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  1. AlphaBeast

    Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality

    Can be used as an expensive doorstop...
  2. Some sexual classy imagery, in the form of a woman for example. Anime would be awesome too, even like the old Streetfighter, Dragonball, Pikachu etc
  3. AlphaBeast

    World Cup Fantasy League

    Send me your details - will try this way.
  4. AlphaBeast

    World Cup Fantasy League

    Paypal charging me £1.99 just to send, must be a way to send for cheaper? Transferwise?
  5. AlphaBeast

    World Cup Fantasy League

    Well done! Totally forgot to do my team for the last games! Good game everybody, sad the World Cup is over now. Least Premiership starts again soon!
  6. AlphaBeast

    New Series - Silver & Gold - Mandala Chad

    Is this a part of a series? If so, do you know how many?
  7. AlphaBeast


    I am in my 30s too, first World Cup I watched was Italia 90, such a special tournament! That was the Euros, England never won a shootout in the World Cup! Colombia were a dirty team because they knew England were better. Besides, finally good they got over their penalty shootout hoodoo! I think they can get to the final, and win it - fingers crossed (and no I do not have 10 gold coins! lol)
  8. AlphaBeast


    If they win the World Cup then I bet you they will produce something!
  9. AlphaBeast


    Stop being a noob and man up! lol It's the first time England won a penalty shootout in 3 attempts at the World Cup! I have a good feeling about this group of players and that was even before the World Cup started. They all seem to have togetherness and there doesn't seem to be much ego, i.e. more collective instead of allowing club loyalty to take out.
  10. AlphaBeast


    The quarters look tasty, particularly the Uruguay Vs France, Brazil Vs Belgium... Come on England!
  11. AlphaBeast


    Baby steps, but some part of me thought England needed to go through this, a penalty shoot-out that they were behind on and came back and won! Maybe, just maybe...it's coming home!
  13. Good luck England and everybody here! I have put 2-1, 3-1 and most of my money on England to win with 1.5+ goals!
  14. AlphaBeast

    World Cup Fantasy League

    Germany are out! Turning out to be a cracking World Cup. Totally forgot to do my team for the 3rd round
  15. AlphaBeast

    World Cup Fantasy League

    Still need to tweak a couple players, not entirely happy...Spain and France screwed me over the last round.