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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovereigns (and maybe a wee bit of scrap coin silver)

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  1. Sovsaver

    completed 2018 Oriental Britannia x 10

    Sale now pending payment.
  2. I am selling this as a lot of 10, I will pay for RMSD shipping, safer for both parties. The coins are in very clean, untouched in plastic capsules, condition. I will add photos when I return home from the “salt mines” later today. SOLD
  3. Are you interested, or tyre kicking? If you’re interested I’ll add more images, otherwise I’ll be removing it from sale on this occasion I think.
  4. Price reduction to £170, hopefully that'll get it away. Failing that, I guess it's a keeper😀
  5. It's die marks, those dies produced lots of coins, it's not a proof coin so they just churned 'em out, there are also signs of a crack in the die on this coin. It was born like it!
  6. It looks like an edge knock, trying to get a better image.
  7. A nice GVF grade this one I think, see the images attached. Sale is pending.
  8. Sovsaver

    completed ***Reduced*** 1902 Matte Proof Half PR62

    Kudos, it can be hard to resist the temptation!
  9. Sovsaver

    completed ***Reduced*** 1902 Matte Proof Half PR62

    All Victorian, mostly VF, but got a YH MS62 and JH MS63.
  10. Sovsaver

    completed ***Reduced*** 1902 Matte Proof Half PR62

    Thank god, I nearly bought it....and I'm trying to give up Half Sovs!!
  11. I decided to stop collecting Half Sovereigns, going to put the proceeds to more immediate use, paying off the mortgage (boring I know). Anyway, this one's for sale, 1883 Half Sovereign in nice condition, I would say VF or marginally better, but hopefully you can make something from the images. I'm looking for £160 delivered via Special Delivery, bank transfer preferred. SALE IS PENDING
  12. Sovsaver

    completed ***Reduced*** 1902 Matte Proof Half PR62

    That's a nice price, surprised there's no takers, I paid quite a bit more for mine, same grade too.
  13. Sovsaver

    withdrawn 10 x Oriental Britannias

    10 Oriental Brits to sell, I'll ship them RMSD - £165 I dont really want to split them, but if I can be persuaded, you'll pick up the shipping.
  14. Price reduced to £440 delivered RMSD, if it’s not sold by the weekend I guess I’ll keep it.