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  1. I don't know what you can see, but I've posted 3 photos, one with the Britannia reverse. You should be able to see a small area on the lions ear, that look different from its surrounding. It may well be part of the design, I've only seen one or two photos of similar coins and they seemed to have the same area of shading, (shading may not be the correct term to use).
  2. Hello there. I have a 2019 gold proof 1/4oz, 'Britannia', that I'll sell you for £570.00 + £7.50 p&p. By encapsulated do you mean slabbed? The coin I'm offering was bought from, 'The Coin Connection', it has what looks like shading in the lions ear, but I'm don't know if this is part of the design or not. If your're interested you can pay with paypal Family and Friends. Yours, silverfrommars.
  3. Hello there. I have a 2019 1/4oz gold proof 'Britannia', for sale £570.00 + £7.50p&p. Pay by paypal Friends and Family. Yous, silverfrommars.
  4. I got No'145, if you're really lucky you might get mine!!! I asked for a refund. Andrew.
  5. Received the 2019 1/4oz platinum Britannia yesterday, sent it back this morning. It had angular indentations around the inner rim of the reverse face, it also had a small mark in the centre of the queen's head. You could only see these marks under a loupe, but my MS and PR70 coins don't have any such marks. Really bad quality. Andrew.
  6. silverfrommars


    Has anyone noticed that Atkinson's are buying silver slightly above spot. I don't follow this closely so don't know if it's usual! Please comment. Andrew
  7. Surely if you were travelling from the UK internationally you would have to declare the sovereigns as sovereigns and not just as £5 worth of currency?
  8. Hello there. A sovereign is legal tender but has no denomination minted on it, is it valued on the spot price at any given time? Andrew.
  9. Hello there. Could someone explain to me how I value my coin collection for tax purposes, is it done off legal tender value ( which I doubt ), precious metal value or numismatic value. If it is numismatic value would I have to work out an average price say off ebay or simply get the coin valued by a merchant? I don't need an exact figure though just a rough idea. Andrew.
  10. silverfrommars


    Hello there. Could someone advice me on how I get my coins graded via the silver forum, to whom do I send them to and the payment method? Andrew.
  11. silverfrommars

    Reddish Spot

    Hi there. I own a 2012 Gold, 'Star Spangled Banner' MS70 coin which has developed a tiny brownish/red spot on the third sail of the clipper. The spot is only noticeable when you look at the at an angle and depending on the light level. How do you think this spot will effect the value of the coin? Andrew.
  12. Started collecting coins about 7 years ago and stacking silver about a year ago. My stack consists of 50 1oz silver Britannias. I have collected several commemorative silver sets and one annual set. I also have about 15 graded and slabbed silver and gold coins. 2 of these are US gold commemoratives, 1886 s $10 gold liberty/eagle, 2017 I/4oz gold ms70 kangaroo, an ungraded 1/4oz queens beast lion and various slabbed silver coins most of which I had slabbed myself, along with several ungraded coins and associated tat. I'm hoping to get to know people in the know and learn where I can get the best deals ( buying and selling ) my coins. Andrew.