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  1. mr1030

    Today I bought.....

    Ordered a 1/4 oz QB Red Dragon this morning.
  2. mr1030

    Today I bought.....

    I tried to order one of these while I was on the road on my mortorcycle trip. In the 30 seconds between when i hit the buy button, and bringing up my cart and finalizing the purchase, "No longer available". My friends standing around near their bikes were a bit concerned when I started cursing up a storm. Very disappointed to say the least. I missed out on the BU last year as well. Congrats on getting one.
  3. mr1030

    Today I Received

    Was out of town on vacation for almost 3 weeks. 4900 mile motorcycle ride across the U.S. I had a few packages waiting for me when I got home. 2018-P 5 oz Cumberland ATB, 6 of the latest EC8 BU Dominica coins and 2 of the proofs, 1/4 oz gold QB Griffin, 2 of the 2018-S proof ASE's (no pic), and 20 oz of generic 1 oz silver rounds (no pic).
  4. mr1030

    Today I Received

    14 2013 Canada 1 1/2 oz silver Polar Bears. Not a big fan of Canadian bullion, but the premium was good on them especially considering no dealers I buy from are offering low premium silver these days with spot as low as it is.
  5. mr1030

    for sale Wooden coin boxes

    I have a friend who is interested in one of your Marvel boxes. Can you PM me with the price and approximate shipping to California, and I'll pass it along to him. Or contact info for you if you would rather deal directly with him yourself. Thanks.
  6. mr1030

    Today I bought.....

    Ordered the newest EC8 silver coins for "Dominica" in BU and proof.
  7. mr1030


    APMEX is taking pre-orders now for the third coin in the series for the island of Dominica. Coins will ship on or about August 23rd.
  8. mr1030

    Today I Received

    @caloundracats I ordered the Britannia statue and the St George and the Dragon statue directly from their site https://silverstatues.com The other two statues I have I bought from Jm Bullion I believe when they had them on sale. I know APMEX carries some of them as well. The Britannia and St George were shipped from their US facility in Georgia. I know they have some type of office in Texas as well, as I received a followup email today from a company representative there, checking in with me to see if the package arrived and how satisfied I was. I wish I had more info for you as far as a convenient way for you to order from GB. I'm really surprised to hear that some of their items are only available in the U.S. I find it hard to believe they don't have a product center somewhere in the E.U. I would recommend asking them it they have a distribution partner somewhere in Europe that would make it easier for you to get any of their products.
  9. mr1030

    Today I bought.....

    1/4 oz gold QB Griffin.
  10. mr1030

    Today I Received

    6 2 oz Egyptian Gods: Khnum from Provident. I really like this series.
  11. mr1030

    Today I Received

    The company has a web page that gives details on caring for the statues. They say they will tarnish (at least the ones without an antique finishing), and that a silver cloth wiping works great. Btw, If your question was spurred by the dark areas on the pic of my statue, those are just dark reflections from my black cell phone and shadows cast by the overhead lighting in the room. The company does apply some type of oxidizing in some recesses as you can see in the helmet and some of the deeper folds of the robe. The statue itself arrived overall, nice and bright, which you can see in the picture of it in the box.
  12. mr1030

    Today I Received

    Yeah the eagle is on my want list. ?
  13. mr1030

    Today I Received

    @PolarPanda I ordered it directly from Heads or Tales at https://silverstatues.com
  14. mr1030

    Gold Libertad release???

    Yeah Provident is about the same. Premiums are really jacked up this year.
  15. mr1030


    Already posted this in the today I received thread, but since I consider this companies statues art, I'll throw a picture here as well. Heads or Tales 30+ oz silver Britannia statue.