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  1. The Spider-Man has appreciated the most but starting to see the first few also go up in premium at Lpm
  2. I ended up ordering from LPM. The Queen’s beast will stay around the same premium for at least a while but the 10oz dragon has already gone up a lot
  3. Prices have gone up both at apmex and LPM
  4. Pretty standard marketing like any other consumer product
  5. Should of paid $260 usd from LPM when they first released Added 0 minutes later... Apmex is over $400 now
  6. Wow...live images from LPM
  7. I’ll get a photo once I receive the shipment
  8. Definitely the second one. Much truer to the original design + the silver is over $50 usd each now on the secondary market. I have two uncut sheets of the first silver coin bu LPM and none have any spots or tarnishing Added 0 minutes later... This has to be one of my favourite silver coins in the collection and the market seems to agree
  9. $1852 but I could only buy 1. Actually wanted 3.
  10. Both started a lot lower Added 0 minutes later... I placed my order as soon as it launched and it was cheaper then that
  11. They release one or two days either side of apmex. If you see LPM have it Up first u can bet apmex will be a day behind
  12. www.lpm.hk www.apmex.com
  13. These companies discussed here all provide the commercial invoice with shipments. Don’t think they will commit international fraud for a few coins.
  14. Wait till LPM launches tomorrow