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  1. WealdenWoodsman

    GOLD, & SILVER before refining

    A nice pile of silver there for sure!
  2. WealdenWoodsman

    What makes a Sovereign Special?

    Excellent video, got to love a Sovereign!
  3. WealdenWoodsman


    About time! Glad it is all sorted. Though I can't help but wonder had this thread not been started you would still be waiting...
  4. WealdenWoodsman


    I think it is quite clear what you were getting at 'mate'. I'm not going to get drawn into further arguments, life's too short for that.
  5. WealdenWoodsman


    I really don't feel what I said is offensive. It is the perfect phrase to describe what I feel is going on in this thread and the wider forum as a whole. If you find it offensive then that is completely down to you but I can't help but think the comment was blown completely out of proportion very quickly, especially when it is inferred that I am also a racist.
  6. WealdenWoodsman


    I think it might be best to leave this here.
  7. WealdenWoodsman


    That escalated very quickly... I'm not quite sure what you are inferring? The 'safe space' was tongue in cheek, as others above have realised.
  8. WealdenWoodsman


    I don't consider my phrasing to be rude at all. Where I'm from you say it how it is and that is the best way to describe it IMO. Perhaps the forum needs a 'safe space'?
  9. WealdenWoodsman


    Again I stand by my comments. I feel there are a number of people who believe that certain companies can do no wrong, you can see it when you look through similar cases of customer service issues on the forum. When 'their' company messes up (in some cases quite spectacularly) they seem to completely ignore the fault and in some cases actually berate the customer/OP. Yet when another company treats a customer similarly they are more than happy to voice there concerns over the service which had been provided. Its plain hypocritical. Even though I have used Chards in the past (I won't anymore I might add) I don't let that constrain me from speaking my mind and questioning the validity of a response and how they choose to do business with customers. The same applies for any other company I feel has done wrong by an individual, after all there is nothing to say that I or someone I know will not be next to have issues.
  10. WealdenWoodsman


    I don't think I was being unfair at all. I stick by what I said because I feel it is true. As for not being their fault that the customer has waited for well over a month for some bullion sovereigns, really? Come on.
  11. WealdenWoodsman


    As expected, another corporate response which skirts around an apology to the customer involved. I'm fed up of the 'not my fault' mentality. Companies should take responsibility for their service and how they treat customers.
  12. WealdenWoodsman


    Not at all, I just like to stand up for the 'little guy' especially when the company involved has treated customers similarly in the past. Same reason I don't use a well known supplier from Belgium.
  13. WealdenWoodsman


    I feel the OP has been VERY patient, waiting well over a month for what are standard bullion coins.
  14. WealdenWoodsman


    It is obvious they are struggling to keep up with orders on the sovereigns so what I find strange (and slightly dubious IMO) is that they are still happy for people to buy them on their website. Surely the common sense thing to do would to just say 'out of stock' and save all of the hassle!?
  15. WealdenWoodsman


    Seems like a pretty common sense approach if you ask me. It is really quite simple to keep track of how many of an item you have in stock and adjust the website accordingly, other bullion dealers seem to manage it just fine.