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  1. Are they still available? if so please pm me. Thanks
  2. Piggybank

    Hi, I am new

    Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  3. I'll take the Terracotta Army five ounce antiqued coin please.
  4. Hi, can I have the 3 byb 1 oz bars if still available?
  5. I'll take the griffin if still available
  6. Hi have sold more than 14000 Olympic coins in the last 3 years. The other 50p's and most of the £2 are doing badly. This week I am going to revamp my ebay and get rid of the ones not selling and maybe put on more stock not (silver or gold) I can envisage I will not have an Ebay business in a year or two unless I come up with some ideas Ebay username is piggybank38
  7. Hi and welcome to the silver forum
  8. HI, funds sent for delivery payment. Many thanks for arranging this.
  9. I'll take one, will PM you. thanks
  10. Hi and welcome to the silver forum