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  1. You can’t really assign a melt value to plated items. You have no way of knowing how thick the plating is so no way to tell the silver content. It will be extremely thin in either case and to extract it would likely cost more in time and materials than the value of silver reclaimed.
  2. Are you referring to eBay Buy It Now? If so, do you have a link to a relevant HMRC page? I’ve not heard of this before.
  3. @PansPurse I never spotted your forum signature or heard the quote before but I like it 👍
  4. Freeman Of The Land or Sovereign Citizens as they like to be known in the US are hilarious at best. Here's one trying out the kind of theory mentioned above by the entity known as sixgun with amusing results
  5. In the end I decided it’s not worth the risk. Becoming VAT registered actually gave us a kick up the butt to expand further. We couldn’t increase our prices to compensate for the VAT element as it would have made us uncompetitive. So for a while our profit decreased until our turnover grew to a certain level. The incentive to increase turnover was certainly there!
  6. It would likely be known as artificial separation and be in serious trouble with HMRC. I looked in to it several years ago when I had to VAT register. To make it work, the two businesses would really have to work from completely separate premises and not share any resources at all. Even then I believe there has to be a good reason for the split - if the only reason for the split is to avoid VAT then it’s probably not allowed. There was a case where a husband and wife ran 2 separate and different businesses (can’t remember details but something like carpenter and caterer) but because they were run from the same premises and shared resources, HMRC deemed them as one entity for VAT purposes. They lost an appeal.
  7. I’m not a fan of most of their reported replies but this is brilliant
  8. Last time I had a voucher I just messaged the seller and asked them to relist their coin in the collectibles category. They were happy to oblige.
  9. I wouldn’t wish too soon! If supply of silver suddenly decreases in price then so does the value of your current stack on the second hand market.
  10. Looks like Nigel Farage!
  11. Various stages of 20ps becoming more coppery, pulled from beaches...
  12. I’ve got some older 20ps that are very coppery, I’ll dig some out of my metal detecting finds tub tomorrow and post a pic. If there is any silvery colour on it at all then I guess that’s what’s left of the nickel? If it’s a real bronze one made from a 1p blank it should be much thinner than a normal 20p.
  13. They were made of 84% copper any way and I’ve seen plenty of that age and that colour from metal detecting. There is some mention on coinchecker of some rare 20ps that we’re accidentally made from 1p blanks but I think you would have to get the Mint to confirm if yours is one - https://www.changechecker.org/2017/11/22/the-truly-unique-bronze-20p-error-coin/ From your picture in the other thread it looks like it’s undated? That’s where your value is more likely to be.
  14. Live feed from the trading desk...
  15. He's not actually doing any real trading, he's just watching some Youtube vids from his bedroom and regurgitating whatever he hears on those, after the event
  16. Budget versions I made a while ago - recycled fishing weights
  17. Won’t you then pay corporation tax on the profit (19%) and then potentially dividend tax (7.5%) when withdrawing it from the company?
  18. Is this of concern to those with Metro bank safety deposits...? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47609539
  19. Unfortunately he still has another 11 listings up and all the images look narrower so probably cropped stolen images. This gold chain is already to over £500 in bids - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heavy-stunning-9ct-Gold-Albert-Pocket-Watch-Chain-47-8g/163600039363?hash=item2617527dc3:g:iSwAAOSwmlZcjGIU
  20. 🤣 He is soooo full of $h!t
  21. That looks like he’s ended it himself. Probably realised he got rumbled. If eBay took it down it would no longer be visible.