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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I collect mainly silver bars. 10 oz or bigger. Once the silver price either goes up, or the gold to silver ration goes back down, I'll add some gold back to the stack but for now, silver all the way!

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  1. colu41

    Plaster casting?

    Hm. Possibly using a pressure pot could get the air bubbles out. I might have to give it a try but, it doesn't sound too promising. Thanks!
  2. colu41

    Plaster casting?

    Man. That sounds messy. So I'm guessing you would have to make air release holes in the mold?
  3. colu41

    Plaster casting?

    So I've been doing a bit of sand casting. I actually have a few orders from people to try some things out. But I was wondering, casting with some type of plaster, seems to work flawlessy. It just takes more time. I have a friend that wants an eagle with it's wings spread out. As I believe I could get close with a sand casting, I also believe a 2 piece "plaster style" mold would be even better. I've seen it done with hollow figures and whatnot but. I don't have a clue what type of plaster it is and how it's mixed. Does anyone have any info? I'd love to try it out. And also wouldn't you think you could use these molds more than once? Thanks!
  4. I have this small lot of 999 Silver bars and special pieces for sale. These will ship from the US, and TO the US only please. I have so much trouble at my local PO when shipping to Canada. I wish they would educate themselves on their own policies so I don't get hassled everytime I ship abroad. 😕 Anyways, rant over. These I will be letting go at a fairly cheap price. As they are my early pieces since I've got back into pouring my own. If anyone would like something else, message me and I could make that happen. Shipping will be $4 regardless of what you purchase. Unless you buy the entire lot then it's on me! I accept PayPal, and also Money Orders or Cashier's checks. PayPal please add 3%. Let's start with this 250 gram (1/4 kilo) SOLD 2 of these 4 oz Cube style pours available SOLD 2 oz Cast Pyramid $31 6oz (3) Bar Set 1 oz, 2 oz & a 3 oz SOLD Finally, a sweet full cast Gekko. Weighing in at 1.28 oz. Stamped on the belly with 999fs. About 3 1/2" total length. SOLD
  5. So I recently decided to purchase a small amount of petrobond sand to try casting. And Ive finally come around to build a decent frame? If that's what it's called. Anyways, this sand since I've got it has never really been as "packy" as I've seen online, from videos and whatnot. It does pack when squeezed tightly in my fist, other wise it seems to have more of the consistently of beach sand. So I tried it out with an official casting this time. It turned out better than I thought it would, but still from day one I thought there was a problem with the sand I received. Once it's touched it almost turns to dust, and breaks. Instead of what I've seen, act kind of like a sandy playdough. Any tips? No pics or videos right now but. If it comes down to it I will get something up.
  6. RMC is by far my favorite cast bars. I have a few 10 oz but haven't been able to find a kilo in stock when I was ready to buy. Hopefully they figure something out without completely closing shop.
  7. Hi everybody. I've already taken advantage of the great help here on the forums, and I am really liking it. Figured I'd pop in here and introduce myself. I've been on and off collecting silver & gold since 2011. And shortly after that got into making my own bars. I've got a real passion for it and if I could make it my job I would :D. Hope to be able to sell a few of my handmade bars here sometime! But in the meantime, I'll just keep enjoying all the info and pics here! Joined here to give and receive any help I can. As there are a lot of amazing people on here, can't wait to get more involved.
  8. colu41

    Custom Molds

    I've been searching up and down the internet for molds. Graphite, cast iron you name it. I can make my own graphite molds for smaller pours 10 oz or less, but I'm looking for bigger ones. I've found a few that could possibly be what I'm looking for but, before I spend $100+ on a few molds, I'm curious. Cast iron is used with silver. Can regular steel be used for the mold? Like standard mild steel welded together? I've seen some videos of guys using Regular steel molds for aluminum casting but, was just wondering if it would work with silver, and if so, what type of coating or solvent should I use in it?
  9. Man those Umicore cast bars are just gorgeous. Is there any place that has them in stock? 250g to 1000g it doesnt even matter. I love em!
  10. colu41

    1kg Melting Furnace

    Interesting. I'll take a look. Thanks!
  11. colu41

    1kg Melting Furnace

    That looks awesome. But being it takes a 3kg crucible, does that make it difficult to do smaller pours? I was hoping for a 1kg since I don't think I would need anything bigger but. Any info on that would be great.
  12. I'm looking into purchasing an electric furnace for my silver pours. Currently I'm using a large propane forge that I use to heat treat my knives but, I would like something a little smaller, and more adequate for silver pours. I also believe that propane/flame melting induces unnecessary oxygen into the metal when pouring also, but besides that. I'm looking for a 1kg 110 volt furnace that is decently priced. I've seen a few for $450-700. Is there anything out there in the $300 range that are decent machines?
  13. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    Thanks! I have a standard mill. I just do all of my simple bar molds. Any specialty stuff I purchase elsewhere.
  14. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    Thanks silverfinger. Hope to be making a few more soon.