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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver coins and bullion. Stacking for sheer weight.

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  1. Keenstacker

    completed 4 x 1 Kg silver Metalor bars.

    Hi, Smashingeeza! Unfortunately all bars have been sold. You need to be fast with this lot, There’s always Somone lurking on these pages with deep pockets.**cough @kimchi cough** 😆
  2. Keenstacker

    completed 4 x 1 Kg silver Metalor bars.

    #9737 remaining.
  3. Keenstacker

    completed 4 x 1 Kg silver Metalor bars.

    Number #9733 now sold.
  4. £425 each plus postage. F&F only please.
  5. Keenstacker

    for sale 2 x 2018 Full Sovereigns.

    2 x 2018 Full Sovereign Gold Coins in Royal Mint proof capsules. (Does not include 5p) 😉 £245 each plus postage of your choice. F&F only please.
  6. Keenstacker

    for sale 1/10 krugerrands

    1/10 krugerrands. £101 each plus postage of your choosing. Paypal F&F only please.
  7. Keenstacker

    for sale Silver bars

    Can I have the metalor please.
  8. Keenstacker

    completed Silver bars

    5x JM bars for me, please Ash.
  9. Just out of curiosity, why do people cover the serial numbers? Should I be doing this also? Thanks in advance.
  10. Keenstacker

    completed 1kg Vintage silver bars and 1oz silver Bullets

    10 bullets please Ash.
  11. Keenstacker

    completed Gold coins

    Oriental Britannia please.
  12. Keenstacker

    for sale 10 x 1oz Rwanda Lunar Roosters

    I’ll take them mate
  13. Keenstacker

    completed Gold

    I really appreciate it mate, thank you! No one has Ash prices though :-(. Good for you, what a steal !
  14. Keenstacker

    completed Gold

    I am always last to the party... 🙈
  15. Keenstacker

    completed Silver bars