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  1. Piggybank

    Hello from Germany/ London

    Hello and welcome to the silver forum☺️
  2. Piggybank

    Hello from the North West

    Hi and welcome to the forum☺️
  3. Piggybank

    for sale Royal mint tunes

    I will take them. will pm you.
  4. Piggybank

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Could I please have the 2016 and 2018 if still available.
  5. Piggybank

    for sale Selling 1927 SA Full Sovereign £232

    I'll take the 2010 please
  6. Could I please have the 2016 and 2018 if still available.
  7. Piggybank

    completed Gold coins

    Sorry I'm naive but what does DIBS mean?
  8. Piggybank

    completed 1/10 gold krugerrands and others

    I'll have the ducat if its still available please.
  9. Piggybank


    Hi and welcome to the forum
  10. Piggybank

    Hi from Scotland :)

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  11. Piggybank

    Stacking Porn Name

    Penny's Angel Delight
  12. Piggybank

    Hi from the Netherlands!

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  13. Piggybank

    for sale Somalia Elephants coins

    Hi Gary, thanks for the update. If you can't split them no problem.
  14. Piggybank

    for sale Somalia Elephants coins

    Hi @gazer, just seen this post. I have all of the above ellies except 2007. Would you be willing to sell me that coin only? Thanks
  15. Piggybank

    Is this a mule or is this a fake?

    Many thanks to your responses. I would say you are all right. Viewing it with the naked eye it seemed all right, however got my friend to post it here using high resolution and I agree its crappy. What made me originally think it might be a mule was the fact that in 1997 the RM produced the first bi-metric two pound coin and the silver britannia. Thought they might have been experimenting around and this slip out. It will rename " the mule I thought I had" or I'll just throw it in my piggy bank Thanks Piggybank