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  1. Here's a sideways take on future travel. Currently a lot of platinum in fuel cells..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/107297/hydrogen-cars-will-overtake-electric-cars-expert-claims%3famp
  2. Ordered a couple of 2014 1/4 oz's from Ebay, so looking for a 1oz if anyone can spare one? 🙏🙏
  3. Would love to add some history to my stack! Looking at Ebay, the 10oz looks a bit out of my range for now (unless someone needs a quick sale!). Thought I'd put a post up here before pulling the trigger on a 1/4 or 1oz on ebay. Cheers everyone, Gedmunds
  4. Hey bud, any chance you could throw in the cheapest delivery possible for the 1/2 Egypt at that price?
  5. I'm worried he's starting to look a little too much like a comic book character - will have to see how it looks in hand!
  6. Anybody manage to bag a spare and willing to let go at a reasonable price? 🙏
  7. Hi, can i see the 1/4 Dragon please? Thanks
  8. Shiny Shiny! @BackyardBullion stellar job as always! Hopefully add the Yale in the next group order 🙏
  9. Came home to a nice little delivery this afternoon!
  10. No new Silver but these lovely cases arrived! 1 for the 2oz Queens Beasts and 2 for the Komsco series - Chiwoo Cheonwang and ZI:SIN. Love. Them.
  11. I definitely need to add a pamp. Missed the recent forum sale 😥
  12. It's a lovely coin and routinely cheaper than most other 10oz-ers but...... the Welshman in me feels uneasy by it