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  1. Piggybank

    New member from Durham England

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  2. Piggybank

    Hello from canada

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
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    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
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    Hello from Swindon, UK!

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    Hello folks!

    Hi Brad and welcome to the forum from Glasgow
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    New Member Parky100

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  7. My partner and I own our home out right since 2002. For us it has been a blessing. Since my heath took a very drastic turn for the worst in 2012 Having no mortgage payments to make and known we had always have a roof over our head made us feel more secure in unknown territories Moving forward both of us now has now got private pensions and also have small home businesses. For me it is an asset and always will be. My mother always said " make sure you have a house that you have paid for and your troubles will at least be halved " IMOH she was right
  8. Piggybank

    Hello from Spain

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  9. Piggybank

    Gillete advert

    @KDave That is a fair take on it, it could be entirely for police effectiveness but if true, we can look forward to the recruitment adverts for exclusively white police officers in white areas. Where are the white areas in the UK. Maybe southern England but not in Scotland except on the islands.
  10. Piggybank

    9 year old stacker

    Welcome to the silver forum
  11. Piggybank

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Nope! We did exchange messages a few weeks ago and he said he would send but nothing since If @AuricGoldfinger does not receive his or her Christmas Prize, I am willing to donate a 1oz silver coin. I hate people getting ripped off. @Bullionbilly can you keep me updated. Thanks
  12. Piggybank

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Just checked the site.the 2019 sovereign is now £249.
  13. Piggybank

    New and Learning!

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  14. Piggybank

    Advice and help needed PLEASE

    I watch your video, and I think you should have polished them before making the video. They would have been nicer looking and then attract buyers. I do appreciate what you are doing but given that you have not priced your worked like @BackyardBullion It may put potential customers like myself from buying All the best in your new adventure. the above comments are my opinion only.
  15. Piggybank

    New member

    Hi, and welcome to the forum