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  1. Hi and welcome to the silver forum😊
  2. Hi and welcome to the silver forum😊
  3. Hi and welcome to the silver forum😊
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum😊
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum😊
  6. Manuka honey is great - need to watch what one you get. I take 40 mgo from Holland & Barrett most days
  7. No guns or bullets am afraid. If it did happen I am sure I could defend my home for a period of time. Other houses will be an easier target then mine and people always go for them first.
  8. Been prepping since last year for something that would stop me from wanting to go outside. So far this is that I have. Food - enough for 2 people for 2 months. Water - as above Misc - wind up torches, wind up radio, matches, lighter, candles batteries, camping stoves, gas canisters, loo roll, wet wipes, face masks etc Meds - 4 months supply of my prescription meds, pain killers, antibiotics vitamins, antiseptic cream, disposable gloves etc Heat - have wood burner and have ample wood Planning to stop after reaching 6 months food/water goal, however will watch how this corona virus plays out and maybe add a few more months to it The way I look at it is everything I have can be used in one way or another so I'm not out of pocket. ( camp - so some of the above I already had ) My other half thinks I have lost my sanity I say - better to be safe than sorry😁 My health also is not that great and I'm no spring chicken, that's why I decided to prep in the first place
  9. Your Penis as it was bitten off in a terrible wild animal attack OUCH OUCH OUCH ??
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