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  1. Recently picked one up from eBay, very nice detail but has a little bit of polish on the obverse behind the hair. I have decided to concentrate on quality now, and purely Victoria halves and full sovs.
  2. Jon Blyth has some for auction on eBay. All raw, from aVF and up, any good?
  3. @MANJSK good luck!
  4. £115 plus postage. Last reduction. It's pretty much spot (minus post) at that, it's going in my bullion gold mini stack otherwise.
  5. Quick answer, without seeing them, yes. Seems reasonable to me. Caveat emptor, I’m no ‘expert’, I would go for the Victorian YH and JH first if it was me.
  6. Price now £120 plus postage.
  7. Due to OCD I’m selling this quite worn 1883 Sydney Mint half sovereign. I guess we are aFine on both side, and it has consequently lost a little weight, it weighs in at 3.92 g, so 0.07 g of gold missing, full disclosure. Bought here on the forum, after some haggling last year but due to a change of direction I want rid of it. There were 220,000 of these minted Marsh 467. I’m looking for £115 plus however you want it delivered.
  8. Nice coin @Goldmick congrats!🤗
  9. I’d also appreciate a look through the list Marc. Silly question, where are they shipping from?
  10. @morezone do you have the silver NGC boxes? I’d like one please.
  11. Picked up this very pleasant 1857 Sov from a fellow TSF member. Condition pretty good, I guess VF to GVF. I gave it a gentle hot water and washing up liquid soak for a day, rinse and air dry; there’s some nice lustre in places. Also quite surprised to see the little curl in front of the ear is still apparent!
  12. Could you add a couple of images please?