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  1. Joining the club of those who took advantage of the recent Royal Mint sale to buy a little platinum.
  2. Bought a few things from the LCS today. Starting with a Spanish 1813 Fernando VII 8 Reales minted in Lima, a French 1827 Charles X 5 Franc, and a GB 1696 William III Crown. A little bit of hammered. A Felipe IV 1 Tari from the Kingdon of Naples, and a GB Edward IV Light Groat And a bit of gold. A 1920 Mexican 2 Peso, and a 1952, 1956, and 1959 Iranian gold Pahlavi's which are the same size and weight as a sovereign.
  3. I have the Britannia. It is fantastic. I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed. I do want to get the Libertad though.
  4. Hehe, you may be right. But for $264 plus shipping I'll take a chance on a 650 mintage platinum coin, despite how unattractive the design is.
  5. I absolutely love the silver statue products from Heads or Tales, and these are a couple of items that I ordered in the last 3 months that finally arrived today. 46 oz Horus XL+ 30 oz Striking Eagle And since the Horus is the third in the Egyptian Gods series, here is a picture of the whole set.
  6. USPS packages that require a signature always come in the morning much earlier then the regular post in the afternoon. Great way to start the day. Eleven 2020 2 oz silver QB White Horse of Hanover.
  7. QB's arrived today. 2020 White Horse of Hanover proofs in 1 oz silver and 1/4 oz gold.
  8. I checked them out. I was really hoping for a knock out design that I would really like. While I like the idea of using an Aston Martin in the design, the pictures on the website seemed really bland to me. Pass.
  9. Ordered this a couple weeks ago on sale for $12 over spot just before gold took its elevator ride up and then back down. 2019 Perth 1 oz gold Lunar Landing Anniversary.
  10. mr1030

    2020 Swans

    Wow APMEX really boosted the price for the silvers this year.
  11. Arrived this morning. 2020 1 oz silver and 1/4 oz platinum proof Britannias.
  12. 2020 American Samoa National Park 5 oz silver bullion ATB arrived today.
  13. 2020-P National Park of American Samoa 5 oz ATB. 2019 Allegories Columbia and Germania 1 oz round, and 4 1 oz U.S. Capitol silver rounds.
  14. Hi @dicker. Yeah I received the email as well. The KVT's are the funding token, not the AU and AG backed currencies. Those are still trading normally. Kinesis has halted the trading of the KVT's temporarily and says it will resume soon. Some people had sold their KVT's for rediculously low prices, some by mistake by selling at market rather then a limit order. I think Kinesis has halted the KVT trading for a short period to protect the token price until the system goes public soon and true price discovery can occur when the yield system starts paying out.
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