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  1. Last of my Black Friday purchases arrived. 2018 Perth Dragon 1 oz gold coin bar, 1 oz silver Asahi bar, and 3 Silvertowne Buffalo 1 oz silver rounds. The bars were spot deals, and I added the buffalo's to get over the $ amount needed to be exempt from sales tax.
  2. Received my Christmas Prize Draw today and want to give a big thank you to @terakris for the plethora of cool British coinage goodies he sent to me. Lets see if I get these right: A 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee silver proof crown and BU 25p, a 1973 BU 50p, an undated 2008 20p, a 2012 gold Queen's Diamond Jubilee commemorative coin, and a World of Dragons Chinese Dragon copper round. Thanks again and wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season!
  3. Great set! I love the Zombucks. I have the full set in copper and silver proofs, but I've been trying to find the display box for them like yours. No luck so far.
  4. @Melon Nope. Descendant of Irish immigrants on my dad's side. I was born in France though when my dad was stationed there in the 60's. But I am a fan of old european coinage and modern British issues.
  5. I was probably 15 years old or so, and I was already a stamp collector. My dad showed me his Whitman folders of Lincoln and Indian Head pennies, Mercury and Roosevelt dimes etc, that he had collected when he was younger, and that started me on coins. For my birthday, my parents gave me a 1 oz silver California Gold Rush art bar. The kind that were made by Franklin Mint and Hamilton Mint during the 70's. That got me started on silver bullion, and I spent all of my allowance on silver just in time to sell most of them during the Hunt brothers silver spike. When silver came back down, I started buying again. When I moved out on my own, I really didn't have the money to indulge stacking/collecting hobbies, and except for a brief time around 2005 or so, I didn't do any stacking/collecting until I started up again in early 2016. I still have that art bar my parents gave me for my birthday as well as about 25 ounces of silver rounds and bars that I kept when I was a teenager.
  6. @Melon $25 over spot. No VAT here in the U.S., although I was charged 9.5% sales tax. This new law allowing sales tax on out of state online purchases sucks. I plan on moving to Arizona next year where they don't apply sales tax to precious metals. I can't wait. The only way to avoid sales tax in California is to purchase over $1500 and even then that only applies to gold and silver.
  7. Another Black Friday purchase arrived today. 2019 1 oz platinum Britannia. My first plat coin, as the rest of my platinum purchases have been in bar form and I rarely find platinum coins on sale for a low premium.
  8. A couple of Black Friday at spot deals. An 1859 and an 1860 Napoleon III gold 20 franc coins, and a 10 oz silver NTR bar.
  9. Finally received my Snowman order from The Coin Connection. It was delayed as some of their initial shipment didn't meet their quality standards and they were waiting for replacements. The coins are in beautiful shape and I'm very pleased. I will definitely be buying from them again in the future. Thanks @Numistacker for the discount code. 2 silver Snowman 50p proofs and a gold proof.
  10. I saw a couple people post on other threads there interest in the 2018 Perth Mint gold dragon coin bars. Provident Metals has an early Black Friday special on them today for spot. FYI.
  11. Holy c**p! $5145.00 for the gold. I was tempted, but had to exert some self control and ordered a silver instead. Beautiful coins!
  12. Last ATB issue for 2019. 2019-P Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness 5 oz silver ATB.
  13. "drool"......."drool some more"........"still drooling".....
  14. I received email from CC saying that the coins didn't pass muster and were returned. They are waiting on replacements.
  15. I'm in. I'll pitch in the last three rounds of the World of Dragons series, the Chinese, the Norse, and the Indian dragons (3 oz). I know these are harder to come by for most of you in the UK. Unfortunately, I don't have any spares of the first two issues of the series.