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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I collect mainly silver bars. 10 oz or bigger. Once the silver price either goes up, or the gold to silver ration goes back down, I'll add some gold back to the stack but for now, silver all the way!

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  1. colu41

    Republic metals Corp. Files for banktruptcy

    RMC is by far my favorite cast bars. I have a few 10 oz but haven't been able to find a kilo in stock when I was ready to buy. Hopefully they figure something out without completely closing shop.
  2. colu41

    Hello From the US!

    Thanks everyone!
  3. colu41

    Hello From the US!

    Hi everybody. I've already taken advantage of the great help here on the forums, and I am really liking it. Figured I'd pop in here and introduce myself. I've been on and off collecting silver & gold since 2011. And shortly after that got into making my own bars. I've got a real passion for it and if I could make it my job I would :D. Hope to be able to sell a few of my handmade bars here sometime! But in the meantime, I'll just keep enjoying all the info and pics here! Joined here to give and receive any help I can. As there are a lot of amazing people on here, can't wait to get more involved.
  4. colu41

    Custom Molds

    I've been searching up and down the internet for molds. Graphite, cast iron you name it. I can make my own graphite molds for smaller pours 10 oz or less, but I'm looking for bigger ones. I've found a few that could possibly be what I'm looking for but, before I spend $100+ on a few molds, I'm curious. Cast iron is used with silver. Can regular steel be used for the mold? Like standard mild steel welded together? I've seen some videos of guys using Regular steel molds for aluminum casting but, was just wondering if it would work with silver, and if so, what type of coating or solvent should I use in it?
  5. colu41

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Man those Umicore cast bars are just gorgeous. Is there any place that has them in stock? 250g to 1000g it doesnt even matter. I love em!
  6. colu41

    1kg Melting Furnace

    Interesting. I'll take a look. Thanks!
  7. colu41

    1kg Melting Furnace

    That looks awesome. But being it takes a 3kg crucible, does that make it difficult to do smaller pours? I was hoping for a 1kg since I don't think I would need anything bigger but. Any info on that would be great.
  8. colu41

    1kg Melting Furnace

    I'm looking into purchasing an electric furnace for my silver pours. Currently I'm using a large propane forge that I use to heat treat my knives but, I would like something a little smaller, and more adequate for silver pours. I also believe that propane/flame melting induces unnecessary oxygen into the metal when pouring also, but besides that. I'm looking for a 1kg 110 volt furnace that is decently priced. I've seen a few for $450-700. Is there anything out there in the $300 range that are decent machines?
  9. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    Thanks! I have a standard mill. I just do all of my simple bar molds. Any specialty stuff I purchase elsewhere.
  10. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    Thanks silverfinger. Hope to be making a few more soon.
  11. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    Thanks Dan. Appreciate it. I'm really liking these. Might make another similar mold for 10oz pours also. Hopefully I can recreate this pour 😊
  12. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    I agree BullionAire. I went ahead and did it how I usually do vertically. I love it! Will definitely be doing more. Another thing I've noticed is different quality, or even textured graphite leaves a different t cast. I make all my molds so I've noticed this recently.
  13. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    Thanks guys. Here's a few pics out of the tumbler. I think a little more tinkering and I'll get exactly what I'm looking for. I'm liking it so far. Now just out of curiousity. I'm going to stamp this bar now. Ive always liked bars stamped vertically. Is there much interest in stamping horizontally. I know each company does it different, I just would like to know what most people like the most when looking for these hand poured bars.
  14. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    Melted it 2 more times. First time I tried just hearing the mold with the torch, and the same when pouring. Same result. Then. I put the mold back in the forge, got it red hot. Poured the silver and then just let it sit. No torch, just cooling naturally. And I got this. Probably my best, flattest smoothest bar I ever got! I'm going to touch up the spot where the flux settled, and then throw it in the tumbler.
  15. colu41

    Hand Poured Bars

    I took a video. Just have find a way to upload it. Might have to use YouTube. But here's a few pics. Turned out ok but still has that bump! My biggest thing with this is, with that bump, these bars aren't stackable. I love things to be able to be stackable. With the concave to most bars, they're easily stackable. Since the video isn't up yet I'll tell you how I did this one. Started off with some skull melts that I had. Put in a clean ceramic crucibles. It was heated in my propane forge along with my graphite mold. The mold comes out nice and red hot. I then pour, with a Mapp Gas torch on the pour and on the bar until it has completely solidified. Now. This is a little different than how I did the original bar in this thread. I just heated the mold with the torch, poured with the torch on the silver, but pulled the torch off before the silver solidified. Getting the same results. 😕 Any clues guys? I may melt this again and try a different method.