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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver coins and bullion. Stacking for sheer weight.

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  1. Keenstacker

    completed Silver bars

    5x JM bars for me, please Ash.
  2. Just out of curiosity, why do people cover the serial numbers? Should I be doing this also? Thanks in advance.
  3. Keenstacker

    completed 1kg Vintage silver bars and 1oz silver Bullets

    10 bullets please Ash.
  4. Keenstacker

    completed Gold coins

    Oriental Britannia please.
  5. Keenstacker

    for sale 10 x 1oz Rwanda Lunar Roosters

    I’ll take them mate
  6. Keenstacker

    completed Gold

    I really appreciate it mate, thank you! No one has Ash prices though :-(. Good for you, what a steal !
  7. Keenstacker

    completed Gold

    I am always last to the party... 🙈
  8. Keenstacker

    completed Silver bars

  9. Keenstacker

    completed 1/10 Krugerrand £100

    I’ll take this please, will pm you all the relevant information.
  10. Keenstacker

    completed 1kg Silver bars

    They’re sooooooooo pretty !!! I really shouldn’t be considering buying these as I’ve spent my yearly silver allowance already 😂.
  11. Keenstacker

    Notification problems ?

    May as well jump on the Wagon, #Metoo
  12. Keenstacker

    Today I Received

    Just spent the last 10 minutes in a coughing fit as I wipe down my desk as you made me spit my coffee out in laughter!
  13. Keenstacker

    Today I Received

    Another great haul courtesy of @arshimo2012. Thirty 100g Umicore bars (hand warmers) and four 1kg Metalor bars (door stops) 😂. 7kg in total give or take, thanks again Ash.
  14. Keenstacker

    for sale Silver

    10x 1oz Prospectors gold and gems silver bars for me please Ash. I’ll have the funds through to you in the next hour.
  15. Keenstacker

    completed Metalor 1 kg silver bar

    Well you won’t have to compete against me for some time now, I am funnelling all extra funds into my own safe. I’m not comfortable leaving kilos in my office drawers.