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    Piggybank got a reaction from jultorsk in Half Sovereigns   
    I will have the 1912 and 1982 please
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    Piggybank got a reaction from SilverPanFan in Hello Everyone   
    Hi and welcome to the forum
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    Piggybank got a reaction from harrygill111 in 55oz of Silver for Sale incl. 2019 Queens Beasts and Royal Arms   
    Can I have the 2019 10 oz Valiant  please.
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    Piggybank reacted to Oldun in Trump   
    Obama came to The UK and threatened we would be at the back of the queue....twat.....Trump comes offering to do business and respecting the relationship between the US and The UK...what part of that dont you middle class marxist Corbynists get ?
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    Piggybank got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in Half Sovereigns   
    I will have the 1912 and 1982 please
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    Piggybank got a reaction from h103efa in Couple of sovereigns (1852 shield and 1927 SA)   
    I will take the SA 1927 please
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    Piggybank got a reaction from ATL85 in 10 oz Britannia Bar   
    I'm in also
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    Piggybank got a reaction from SilverStan in Britannia Bar 10oz With Capsule   
    I'll take one to, thanks
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    Piggybank got a reaction from Zhorro in Why are new 50p pieces so popular?   
    Hi have sold more than 14000 Olympic coins in the last 3 years. The other 50p's and most of the £2 are doing badly. 
    This week I am going to revamp my ebay and get rid of the ones not selling and maybe put on more stock not (silver or gold)
    I can envisage I will not have an Ebay business in a year or two unless I come up with some ideas
    Ebay username is piggybank38
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    Piggybank reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    Sorry Pan's that is not a reflection of reality. The majority of MP's are pro-remain as demonstrated time and again by their voting, the 52/48 is not reflected in parliament in the slightest. What has happened is nothing to do with leave overreaching. It is fault of the EU trying to vassalize the UK through this treaty that May has now lost 3 times in a row, instead of treating with us with respect. If they had given concessions to Cameron we would not have wanted to leave in the first place.
    The AFD leader said it best here. Does it look like she is laughing at us?
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    Piggybank reacted to Pipers in Brexit status ...   
    May has been the worst Prime Minister I can remember, if she had anything about her she should of resigned a good while ago. The Conservative Party/MP’s have acted appallingly ever since before the Cameron General election when he promised a Brexit vote to get elected but did not make any plans at all.
    I clearly remember the Leave ‘both’ stating we would have the choice of trading deals with the EU plus other countries ‘they will be queuing up’, plus ‘we will get a EU deal done by 2020. , we haven't even started yet. A lot of people voted leave because they wanted out of the EU but not out out, make no mistake, unlike a lot on here I agree to be out of the EU. I do not trust the MP’s, but I worry if we have another vote remain will win. Last time people believed the MP’s on both sides, leave was more down and dirty if there was a next time remain would be just as dirty even more so. The ‘never voters’ would be given a vote they would mostly vote to remain. The public would mainly vote the same though as in most elections its the swing voters that win plus the never voters if they turn out. The lies, untruths told are now just as easy to point out by the remain towards Leave make no mistake there are many.
    The one big advantage Leave has is housing for your children!!!!
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    Piggybank reacted to sixgun in Brexit status ...   
    The Brexit referendum was 'allowed' with what was believed to be the full and certain knowledge the people would vote to remain. It would never have been allowed otherwise. If there had been a majority of one to remain that would have been the end of it. You would never have heard Brexit mentioned again other than in sarcastic jibes and jokes from those who believe they are our elders and betters.
    There was a glitch in the Matrix - i still do not understand it. All i can say is our mis-leaders were so deluded they misjudged it completely.
    There are many in Westminster being paid by the EU but they do not have to disclose this. The BBC is paid by the EU. The Neo-Liberal scum that inhabit the political establishment are pro-EU. They do not represent the people - well they do - the re--present our views in a completely different way - as if in a mirror. It is all back-to-front. They who support the EU are either being paid, are anti-British or do not understand this dystopic abomination. The political class have been working overtime to stall, obfuscate, trip up, detour and destroy the Brexit process. We would have been out and free more than 2 years ago otherwise.
    Only the beginning would be to just leave this European dis-Union and keep the £39 billion - we need politicians who act in the actual interests of the people. There are such political types but they are kept well away from Westminster.

