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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovereigns (and maybe a wee bit of scrap coin silver)

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  1. Sovsaver

    withdrawn 10 x Oriental Britannias

    10 Oriental Brits to sell, I'll ship them RMSD - £165 I dont really want to split them, but if I can be persuaded, you'll pick up the shipping.
  2. Price reduced to £440 delivered RMSD, if it’s not sold by the weekend I guess I’ll keep it.
  3. Bump, open to polite offers too😉
  4. NGC graded MS62 Half Sovereign. Originally bought from one of our friends here on TSF. I’m looking for something in the region of £440 posted RMSD.
  5. All gone, it’s marked as completed😉 I don’t have any more available, sorry
  6. Sorry, the Griffin went already. I can do the remainder for you for £140 shipped RMSD, any good?
  7. I doubled up on these, but I'm not really that taken by them these days, so I'd like to sell the spare set of 5 to fund the remaining ones to complete a set. The Lion was from Silvertrader and is in great condition, I'd like £50 for this one, plus shipping of your risk and flavour. The Griffin was from Silvertrader too, another really nice one, I'd like £36 for this one plus shipping. Sold The Dragon, Unicorn and Bull all from goldsilver.be and were supplied in bags as part of the group order here, I'm looking for £30 each for these plus shipping. I could do the lot for £170 with shipping RMSD thrown in. Edit: They will all be supplied in capsules
  8. Sovsaver

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Including my PCGS 1902 Matte Proof half they declined to cross for, you got it, hairlines?
  9. Sovsaver

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Maybe it’s a trick of the light, but seems to have hairlines in the fields. NGC make me chuckle, they seem a tad inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely coin?
  10. Sovsaver

    completed Canadian silver dollars

  11. Sovsaver

    completed Canadian silver dollars

    Sale is pending payment
  12. Sovsaver

    completed Canadian silver dollars

    24x 1966 Canadian Silver Dollars for sale, I've not had them long, but decided I don't want to collect silver this way. They are in okay condition and contain 0.6 troy oz of silver per coin. Total for the 24 is 14.4 troy ozs. I'd like to receive £160 for the lot, but will consider selling them in smaller quantities . You will need to let me know what shipping you require, but I'll split it with you.
  13. Sovsaver

    completed 1871 Young Head Victoria Shield Full Sovereign Reduced!

    Looks like 48 die number, surprised you have no takers.
  14. Sovsaver

    Did I overpay for this half sovereign?

    You paid £105, a genuine nominal weight half sov is 0.1177 T oz, I make that £115. I've never managed to buy a half sov for less than spot.