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  1. I use them when I feel they are relevant, not just on some of your comments but also others. The same way I use 'like' and 'thanks' on posts I think deserve them. I would still like to purchase one of your bars, please let me know how to proceed.
  2. Going by their previous 'deals' I very much doubt it...
  3. WealdenWoodsman


    About time! Glad it is all sorted. Though I can't help but wonder had this thread not been started you would still be waiting...
  4. WealdenWoodsman


    I think it is quite clear what you were getting at 'mate'. I'm not going to get drawn into further arguments, life's too short for that.
  5. WealdenWoodsman


    I really don't feel what I said is offensive. It is the perfect phrase to describe what I feel is going on in this thread and the wider forum as a whole. If you find it offensive then that is completely down to you but I can't help but think the comment was blown completely out of proportion very quickly, especially when it is inferred that I am also a racist.