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  1. Perhaps so, but you are the exception rather then the norm.
  2. And BTW, I just got home from work and I wanted to see if I had a capsule to display this beautiful bar in. For those of you interested in the same, I can confirm that the Britannia bars fit perfectly in the air-tite 10 oz silver bar capsules. Snug on all sides and top/bottom with no rattle.
  3. Picked up at my LCS today. I've been wanting to get one of these 10 oz silver Britannia bars for a while now. Fantastic looking bar.
  4. Yes, a Government can confiscate a vaults holdings at some point, but you make it sound like they are omnipotent in their ability to strike everywhere, out of the blue with no warning. They can't strike everywhere at once. Unless your vault happens to be unlucky enough to be the first one to be victimized by confiscation, (COMEX and LBMA vaults would be the first hit), the bullion industry will have plenty of warning that confiscation is taking place. And I'm sure businesses in the bullion industry will have plenty of time to notice the political winds of change becoming hostile to their business interests. In the case of Kinesis, if they come to the conclusion that a jurisdiction in which they have a vault has turned hostile to their interests, they will move the bullion to a different vault in another country. And as a final backup they are insured. And as they are incorporated in a VERY business friendly jurisdiction, I don't think the insurance money is going to be seized. You would have to have pretty much all Government jurisdictions decide to seize PM's everywhere at the same time. Given that is unlikely to happen, I'm reasonably secure in the ability of Kinesis/ABX to provide a safe and reliable, audited vaulting system. ABX has been doing it for over 10 years. But, then again, the sun may shoot a mass coronal ejection at the earth, causing hemisphere wide blackouts lasting for months. Or the earth may be struck by a huge asteroid, causing an extinction level event, so why even buy PM's? The point being, the you and I, businesses, Kinesis/ABX, can only take reasonable precautions against foreseeable events that may have a reasonable chance of occurring.
  5. I really like the 5 oz ATB's and plan on completing sets in both the bullion and P versions. I'm only missing a handful of the early bullion pieces and about a dozen or so of the P's from 2010-2014.
  6. Still filling holes in the early years of my ATB collections. 2012 Denali 5 oz bullion ATB arrived yesterday.
  7. @CadmiumGreen That 1/2 oz Walking Liberty is gorgeous. Do yourself a favor and try to pick up the 1/10 Mercury dime and the 1/4 Standing Liberty quarter. The three together make a beautiful set. I love mine. I think the U.S. Mint hit a home run in celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the release of these 3 beautiful coins in 1916.
  8. Looking forward to the go live date coming soon. And very happy I was finally able to mint here in the U.S.
  9. Delivered yesterday. Filled a couple holes in my ATB P collection. 2011-P Glacier National Park and 2014-P Shenandoah National Park. A roll of 20 90% 1964 Kennedy half dollars also arrived.
  10. Haven't bought any gold in quite a while so picked up a couple of nice bullion sovereigns at the LCS today to get my fix. A 1925 and a 1963.
  11. They need to shorten her ear. It looks like that earring weighs 6 ounces the way her ear is stretched down.
  12. I have given Lunar II's to my nieces for their birthdays. I'm not sure if the shipping from the U.S would make it too expensive for your consideration, but APMEX has nice presentation boxes for single Lunar II's in factory capsules. They have both wooden boxes and nice deep blue colored cardboard boxes that I used.
  13. Was out of town for a couple weeks on a motorcycle ride to Montana, and had a couple packages waiting for me at the post office when I got back home. 2019 Pride of Two Nations Proof Set, and 2019 1 oz QB Falcon.
  14. Received the 8 oz Hydra silver statue from Heads or Tails, a 2011 Vicksburg ATB, and 2 proof 1 oz 2019 Rwanda Victoria Nautical Ounce.
  15. Small silver purchase to scratch the itch. Most of my attention has been on gold for a while now, as I pretty much reached my bullion silver weight goals. But I still like buying singles like these for designs I'm fond of, or completing sets/series.