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  1. Piggybank

    New Sections for the Forum

    I welcome this new addition. I collect gold and silver. However I also collect non precious metal. I have all the £2 bu up to date except the technology ones only 1997. Have all £1 bu except some shields and all the 50p bu again except for some shields as I like to collect all the different designs. I also have a lot of extra £1 bu coins as I believe they will go up in value in a few years time. My best purchase was getting 20 blue peter coins dated 2009 for between £10-£15 pounds. Just look on ebay to see how much there selling for. I still have mine because I think the price will still rise. So to put it in a nutshell sometimes non precious metal will make you a lot more money than precious metals.
  2. Piggybank


    Think it depends on your age. I'm an oldie so prefer imperial measurements ie ozs. However the post was started in grams and we should respect that.
  3. Piggybank

    completed 10 oz Queens beast

    Hi, I am looking to buy a 10 oz Griffin and or Dragon. If anyone has any spares could you please let me know. Thanks @ piggybank
  4. Piggybank


    I'm at 350ish ozs / 9922.50 grams, however quite a lot of my silver is one troy ounce which throws the equation out a bit
  5. Piggybank

    Hellooo from New Jersey, USA!! :)

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  6. Piggybank

    Hi From Japan

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum☺️
  7. Piggybank

    Hello from Germany/ London

    Hello and welcome to the silver forum☺️
  8. Piggybank

    Hello from the North West

    Hi and welcome to the forum☺️
  9. Piggybank

    completed Royal mint tunes

    I will take them. will pm you.
  10. Piggybank

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Could I please have the 2016 and 2018 if still available.
  11. Piggybank

    for sale Selling 1927 SA Full Sovereign £232

    I'll take the 2010 please
  12. Could I please have the 2016 and 2018 if still available.
  13. Piggybank

    completed Gold coins

    Sorry I'm naive but what does DIBS mean?
  14. Piggybank

    completed 1/10 gold krugerrands and others

    I'll have the ducat if its still available please.