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  1. Recently picked one up from eBay, very nice detail but has a little bit of polish on the obverse behind the hair. I have decided to concentrate on quality now, and purely Victoria halves and full sovs.
  2. Quick answer, without seeing them, yes. Seems reasonable to me. Caveat emptor, I’m no ‘expert’, I would go for the Victorian YH and JH first if it was me.
  3. Picked up this very pleasant 1857 Sov from a fellow TSF member. Condition pretty good, I guess VF to GVF. I gave it a gentle hot water and washing up liquid soak for a day, rinse and air dry; there’s some nice lustre in places. Also quite surprised to see the little curl in front of the ear is still apparent!
  4. Agreed, not advertised as proof, it was an auction, how could it be overpriced. Who spends money without thinking twice, not me for one. I advertised a VF 1892 half sovereign there a few weeks ago that I bought from the forum. I made over £100 profit, and to this day I don’t know why. Can only assume more than one person assumed it was a full sov, I expected negative feedback, it never came, buyer was happy. I started my auction at 1p! It’s the eBay effect, it’s a thing!
  5. Including my PCGS 1902 Matte Proof half they declined to cross for, you got it, hairlines?
  6. Maybe it’s a trick of the light, but seems to have hairlines in the fields. NGC make me chuckle, they seem a tad inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely coin?
  7. You paid £105, a genuine nominal weight half sov is 0.1177 T oz, I make that £115. I've never managed to buy a half sov for less than spot.
  8. Commiserations to you, but these are you pitfalls of buying graded coins. When you looked at the coin, did you think it was MS64?
  9. Griffins, unicorns and bulls. On the face of it they are fine, but the finish is matted where the coins have been rubbing together. It’s not actually a problem, they are in my stack, I use a different source for the display set.
  10. I appreciate having the difficult decision @BackyardBullion I was merely expressing my dilemma. I am grateful for the opportunity to stack tax free.
  11. Tricky one this, the queens beasts from goldsilver last time were not in great condition, fine to stack yes, but not for display box perhaps. However the Briatannias that just came from European mint were excellent, the only blemishes originating at the mint. I know this has been said of goldsilver before by byb. No doubt I’ll still buy something, or do I sit on my hands and wait for the next european mint group order? Decisions-decisions ?
  12. I prefer to see the obverse on the label side, I don’t understand why they usually have the reverse on the label side for EII and the obverse on the label side for the other monarchs? Fingers crossed its my half sov, I can live with it?
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