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  1. austack

    for sale 2 x 2018 Full Sovereigns.

    Nice coins, shame the 5p doesn't come with it.
  2. austack

    2018 Piedfort Sovereign Design

    Any ideas on a release date? August maybe?
  3. austack

    PM’s and ???

    Honestly, this sounds very similar to me, I typically use PM's as a way to save but because I am saving for a house so I also put £333 a month into a Lifetime ISA, I then get a 25% bonus on that every month, max you can put in to this is £4000 a year so you get £1000 a year free, although you must use it on your first house or retirement, the rest of my money goes on Gold and/or Silver, so normally one Sovereign and around 300g of Silver bars, whatever I have left is for cinema, food, days out etc Maybe try buying Sovereigns? or open a Lifetime ISA and get free money if you plan on buying a house that is. Oh and by the way I use to spend £800+ a month on bad and I have nothing to show for it, last year I have been consistently saving and I feel much better. At the end of the day just because we are earning close to minimum wage it doesn't mean we have to have a worse off life than those that earn more, we can make our lives easier while saving when we're young, when we are older we will thank ourselves, I am saving enough money to be able to buy a house and survive/pay it off on a minimum wage job, but because I have a girlfriend who is an even better saver than me I can achieve that position faster but even if things between me and her don't work out then I will always be able to survive by myself and I will always have a house.
  4. austack

    Where is the best place to buy bars in the UK ?

    Yeah ask arshimo, or have a look at his recent threads, he does good prices, better than the shops in the UK.
  5. austack

    Where is the best place to buy bars in the UK ?

    Bullion bars or not? @arshimo2012 might have something you want, he does really good prices.
  6. austack

    Any Intrest

    I sold a 2017 set, they are hard to sell really, mine took a month or so for the deal I wanted.
  7. austack

    Today I Received

    My first pieces of Silver thanks to @arshimo2012
  8. I stupidly looked at their reviews after, over 2.2k reviews, 0% recommend them, maybe you got lucky.
  9. austack

    Sotd Prince George

    Give us a nice Piedfort please
  10. Whatever you do never EVER use a company called 'I post parcels', they charged me £28 to send something, never turned up to pick it up, had to then send it via Parcelforce, over £70 plus I have eBay fees of £40+ it's crazy.
  11. austack

    for sale Silver bars

    I will take the 2 Umicores if possible, is this a new thread or is the forum playing up? Can you message me the details to send payment to, bank transfer if possible, can you also add the cost of next day postage to the final amount? going to watch the England game now but will be back after.
  12. austack

    wanted Silver Bar(s)

    Looking to dip my feet in the world of silver, looking for a few 100g bars or a 250g, metalor etc
  13. austack

    Virginity lost, Piedfort sovereign

    I really really want one of these to keep for 20 years+ just need to find a good price as most are £1k+ without being graded, I have seen some sell for around £900 graded though.
  14. austack

    Virginity lost, Piedfort sovereign

    I really really want this coin, have to stick to bullion sovs for now though.
  15. austack

    Storage of your stack

    If someone was to store their bullion buried in their garden would these peli cases do any good?