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  1. I would if I had the money. I wish mine was toned 😒.
  2. Arrived this morning, 10x 1oz SilverTowne bars. Thank you @arshimo2012 for another Bargain.
  3. I’ll take the 3 dragon series coins please
  4. I’m just looking forward to another “potential” group order. Would it be reckless to put an order in now?
  5. Good day all, I am looking for 10 dragon bars with capsules and possibly some loose capsules too. Inbox me with offers and I'll get back to you. Uk sellers only please due to time constraints. Regards, KS.
  6. I’ll take the 100g metalor please.
  7. I have two 2018 bullion sovereigns for sale. Both come in RM proof capsules. Please note one of these coins have been handled and has finger print marks, I’m not brave enough to try and it clean myself. Looking for £ 240 each plus postage of your choosing. Top three photos- grubby sovereign. Bottom three- clean sovereign.
  8. £106 each plus postage of your choosing. 3 x 1/10 krugerrands. 1x 1985 2x 1980 all bullion condition, will come in capsule or coin flip.
  9. little and large... if anyone knows what age these bars I’d love to know.
  10. I love this, so exciting! Good luck everyone! I’d like to add my boxed and mint sealed 2011 Britannia silver Bullion Coin.
  11. Just spent the last 10 minutes in a coughing fit as I wipe down my desk as you made me spit my coffee out in laughter!