @HawkHybrid If you look at page 29 of the Blueprint, it shows a breakdown of how the 0.45 % transaction fees are shared. 20% of the transaction fees are allocated to Kinesis Partners of which ABX and its vaulting partners are part of. That is how the vaulting fees are taken care of. No direct vaulting fees are billed to the holders of the currency. It's taken out of the transaction fees as the currency changes hands.
  2. LCS pickup today. 1916-S St. Gaudens Double Eagle and a 1/4 oz 2018 QB Unicorn.
  3. Fantastic products. I received that email also, and I have my eye on a couple of those pieces. I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases from them. Highly recommended.
  4. Stopped by the LCS to buy a $3 Indian Princess I had him set aside for me, when he showed me a coin that he had just bought an hour before and that doesn't come thru his shop very often. I was first person to see it and It was love at first sight. Big, chunky and lots of history. Oldest coin I own and my new favorite. 1799 8 Escudo Also picked up an 1880 Young Head sov to get over the purchase amount needed here in California for exemption from sales tax.
  5. My first Victoria sovs. An 1889-M Jubilee and an 1893-M Veiled. I need to find a young head now. Picked up for just a tad over spot. These vintage sovereigns are so much more satisfying then modern bullion sovs, although I do like anything shiny if the price is right.
  6. Too late! You're doomed.
  7. Yeah, it's my favorite out of the bunch.
  8. Delivered yesterday, 2019 Premium Sovereign Proof Set. Also bought a couple of coins from the LCS. An 1853 $1 Liberty Type 1, and an 1861 $1 Type 3 Indian. I'm only missing the $1 Type 2 and the $3 Indian Princess to complete my U.S. gold type set. And if anyone hasn't examined a $1 gold coins in hand, here is a pic of them next to the tip of a pen for scale to show how small they are. How people back then could have transacted with these without losing them is beyond me.
  9. My latest purchase arrived from Heads or Tales, the 30 oz Minotaur. I actually purchased this 55 oz Bastet XL a few months ago, but realized I never posted pics back when I received it. And a pic of the Bastet XL with the 45 oz Anubis XL. 100 oz of silver between the two. I'm a big fan of the silver statues made by Heads or Tales. I've purchased 7 or 8 of them so far. They are pricey on a per oz silver basis, but if you can appreciate them for the artwork rather then the silver bullion value, they are fantastic, and I highly recommend them.
  10. I like it. A bit inconsistent in that the first two in the series had the name of the dragon on the front of the round, and the chinese does not.
  11. Yeah it sold out in about 3 minutes. I was able to add to my wallet, but it was removed in the time it took me to type in my credit card info and hit send.
  12. Received 2019 Piedfort Proof Set from the Royal Mint today. Beautiful set. Unfortunately, I'll be sending it back as the D-Day and Wedgewood 2 pound coins have serious flaws. The D-Day has a a major scratch that must be almost a centimeter long, and the Wedgewood has a ring of blemishes along the circumference of the silver near the transition to gold plating. Especially with the scratch on the D-Day, it boggles the mind how such a flaw could get past any quality assurance checking and actually be sold. I'm certainly not a nitpicker that expects every coin to be an unblemished perfect 70, but these two are just bad, and shame on the Royal Mint for trying to sell such lousy quality. I'm going to give some thought in the next couple days about whether to return for exchange or return and cancel, as now I'm worried what might get sent in exchange. I wish they would let you just return the defectives, as I really do like the Holmes, and the 5 pound is a nice hefty chunk of silver beauty.
  13. Received part of my Royal Mint order today. For some reason they shipped the 6 coin set in a different package, and its running a bit late. Very pleased with these. My first 50p's. I have always been a Homes fan. Read the books when I was younger and loved watching the Basil Rathebone movies on AMC.
  14. I've had an account with propertyroom.com for at least 12 years. Their auctions used to be mostly property room inventory, but at some point they opened it up to dealers. You will see that almost all the coins put up for auction are from coin dealers, and it has been like that for a long time., 10 years or more. I havn't looked at the site for a few years now.