    The rest of the world is not in the EU and they manage. Leave is all about leaving - completely leaving. That is what it is about. Putting the UK first in this. When people say it is extremely difficult it is an excuse for why the Neo-Liberals have spent over 1000 days dragging their feet to keep the UK in. It is code for it is too hard so better stay in the EU. It is code for traitor.
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    Piggybank got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in Sterling silver hallmark ingots   
    I'll take the angle and brit please
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    Piggybank reacted to MickB in A hypothetical question:   
    The Royal Mint would probably complete the series with her majesty on the front if anything happened to her as there's only a few more to go to finish the whole set.
    Maybe with a privy mark for the last ones to show she had passed away at the time but I'm hoping she stays around for quite a while after so we could have a chance of series 2 of the beasts 
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    Piggybank reacted to Pete in Prices Asked in sales   
    I think this forum is great.
    Many members are well informed and prepared to do some research so when a coin or bar is listed, the more astute members know whether or not the price is fair, good or grossly inflated.
    There was a very valid point made by Chris that requested no-one comments on the seller's price.

    Having said that I have noted more newcomers simply using the forum to advertise their stuff.
    Since there is no cost to do so, perhaps the administrators should only permit new members to list their coins on the forum after having been registered for X - months with a suggested minimum of 3 months ?
    I agree when sellers list coins at over-inflated prices - i.e. "chancers" it dilutes the appeal of the forum.
    Most of us are not stupid so why would a fellow member pay a higher price than that advertised by our main dealers ?
    I've bought a lot of coins from the forum and there are some genuine super sellers on here so hopefully this will continue and those looking to rip-off fellow stackers may decide to give up.
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    Piggybank got a reaction from augur in mini group order: 2oz Silver Yale of Beaufort – coins received in the UK   
    HI, funds sent for delivery payment. Many thanks for arranging this.
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    Piggybank reacted to caloundracats in Brexit status ...   
    If that's the case then democracy is dead in Britain in my opinion.
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    Piggybank got a reaction from kugelblitz in Greetings from Germany   
    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
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    Piggybank reacted to Xander in New Zealand Shooting   
    It's simple, Comrade Corbyn is a selective terrorist sympathiser and would drink from any low sink of debauchery if the result gained him votes.
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    Piggybank reacted to caloundracats in New Zealand Shooting   
    Totally agree. Despicable man imho
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    Piggybank reacted to sixgun in There is NO silver shortage - Stop the myth - WHY are you still stacking silver ???   
    You started a thread about 10oz Canadian Mint bars on 10th March - (less than a week ago) - you said you were considering getting 10 of these bars. If you believe the logic of the video and that we are awash with silver, then why would you consider doing that?
    How does anyone know there are 1.4 trillion of tonnes silver in the Earth's crust? No-one can know this. Since only a tiny fraction of the Earth's crust has been tested it is just a guess, it is less than a guess.
    At current prices only a tiny fraction of the silver could be extracted - most of the Earth is covered by the oceans. What cost mining at the bottom of the Atlantic, 25 miles beneath the ocean floor and then getting the silver back to a refinery? $100's if not $1000's per ounce. Most of the Earth's silver is completely uneconomic.
    Imagine the cost of extracting the (theoretical/plucked out of thin air) average of 0.075g of silver per tonne of Earth's crust. That means you would have to sort through 414 tonnes of material to get just 1oz of silver. The cost of extracting, shifting, refining and then producing a 1oz silver coin would be many multiples of the current price. This is where this sort of video is as empty headed as those making out silver is going to shoot to $600/oz by Christmas.
    No wonder the comments have been disabled on youtube for this video - i expect it was getting a lot a flack just as it deserved.
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    Piggybank reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    There is a vote tomorrow. Slim chance that Parliament will not vote for asking for an extension from The EU  but what if ? I would love it if tomorrow saw the end of this political nonsense.
    Britain used to be famous for its sensible common sense. This shows you how much damage has been done to that since the 90s free for all, me me introduced by Bliar and continued on by successive governments, just like The Clintons did in The US.
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    Piggybank got a reaction from Bullionbilly in crash of Gold and Silver   
    I don't really input on the silver forum but read it almost daily. What I'm seeing over the last month or so is some new member deliberate having a go at some of the most experience and respected members of this forum. Everyone is entitled to their own option but the emphasis is how you put it across, in
    Your  opinion baffles most of us. Most of us collect both silver and gold  So let me decide when I want to buy not using charts which sometimes are useless.  I take note of some  experience members  but sadly not you