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  1. Here's a sideways take on future travel. Currently a lot of platinum in fuel cells..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/107297/hydrogen-cars-will-overtake-electric-cars-expert-claims%3famp
  2. Ordered a couple of 2014 1/4 oz's from Ebay, so looking for a 1oz if anyone can spare one? 🙏🙏
  3. Would love to add some history to my stack! Looking at Ebay, the 10oz looks a bit out of my range for now (unless someone needs a quick sale!). Thought I'd put a post up here before pulling the trigger on a 1/4 or 1oz on ebay. Cheers everyone, Gedmunds
  4. Hey bud, any chance you could throw in the cheapest delivery possible for the 1/2 Egypt at that price?
  5. I'm worried he's starting to look a little too much like a comic book character - will have to see how it looks in hand!
  6. Shiny Shiny! @BackyardBullion stellar job as always! Hopefully add the Yale in the next group order 🙏
  7. Came home to a nice little delivery this afternoon!
  8. No new Silver but these lovely cases arrived! 1 for the 2oz Queens Beasts and 2 for the Komsco series - Chiwoo Cheonwang and ZI:SIN. Love. Them.
  9. I definitely need to add a pamp. Missed the recent forum sale 😥
  10. It's a lovely coin and routinely cheaper than most other 10oz-ers but...... the Welshman in me feels uneasy by it
  11. I do like my Monarch, it's just finding one at a good price. Plus my collectors itch needs scratching - hence 2 10oz unicorns on the way from the group order!
  12. Thought I'd get my 10oz-ers out for an audit (ogle at) and wondered if you guys and gals have any favourites hidden away and why 10oz over the other sizes? So I've gone heavy (for me) on the Queens Beast 10oz and really looking forward to the new Yale design next year at some point - it's so god damn ugly I think it'll actually look pretty cool on a 10oz! Love the 10oz Britannia Bar too.
  13. Really impressed with this series and I'm not even a big star wars fan! I think changing up the characters would be really cool. One of the coins that definitely look much better in-hand as opposed to the stock photos